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Latest reviews

On this second, more expansive sampler for his forthcoming album Spaces & Places, Kerri Chandler treats us to tracks inspired by - and by the wonders of mobile recording technology, produced inside - clubs including Dublin's District 8, Glasgow institution Sub Club, Lux of Lisbon and NYC's Output. Of course, the standard is uniformly high throughout - it's classic Chandler from start to finish - but our picks of a very fine bunch include the soulful piano house shimmer of 'Change Your Mind', the thrusting, bass-heavy pump of 'Subbie (Rattle The Subbie Mix)', the effortlessly slick and soulful 'Tenacity (Full Vocal Mix)' and the ludicrously sub-heavy snap of 'See The Light (Dub)'. To borrow an old cliche, this is very much, 'all killer, no filler'.
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As part of the 2016 Ghent Film Festival, the first ever 'greatest hits' album for Ryuichi Sakamoto's soundtrack work was released. This retrospective LP compiles the best selections from the entirety of his career, from Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence to The Revenant. Now reissued 5 years later by Silva Screen, the album sees a wider, exclusive white vinyl edition, capturing the swelling pangs endemic to Sakamoto's music for screen.
Byron The Aquarius - Shroomz Guns & Roses Vol 1
We have been big fans of Atlanta talent Byron the Aquarius for years. He spent time making beats in the hop hop world before emerging in the house scene with a uniquely musical style. It is based around his own majestic skills on the keys and comes with dusty, deep beats and cosmic overtones. All four of these new cuts on the new Talknoise label follow that vein with various guests embellishing each one. 'Miss Dat Girl' (dub) is our pick with its heady chords and nice widescreen cinematic feels.
Gloria Scott - Promised Land
For many of us, 'Promised Land' is a life-defining anthem. A house track that will never be bettered and one of the genre's most important cuts. It set a standard for proper lyrics and song structure that has never been better in the 40 odd years since, so Gloria Scott is brave to take it on. But she does a fine job. The whole thing becomes a little more jazzy and instrumental, with flashy strings and natty chords, but all powered by the great vocals. An instrumental is also included making this well worth picking up.
Mykill Miers / Pawz One - Double Homocide
Double Homicide by Mykill Miers & Pawz One dropped back in late 2021 and finally makes it onto wax. It is a hard edge collection of rap cuts from the Los Angeles emcees. Boom-bap forms the backdrop, and goes fro dark and edgy to more smooth and soulful. Peppered with multi-syllabic lyrical barrages and DJ cuts, it's a living and breathing record that Brussels with energy. Production on this record comes from top names like Default Beats, Big Bob, Phaisrok, DJ Ray Swift, Science and of course the man himself, Mykill Miers.
Soopasoul - Brand Nu
Jalapeno Records welcome back Soopasoul for a brand new, specially commissioned 7" series of edits of a track from the artist's new 'Pushin' Weight/Brand Nu' single, also on the label. First up is the 142 original Studio mix that is all big horn work, powerful and driving drums and feel good soul celebrations that will lift your spirit no end. The lush female vocal layers in extra rich feels that will swell the heart. On the flip, the 'Brand Nu' (142 Slippy Wah instrumental) pairs things back and picks up the pace.
Barney Wilen - Zodiac (remastered)
This first-ever reissue of Zodiac has been restored and remastered from Barney Wilen's personal copy of it after no others could be found for the job. It landed originally on Disques Vogue in 1966 and was recorded after Barney had been touring with Art Blakey's Jazz Messenger's and Miles Davis. It's a super exploration of free jazz that is dedicated to the signs of the zodiac. Photographer Jean Lariviere created the photos for the artwork which at the time was intended to create a film and storyline to go with the music, but the concept was never quite properly finished.
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Vibraphone legend Cal Tjader could fuse a wide range of sound and styles into his own sounds. He is said to have been a big influence on the Latin rock sound as a whole, as well as specifically the legendary Carlos Santana. His skills are laid bare on Solar Heat, an album that stirs up excite, funk, tropical sounds, Latin and jazz into a suer warm and sunny collection of upbeat, life-affirming tunes. It is a set from 1968 tat is seriously catchy and it comes on virgin vinyl with original artwork.

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