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Cardiff's Che Ahmed produces under many aliases such as Chesus, Earl Jeffers and Metabeats, but had only one release as Earls BOOOM!!!l It was widely sought after, leading to another much needed repress here - now the third since its original release back in 2016. 'Thank You' is a thumpin' disco house monster that's looped to perfection, and its vocal is just epic throughout. The dusty, late night heads-down stomp of 'Badadu' follows, while over on the flip he remixes some golden oldies you'll for sure know from the first beat, in the form of 'D-D-D' and 'The Paper'.
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After the runaway success of her reissued Through The Looking Glass, it's great to see Midori Takada presenting a new solo album for the first time in 23 years. The Japanese ambient artist recorded Cutting Branches For A Temporary Shelter in a live setting, using instruments conserved in the collections of the MEG Museum. The two-part piece is Takada's own rendition of a traditional work of the Shona of Zimbabwe, rendered here in a continuation of Takada's considered, exploratory approach to multi-cultural creation. Minimal and compelling from start to finish, the project engages with the African inspiration on a profound level, from Portia Zvavahera's stunning cover work to the funds donated to Forward Mazuruse's Music For Development Foundation. c
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The Factory - TIME (remastered)
Davide Parisi and Sergio Fazio released only one EP as The Factory and it came on Area Records back in 1993. As such the Italians drew on the trance, progressive and tribal styles that were all mixing together at the time and added their own fresh twist across four seriously heady cuts. There is plenty of neon synth work and mind-expanding sci-fi references to this music which hints at its time of origin but which also chimes perfectly with the revival of trance we are experiencing right now. Sound Metaphors have done a fine job with this reissue.
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Poppers - DJ Rambo
Who doesn't love a bit of poppers, a silly head rush that is very briefly all consuming then gone in an instant. Well this artiss of the same name offers more lasting thrills with this fresh house EP. The titles are all tongue in cheek slights at some of dance music biggest apparent ills starting with streaming giants Spotify. It's a low slung and sleazy cut for early doors. 'Fuck RA' then brings raw retro drums and proto-house vibes, 'Fuck CDJS' is a tropical disco cut with steamy vocals and 'Fuck Social Media' is a sample of a commentator working an Argentina game and getting very excited about Lionel Messi.
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Bianca - Tabu
If you'd danced under the stars at Amnesia in Ibiza in the summer of 1990, there's a fair chance you would have heard Bianca Binky's 'Tabu', which remains a contender for the title 'most Balearic house record ever made'. That's certainly what NuNorthern Soul boss Phil Cooper thinks, because he went to great lengths to do this fully remastered reissue. Wisely, he's chosen to present both the original mix and the acid bass-propelled 'House Mix' on side A, with a brand-new extended edit of the sought-after 'Caribbean Dub' on side B. Created by his pal Ruf Dug, this ten-minute re-dub builds brilliantly, showcases the best elements of the track (the bassline, pianos, beats and synthesizer melodies) while adding trippy effects in all the right places.
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Bob Sinclar / Groove Armada - I Feel For You
The idea behind the Snatch Classics series, which is finally making its vinyl debut following a few tester releases digitally, is deliciously simple. It sees label founder Riva Starr and friends deliver fresh interpretations of classic cuts. On side A you'll find a fresh take on Bob Sinclar's "French touch" filter disco anthem 'I Feel For You' by Star B - AKA Starr and UK techno stalwart Mark Broom. Their version is chunky, energetic, loopy and bass-heavy, re-framing the cut as a tech-funk workout with added string-laden disco chops. Over on the reverse, Starr re-edits and pimps up Groove Armada's 'Superstylin', making it even more sub-heavy, dubbed-out and boisterous (albeit in a rather classy way, we think). Tasty tweaks of classic cuts: what's not to like?
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Various - Creme From The Crypt
10 X12" + BOOK
Trickster record label Creme Organization pull no punches with this curveball move, sourcing many of its artists' yet-released tracks - "many forgotten ore and metal deposits", owing to their scarcity - into a singularly weird 6-track mini-album. Furthermore, to accompany its weirdo techno and puzzling pandemonia, the decision to purchase this project comes with the opportunity to be sent 10 - yes, 10 - randomly selected LPs from the Creme back catalogue, as well as an exclusive book of the label's Godspill artwork.

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