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New releases last four weeks: 50s/60s

50s/60s vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Havin' A Good Time At The Rockin' Race Jamboree
Cat: SR 1054. Rel: 30 Apr 24
Eddie Clearwater - "A Real Good Time" (2:13)
Lee Dresser & The Krazy Kats - "Beat Out My Love" (2:08)
Rusty & Doug Kershaw - "Kaw-Liga" (with Willie Barkdull) (2:13)
Wanda Jackson - "Don'a Wan'a" (2:14)
Jack Scott - "One Of These Days" (2:34)
Young Jessie - "Teacher Gimmie Back" (2:14)
Johnny Marlo aka Johnny Knight - "Two Ton Annie" (2:37)
The Trashmen - "King Of The Surf" (2:29)
Lorrie & Larrie Collins - "The Lonesome Road" (3:03)
Chris Montez - "I Fell Like Dancing" (1:59)
Hayden Thompson - "This Is Country" (2:13)
The Fireballs - "Vaquero" (feat George Tomsco) (2:00)
Ray Campi - "My Screamin' Screamin' Mimi" (2:12)
Sonny Burgess - "A Kiss Goodnite" (1:50)
Tommy LaBeef aka Sleepy LaBeef - "Tore Up" (1:56)
Billy Haley & His Comets - "Shaky" (2:03)
Roddy Jackson - "Hiccups" (2:07)
The Pacers - "Don't Say Goodbye" (feat Bobby Crafford) (2:58)
Big Jay McNeely - "Deacon Rides Again" (2:46)
Johnny Tedesco - "Loco Amor" (1:49)
 in stock $38.94
The Very Best Of
Cat: CATLP 261. Rel: 22 May 24
J'ai Deux Amours (2:49)
La Petite Tonkinoise (2:39)
Dis-Moi Josephine? (3:10)
J'attendrai (2:34)
Ni Toi Ni Moi (2:45)
Mon Coeur (2:16)
De Temps En Temps (3:16)
Mon Manege A Moi (3:16)
La Conga Blicoti (2:24)
Paris Mes Amours (2:30)
C'est La Le Vrai Bonheur (2:39)
Parlez-Moi D'Amour (2:12)
Don't Touch My Tomatoes (2:11)
Piel Canela (3:08)
Voila Paris (2:55)
Begin The Beguine (2:13)
Review: Josephine Baker was born just after the turn of the last century and lived until 1975. In that time she rose to bocce a celebrated Parisian star but also an iconic global performer. This superb The Very Best Of album encapsulates her illustrious career on the mic and shows that she was a truly original and pioneering talent. Baker broke down barriers and crossed genres with her work and significantly shaped the jazz sound of her era. This compilation includes iconic songs from her peak, such as 'C'est La Le Vrai Bonheur', the risque 'Don't Touch My Tomatoes' and the wonderful 'De Temps En Temps' which together make for a comprehensive introduction to the music of this legendary star.
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 in stock $13.51
Brigitte (reissue)
Brigitte (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: CATLP 254. Rel: 03 May 24
L'Appareil A Sous (1:29)
Invitango (2:34)
Les Amis De La Musique (2:57)
Pas D'Avantage (2:37)
La Madrague (2:33)
El Cuchipe (2:58)
Everybody Loves My Baby (2:12)
C'est Rigolo (2:54)
Review: Beyond her role as an on-screen icon of French cinema, Brigitte Bardot is often remembered musically for her collaborations with Serge Gainsbourg, but she had a strident solo career of her own through the 60s that kicked off in earnest with Brigitte in 1963. It's an album as playful and forthright as the characters she portrayed, loaded with humour and rich in the chanson style of the era. From the light-footed 'Invitango' to surfy beat jaunt 'L'appareil a sous', Bardot is having a whale of a time on this record, much like you will when you pop it on for a pure slice of 60s French culture.
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 in stock $14.04
Pet Sounds (reissue)
Pet Sounds (reissue) (translucent green vinyl LP)
Cat: 602458 662498. Rel: 02 May 24
Wouldn't It Be Nice
You Still Believe In Me
That's Not Me
Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
I'm Waiting For The Day
Let's Go Away For Awhile
Sloop John B
God Only Knows
I Know There's An Answer
Here Today
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Pet Sounds
Caroline No
Review: Brian Wilson's transformative journey led to the creation of Pet Sounds, a groundbreaking album that pushed the boundaries of production and composition. Inspired by The Beatles' Rubber Soul and Phil Spector's Wall of Sound, Wilson crafted a cohesive masterpiece, employing session players and innovative instruments to achieve his vision. The album's meticulous production and seamless flow between tracks set a new standard for albums as cohesive art pieces. Its influence reverberated through music history, inspiring artists like The Beatles themselves. Wilson's genius shines through every aspect of Pet Sounds, cementing its place as one of the greatest albums of all time. Despite its toll on Wilson's mental health and the daunting challenge of following it up, Pet Sounds remains an enduring testament to his unparalleled talent and vision. This fantastic looking reissues comes on clear green vinyl.
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 in stock $27.82
Live In Stockholm 1964 (mono)
Cat: RANDB 134LP. Rel: 30 May 24
Introduction (0:13)
I Saw Her Standing There (2:21)
You Can't Do That (2:31)
She Loves You (2:45)
All My Loving (1:59)
Roll Over Beethoven (2:14)
Can't Buy Me Love (2:10)
I Wanna Be Your Man (2:14)
Twist & Shout (2:32)
Roll Over Beethoven (1:50)
Love Me Do (Medley) (4:02)
Can't Buy Me Love (2:12)
I Saw Her Standing There (2:50)
I Wanna Be Your Man (2:19)
She Loves You (3:03)
 in stock $19.60
Don't Let Me Down Billy
Don't Let Me Down Billy (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: BILLY 188. Rel: 01 May 24
Dig Me A Pony (3:49)
Don't Let Me Down (6:58)
Blues (instrumental) (2:58)
I Want To Thank You (5:26)
Together In Love (3:13)
Unknown (3:59)
I've Got A Feeling (2:26)
Get Back (4:17)
Love Is The Thing To Me (4:00)
Use What You Got (2:29)
Agent Double-O-Soul (00-Soul) (4:30)
 in stock $27.28
The Lost Studio Tapes 1962-1964
The Lost Studio Tapes 1962-1964 (limited hand-numbered blue vinyl double 10" LP)
Cat: SGTIV 002. Rel: 28 May 24
Money (That's What I Want)
Till There Was You
To Know Her Is To Love Her
Take Good Care Of My Baby
Memphis Tennessee
Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
Crying Waiting Hoping
Love Of The Loved
September In The Rain
Besame Mucho
Till There Was You
My Bonnie
Love Me Do
PS I Love You
There's A Place (take 2)
I Saw Her Standing There (take 6 & 10)
Misery (take 6)
Thank You Girl (take 4 & 12)
Don't Bother Me (take 10)
Hold Me Tight (take 28)
A Hard Day's Night (take 7)
I'm A Loser (take 8)
What You're Doing (take 11)
She's A Woman (take 2)
Review: There are some very special Beatles reissues landing right now and this is one of them: The Lost Studio Tapes 1962-1964 comes on limited hand-numbered blue vinyl double 10". It is a remarkable collection that takes a deep dive into the world of what might have been as these priceless recordings reveal the creative process that shaped cultural history. Featured is the Beatles' audition for Decca Records, the most controversial recording session in popular music history. Despite the impressive tape produced during this session, Decca Records famously decided not to sign the Beatles. Now, nearly 60 years later, you can listen in and decide for yourself what they were
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 in stock $37.88
What's The News Mary Jane
What's The News Mary Jane (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: IS 1668. Rel: 02 May 24
Let's Hear It (5:13)
Esher (demo) (2:41)
Stereo Mix (6) (3:00)
Stereo Mix (short) (3:01)
John Barrett's Mix, Least Overdubs (2:34)
Anthology (3 version) (3:36)
Partial (take 2) (0:35)
Stereo Mix (6:19)
Stereo Mix (alternate) (6:38)
Stereo Mix (5) (7:13)
 in stock $23.57
The Palace Of The King Of Birds
Cat: IS 1669. Rel: 01 May 24
For You Blue (4:15)
The Palace Of The King Of The Birds (6 January 1969) (12:31)
Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (7 January 1969) (4:13)
Improvisation (6 January 1969) (2:03)
The Palace Of The King Of The Birds (7 January 1969) (4:08)
The Palace Of The King Of The Birds (9 January 1969) (2:38)
Improvisation (10 January 1969) (1:22)
The Back Seat Of My Car (14 January 1969) (2:22)
Please Please Me (25 January 1969) (4:15)
Paul McCartney - "The Castle Of The King Of The Birds" (3:50)
! low stock $23.57
The Red Album Years 1962-1966
The Red Album Years 1962-1966 (limited hand-numbered red vinyl double 10" LP)
Cat: SGTIV 001. Rel: 28 May 24
Love Me Do
I Saw Her Standing There
Can't Buy Me Love
From Me To You
She Loves You
All My Loving
Please Please Me
Twist & Shout
Things We Said Today
You Can't Do That
This Boy
Long Tall Sally
A Hard Day's Night
I Feel Fine
Ticket To Ride
She's A Woman
Day Tripper
Nowhere Man
Paperback Writer
I'm Down
Review: This limited edition 10" double album is a real Beatles lover and vinyl collector's dream. It comes on red vinyl and showcases the very best of the Beatles from 1962 to 1966 so truly captures the essence of the legendary pop outfit in the studio, in concert, and live on air. Spanning the halcyon years when the Beatles were at their most tight and cohesive, this anthology highlights their touring, recording, and broadcasting brilliance. This deluxe collector's edition also includes a full-length e-book and features classics like 'Love Me Do,' 'Yesterday,' 'Day Tripper,' 'Help!' and "She Loves You'.
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 in stock $37.88
Home & Away 64-66
Home & Away 64-66 (limited hand-numbered 180 gram eco vinyl 5xLP + poster + hard-back book in slipcase)
Cat: AVA 5LPBOX1A. Rel: 10 May 24
I Saw Her Standing There (LP1: Australia, Festival Hall, Melbourne, 17th June 1964, National Television Network) (2:06)
You Can't Do That (3:15)
All My Loving (2:31)
She Loves You (2:29)
Till There Was You (2:33)
Roll Over Beethoven (2:33)
Can't Buy Me Love (2:46)
Twist & Shout (2:52)
Long Tall Sally (3:29)
A Hard Day's Night (LP2: United Kingdom, ABC Theatre, Blackpool, ITV Network, 19th July 1964) (2:27)
Things We Said Today (2:56)
You Can't Do That (2:44)
If I Fell (2:16)
Long Tall Sally (2:08)
I Feel Fine (United Kingdom, ABC Theatre, Blackpool, ITV Network, August 1965) (2:08)
I'm Down (2:28)
Act Naturally (2:46)
Ticket To Ride (2:55)
Yesterday (2:15)
Help! (2:44)
Twist & Shout (LP3: USA, Philadelphia Convention Hall, Philadelphia, 2nd September 1964, WXPN 88.9 FM) (3:45)
You Can't Do That (2:44)
All My Loving (2:30)
She Loves You (2:23)
Things We Said Today (2:08)
Roll Over Beethoven (0:56)
Can't Buy Me Love (2:02)
If I Fell (2:34)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (2:19)
Boys (2:39)
A Hard Day's Night (2:33)
Long Tall Sally (2:24)
Twist & Shout (LP4: France, Palais Sports, Paris, 20th June 1965) (1:29)
She's A Woman (2:50)
I'm A Loser (3:03)
Can't Buy Me Love (5:26)
Baby's In Black (2:13)
I Wanna Be Your Man (2:55)
A Hard Days Night (2:38)
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (2:10)
Rock 'N' Roll Music (2:25)
Ticket To Ride (3:17)
Long Tall Sally (2:11)
Rock 'N' Roll Music (LP5: Japan, Budokan Hall, Tokyo, 30th June 1966) (2:23)
She's A Woman (2:31)
If I Need Someone (2:14)
Day Tripper (4:32)
Baby's In Black (2:46)
I Feel Fine (1:29)
Yesterday (2:58)
I Wanna Be Your Man (2:48)
Nowhere Man (1:47)
Paperback Writer (1:29)
I'm Down (2:38)
 in stock $100.39
BBC Sessions 1962-1965 (mono) (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Rockin' (BBC Jazz club 1963) (2:47)
Overdrive (2:24)
I Need Your Loving (2:08)
Turn On Your Lovelight (2:36)
Roberta (2:21)
Every Day I Have The Blues (BBC Top Gear 1964) (2:17)
Oh Lord, Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me (3:25)
Sappho (3:36)
River's Invitation (2:57)
Blues A La King (BBC Jazz club 1965) (2:52)
The Organiser (2:21)
Watermelon Man (3:25)
Back At The Chicken Shack (3:56)
Trouble In Mind (3:45)
The Jailbird (BBC Band Beat 1965) (2:19)
Hey Hey (BBC Jazz club 1962) (2:40)
 in stock $19.60
Cumbia Morena
Cat: VAMPI 45103. Rel: 07 May 24
Cumbia Morena (2:45)
Cumbia En Dominante (2:11)
Review: Spanish label Vampi Soul continues to bring you off-centre party starters with a global outlook, this time looking to Peruvian cumbia legend Carlos Pickling and his orchestra. Pickling's fabled organ skills take centre stage on this pair of tracks, originally published in the 1960s on MAG but never available on a 45 before now. Whether you're a seasoned cumbia digger or just someone who appreciates infectious, vibrant grooves, this is a record with universal appeal timed perfectly for the sunnier months.
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 in stock $13.25
Sing Hank Williams (reissue)
Sing Hank Williams (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: CATLP 256. Rel: 03 May 24
Johnny Cash - "Hey Good Looking" (1:41)
Johnny Cash - "I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You" (2:12)
Johnny Cash - "I Can't Help It" (1:47)
Johnny Cash - "I Heard The Lonesome Whistle" (2:23)
Johnny Cash - "Cold, Cold Heart" (2:16)
Jerry Lee Lewis - "Lovesick Blues" (2:08)
Jerry Lee Lewis - "You Win Again" (2:56)
Jerry Lee Lewis - "Your Cheating Heart" (2:05)
Jerry Lee Lewis - "Jambalaya" (1:59)
Jerry Lee Lewis - "Settin' The Woods On Fire" (2:23)
 in stock $14.04
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: CATLP 259. Rel: 03 May 24
Walkin' After Midnight (2:34)
Crazy (2:44)
Heartaches (2:13)
She's Got You (3:01)
When I Get Thru With You (You'll Love Me Too) (2:35)
You're Stronger Than Me (2:52)
Lonely Street (2:32)
I Fall To Pieces (2:49)
Stop, Look & Listen (2:23)
Your Cheatin' Heart (2:20)
Why Can't He Be You (3:27)
So Wrong (3:02)
You Belong To Me (3:01)
Strange (2:11)
! low stock $14.04
Please Stay
Cat: TCT 2CD11. Rel: 03 May 24
Please Stay (CD1)
What’s News Pussycat (extended Fade)
Nobody Waved Goodbye
September In The Rain (Paul & Ritchie & The Crying Shames)
Come On Back
She Belongs To Me (Audition (As The Bumbles))
Please Stay (Audition)
Gloria (Audition)
Mr Tambourine Man (Audition)
Pain In My Heart (Audition)
I'll Keep Holding On (The Crying Shames - version 2)
Land Of 1,000 Dances
No Good Without You Baby
She Belongs To Me
My Girl
With God On Our Side
As Tears Go By
Onky You
Wanna Be Loved
Take Me For A Little While
You're A Wonderful One
Let Me I
Feels Like Loving (bonus track)
Please Stay (CD2 - alternate versions & Sessions - No Oveerdue)
Please Stay (Overdubs Only take 2)
Please Stay (alternate version)
What's News Pussycat (instrumental take 3)
What's News Pussycat (alternate version)
Nobody Waved Goodbye (alternate Arrangement, vocal version take 7)
Nobody Waved Goodbye (alternate Arrangement, Backing track take 3)
Nobody Waved Goodbye (No Overdue)
Nobody Waved Goodbye (Overdubs take 2)
You (take 2)
Let Me In (Phase 1 take 2)
Let Me In (Phase 1 take 3)
Let Me In (Overdubs take 2)
Breakout (Backing track Plus Guide vocal)
September In The Rain (alternate version - Paul & Ritchie & The Crying Shames)
Come On Back (The Cryin' Shames)
Come On Back (alternate vocal)
I'll Keep Holding On (version 1 - Friendly Persuasion)
The End Of The World (feat Derek Cleary)
Come On (feat Derek Cleary)
Circles (Paul & Ritchie & The Crying Shames - BBC Saturday club 13/09/1966)
Shake (BBC Saturday club 13/09/1966)
September In The Rain (BBC Saturday club 13/09/1966)
Please Stay (live In France, May 1966 - The Cryin Shames)
Gloria (live In France, May 1966)
 in stock $13.77
Surfers' Choice (reissue)
Surfers' Choice (reissue) (limited hand-numbered clear vinyl LP)
Cat: DMOO 070. Rel: 28 May 24
Surf Beat
Sloop John B
Take It Off
Night Owl
Fanny Mae
Misirlou Twist
Peppermint Man
Surfing Drums
Shake 'N' Stomp
Lovey Dovey
Death Of A Gremmie
Lets Go Trippin'
 in stock $16.43
Dogs Live At Home (Sonic Snapshot Series #1)
Dogs Live At Home (Sonic Snapshot Series #1) (limited hand-numbered white vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: DRCDS 11. Rel: 13 May 24
If You Don't Want Me No More (3:18)
Nobody But Me (1:38)
Train Kept A Rollin' (2:05)
19 (2:35)
Slow Death (4:37)
A Different Me (3:00)
The Most Forgotten French Boy (3:45)
Never Come Back (6:07)
Shout (6:26)
 in stock $25.69
Dangerous Ground
Cat: SB 0032LP. Rel: 10 May 24
Keep On Rocking (3:37)
Escape From Hong Kong (4:49)
Dangeous Ground (4:10)
Lucy's Bar Room (4:04)
Working On The Railroad (4:37)
So Blue (4:08)
Love With No Strings (4:36)
Quicksand (4:37)
Daemon Lover (4:12)
Bookworm (6:06)
 in stock $17.48
The Biggest Twang Of Them All (reissue)
Cat: LPSUND 5651. Rel: 16 May 24
This Guitar Was Made For Twangin' (2:49)
Batman (2:47)
Monday, Monday (3:08)
Strangers In The Night (2:15)
Night Train (3:14)
Ballad Of The Green Berets (2:10)
Day Dream (2:50)
What Now My Love (3:20)
Younger Girl (2:35)
Where Were You When I Needed You (3:13)
A Groovy Kind Of Love (1:52)
Mame (3:07)
 in stock $27.82
Snake In The Grass (mono)
Cat: 3001. Rel: 09 May 24
Snake In The Grass (3:50)
Shadow In My Memory (3:35)
 in stock $16.69
Wonderous Place (reissue)
Wonderous Place (reissue) (clear vinyl 7")
Cat: 651212 8. Rel: 23 May 24
Wondrous Place (2:22)
All Right, Goodbye (2:07)
You Don't Know (2:25)
That's Love (1:48)
Review: Iconic British rock icon Billy Fury reissues his timeless hit 'Wondrous Place', set to captivate audiences once again with this fresh version on limited edition 7" colour vinyl. A nostalgic trip back in time, 'Wondrous Place' is technically a cover: first written by Jeff Lewis and Bill Giant, and first released by American singer Jimmy Jones on his debut album Good Timin in May 1960, Billy Fury's rendition was released in September of the same year and added much fervour to an already warmly received song. The picture painted therein is that of a magical fantasy utopia, or at least the feeling of residing in one at the moment of embrace with a lover. Like satin and lace, the warmth of your embrace is indeed a wondrous place.
Read more
 in stock $14.82
Swinging Berlin: Tanzmusik Der 30er Jahre
Cat: ZYX 470291. Rel: 20 May 24
Darf Ich Bitten (2:52)
Blinde Kuh (2:47)
Chirokko (3:06)
Aus Lauter Liebe (3:02)
Jawohl, Meine Herr'n (2:53)
Capriolen (2:55)
St Louis Blues (2:59)
Immer Wieder Tanzen (2:29)
Granada (In A Little Spanish Town) (2:31)
Spatzenkonzert (2:34)
I've Got A Pocket Full Of Dreams (3:08)
Die Musik Spielt Ganz Leise (3:06)
Die Nacht Ist Nicht Allein Zum Schlafen Da (2:39)
Die Uhr Schlägt Acht (3:00)
Ich Wünsch Mir (2:28)
Senorita Carioca (2:57)
 in stock $18.80
On The Dance Floor With
Cat: BCD 17711. Rel: 30 May 24
Football Rock
The Jumpin Jaguars - "Knock-Kneed Nellie From Knoxville"
The Jumpin Jaguars - "Shut The Door, Baby"
Girl, Girl, Girl
Jack Hammer & Tony Middleton - "Earth Cousins"
Little-Bitty Goose Pimples
Mean & Evil Me
Jack Hammer as Tommy Hawke - "Good & Gravy (I'm In Love Again)"
Jack Hammer as Tommy Hawke - "A Bouquet Of Teardrops"
Jack Hammer as Tommy Hawke - "Let's Twist Again"
Kissin' Twist
Melancholy Boy
Boogie Woogie Twist
Twistin' King
Crazy Twist
Jack Hammer & Jo Leemans - "Twist Talk"
Come Twist Around The Clock
Twist & Shout
Twist, Turn & Twirl
The Wiggle
The Wiggling Fool
Fire Baby
Can't You Do It
Ali Ben Ghazi (Bossa Nova)
Sugar Boy
Jumping At The Eden Saloon (with Paul Wurges Combo - live)
Be-Bop-A-Lula (Die Schone Lola) (with Max Greger)
Workin' Man
Down The Subway
Switch Blade Operator
 in stock $13.77
Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles (reissue)
Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles (reissue) (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 772160. Rel: 14 May 24
Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles (3:12)
Ca A Rate (1:58)
La Fille Avec Toi (2:42)
Oh Oh Cheri (2:24)
Le Temps De L'Amour (2:25)
Il Est Tout Pour Moi (2:01)
Quelli Della Mia Eta (bonus track) (3:14)
L'Eta Dell'Amore (bonus track) (5:18)
On Se Plait (2:08)
Ton Meilleur Ami (2:12)
J'ai Jete Mon Coeur (2:32)
Il Est Parti Un Jour (1:48)
J'Suis D'Accord (2:05)
C'est A L'Amour Auquel Je Pense (3:13)
Ci Sto (bonus track) (2:04)
E All'Amore Che Penso (bonus track) (2:33)
 in stock $17.48
Black Lipstick
Cat: BLRLP 332371. Rel: 30 Apr 24
Black Lipstick (2:25)
Twilight Dance (2:45)
Hollow Joe (2:32)
Old As Sodom (2:12)
Into Shreds (2:50)
Get Off Hop (3:36)
Duel At The Dawn (2:33)
I Feel So Good (2:14)
No Stories (2:57)
Poker Face (2:23)
Tinseltown (2:33)
 in stock $25.96
The Jasmine EP Collection
Cat: JASCD 1211. Rel: 09 May 24
Bigelow 6-200
Ain't That Love
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
Hummin' The Blues Over You
Let's Jump The Broomstick
The Stroll
Just Because
Sweet Nothin's
Weep No More My Baby
I'm Sorry
That's All You Gotta Do
(If I'm Dreaming) Just Let Me Dream
Heading Home
I Want To Be Wanted
Walkin' To New Orleans
Will You Love Me Tomorrow
You Can Depend On Me
Dum Dum
Fool #1
So Deep
Speak To Me Pretty
Everybody Loves Me But You
Here Comes That Feeling
Heart In Hand
It Started All Over Again
All Alone Am I
Save All Your Lovin' For Me
 in stock $10.34
Right Now! (remastered)
Cat: OVCD 539. Rel: 16 May 24
In The Name
Don't You Know I
Chain, Chain, Chain (Chain Of Fools)
Gerald Jones
(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
Chains Of Love
Hot Nuts
 in stock $12.70
Drums A Go Go
Cat: CDSUND 5663. Rel: 16 May 24
Drums A Go-Go
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
I Like It Like That
Wooly Bully
You Turn Me On
Whittier Blvd
Do The Boomerang
Kitty's Theme
The Clapping Song
Soul Drums
 in stock $13.25
Drums A Go Go
Cat: LPSUND 5663. Rel: 02 May 24
Drums A Go-Go (2:33)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (2:47)
I Like It Like That (2:07)
Casbah (2:14)
Boot-Leg (2:33)
Wooly Bully (2:29)
You Turn Me On (2:55)
Whittier Blvd (2:34)
Do The Boomerang (2:41)
Kitty's Theme (2:19)
The Clapping Song (2:47)
Soul Drums (3:35)
 in stock $27.82
Drums A Go Go (reissue)
Drums A Go Go (reissue) (translucent green vinyl LP)
Cat: LP 5653. Rel: 02 May 24
Drums A Go-Go (2:33)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (2:47)
I Like It Like That (2:07)
Casbah (2:14)
Boot-Leg (2:33)
Wooly Bully (2:29)
You Turn Me On (2:55)
Whittier Blvd (2:34)
Do The Boomerang (2:41)
Kitty's Theme (2:19)
The Clapping Song (2:47)
Soul Drums (3:35)
 in stock $27.82
Twist & Shout (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: 587673 8. Rel: 01 May 24
Twist & Shout
We Know
 in stock $14.82
The First Lady Of Immediate
Cat: CHIMSP 011. Rel: 08 May 24
(If You Think You're) Groovy (3:16)
Something Beautiful Happened (2:32)
Born To Be Together (3:07)
Am I Still Dreaming (4:33)
Though It Hurts Me Badly (3:27)
The First Cut Is The Deepest (3:20)
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (2:54)
Treat Me Like A Lady (2:53)
Would You Believe (2:58)
Life Is But Nothing (3:49)
Speak To Me (2:10)
The Time Has Come (2:46)
 in stock $27.28
Cat: EBL!!! 017LP. Rel: 20 May 24
Tony's Got Hot Nuts (1:52)
My Pussy Belongs To Daddy (1:50)
The Swelling Of The Organ & The Coming Of The Bride (1:47)
Now They're Both Satisfied With Their Baby (3:37)
My Sweet Harmony Man (3:47)
My Right Hand Man (2:48)
A Cooking Lesson (2:58)
You Can't Have It, Unless I Give It To You (3:02)
I'll Keep It Turned Up Towards The Wall (3:03)
My Movie Operator Man (3:22)
Got To Have It All The Time (3:31)
Sadie's Still Got The Rag On (2:14)
It's Smart To Be Smutty (4:33)
What Long Hair On Your Pussy (2:21)
 in stock $33.64
The Covers Volume One 1963-1964
The Covers Volume One 1963-1964 (limited picture disc LP)
Cat: ART 12. Rel: 13 May 24
Come On (2:10)
Memphis Tennessee (2:23)
Roll Over Beethoven (2:17)
Don't Lie To Me (1:42)
You Better Move On (2:33)
I Wanna Be Your Man (1:50)
Mona (2:11)
Walking The Dog (2:33)
Bye Bye Johnny (2:16)
Roll Over Beethoven (2:30)
Beautiful Delilah (2:13)
(Get Your Kicks On) Route (2:28)
Cops & Robbers (3:43)
You Better Move On (2:47)
Hi-Heel Sneakers (2:34)
I Just Want To Make Love To You (1:36)
I'm Moving On (2:17)
 in stock $17.48
The Moon Is In The Wrong Place
The Moon Is In The Wrong Place (limited blue marbled vinyl LP + insert (indie exclusive))
Cat: EES 442. Rel: 09 May 24
The Vow (3:37)
The Hourglass (3:44)
Big Wheel (3:03)
Oh So Close, Yet So Far (2:35)
UFO (2:47)
What You're Missing (2:39)
Real Or Magic (3:45)
The Moon Is In The Wrong Place (3:00)
So Lucky (3:11)
Dali's Clock (3:02)
Bean Fields (3:02)
In The Grass (2:47)
Golden Brown (2:29)
Life Is Unfair (2:26)
 in stock $31.77
The Moon Is In The Wrong Place
Cat: 7255020. Rel: 17 May 24
The Vow (3:37)
The Hourglass (3:44)
Big Wheel (3:03)
Oh So Close, Yet So Far (2:35)
UFO (2:47)
What You're Missing (2:39)
Real Or Magic (3:45)
The Moon Is In The Wrong Place (3:00)
So Lucky (3:11)
Dali's Clock (3:02)
Bean Fields (3:02)
In The Grass (2:47)
Golden Brown (2:29)
Life Is Unfair (2:26)
 in stock $29.93
The Moon Is In The Wrong Place
The Moon Is In The Wrong Place (limited blue & neon pink & black splattered vinyl LP + poster (indie exclusive))
Cat: 888072 593602. Rel: 23 May 24
The Vow (3:32)
The Hourglass (3:38)
Big Wheel (2:57)
Oh So Close, Yet So Far (2:28)
UFO (2:37)
What You're Missing (2:36)
Real Or Magic (3:43)
The Moon Is In The Wrong Place (2:58)
So Lucky (3:11)
Dali's Clock (3:03)
Bean Fields (3:02)
In The Grass (2:48)
Golden Brown (2:30)
Life Is Unfair (2:27)
 in stock $30.20
Perennial Favorites (reissue)
Cat: MAMM 145059.1. Rel: 01 May 24
Suits Are Picking Up The Bill (2:59)
Low Down Man (3:42)
Ghost Of Stephen Foster (3:35)
Pallin' With AI (2:39)
Fat Cat Keeps Getting Faster (2:47)
Trou Macaq (3:14)
My Drag (3:14)
Soon (3:08)
Evening At Lafitte's (2:48)
The Kraken (2:07)
That Fascinating Thing (4:18)
It's Over (1:43)
Review: Squirrel Nut Zippers' third studio album, Perennial Favorites, receives its first vinyl reissue since its original 1998 release, bringing back the infectious energy and eclectic blend of styles that characterized the neo-swing movement. What sets the band apart from its contemporaries is its ability to capture the genuine spirit of hot jazz, acknowledging the darker undertones and genuine hedonism of the era. Led by charismatic vocals and backed by a tight ensemble, the album delivers a mix of catchy hooks and loose-limbed glee. Tracks like 'Suits are Picking Up the Bill' and 'Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter display the band's knack for solid hooks and playful arrangements, while 'Ghost of Stephen Foster' and 'That Fascinating Thing' hint at the subtext that informed swing and hot jazz. Perennial Favorites stands out as a genuine and joyous celebration of the genre. The album effortlessly dabbles in various styles, from big-band swing to jazz crooning to klezmer, all while maintaining a sense of musical accomplishment and respect for history.
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 in stock $31.00
Bluer Than Blue
Cat: TTBY 24002.2. Rel: 22 May 24
Bluer Than Blue
Once More With Feeling
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
San Antonio Rose
Someday Sweetheart
Please Help Me I'm Falling
Little Bit
In A Sentimental Mood
Leaving On Your Mind
It's All Over Now
Lonesome Hearted Blues
(Remember Me) I'm The On Who Loves You
 in stock $25.16
And For Our Next Trick
And For Our Next Trick (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: DWC 1130LP. Rel: 02 May 24
Are You Effing Kidding Me (clean) (3:20)
Not Good Enough (3:10)
Come On Jaan (2:13)
No Love Lost (3:28)
Let Me Be The Last (3:42)
Charlie, Keith & Ringo (3:14)
Saturday Everyday (3:14)
Married & Single (3:14)
Easier Done Than Said (3:29)
Goodnight Nurse (3:22)
Emotional Distance (3:47)
Are You Fucking Kidding Me (explicit) (3:16)
 in stock $19.60
The Stories Of Laura Jimmy Bobby & More: The Singles 1960-1962
Tell Laura I Love Her
Once Upon A Time
Movin' Away
Lipstick On Your Lips
Say Hello To A New Love
Jimmy's Girl
Only The Young
Why Can't We
I Want To Fall In Love
I Never Had A Chance
It's Not True
Try To Forget Her
At Times Like These
Don't Play No 9
Till The Final Curtain Falls
 in stock $10.34
Where Southern Soul Began (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: HOS 36LP. Rel: 07 May 24
Al TNT Braggs - "Cigarettes & Coffee" (2:20)
Shirley Raymond - "You're Gonna Miss Me" (2:24)
Otis Redding - "Shout Bamalama" (1:56)
Bobby Bland - "I've Been Wrong For So Long" (2:19)
Little Junior Parker - "Backtracking" (2:37)
Louis Jones - "That's Cuz I Love You" (2:47)
Little Bob & The Lolllipops - "You Don't Have To Cry" (3:11)
Roscoe Shelton - "Please Think It Over" (2:47)
Ted Taylor - "If I Don't See You Again" (2:09)
Roy Lee Johnson - "Too Many Tears" (2:17)
Elmore Morris - "What Can I Do For You" (2:25)
William Bell - "You Don't Miss Your Water" (3:01)
Joe Medwick - "I Cried" (2:55)
Joe Tex - "Blessed Are These Tears" (2:21)
Earl Gaines - "Best Of Luck Baby" (2:27)
Sam & Dave - "My Love Belongs To You" (2:20)
Fontella Bass - "I Don't Hurt Anymore" (2:10)
James Brown - "Please, Please, Please" (2:46)
Review: The record Store Day releases are coming thick and fast for 2024 and this is a gem in amongst them. It is said that the so-called "Golden Age of Southern Soul" lasted from about 1962 to 1975, after which point it was disco that shot to prominence and took all the headlines. Although the ensuing fusion of country, gospel, and r&b from the legendary Memphis and Muscle Shoals in the '60s appeared groundbreaking, southern soul drew from diverse influences. Horn lines from Louisiana's swamp pop, blues' lyrical themes, country music's melodies, and profound inspiration from black churches all contributed. As part of the 'History of Soul' series, this LP uncovers southern soul's musical roots with insightful notes by John Ridley, so prepare to be captivated by a truly authentic narrative and electrifying sounds.
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 in stock $18.80
Priscilla (Soundtrack)
Cat: ABK 1437321. Rel: 01 May 24
Alice Coltane - "Going Home" (9:51)
Ramones - "Baby, I Love You" (3:45)
Frankie Avalon - "Venus" (2:22)
Tommy James & The Shondells - "Crimson & Clover" (3:28)
Spectrum - "How You Satisfy Me" (4:12)
Porches - "Country" (1:50)
Dan Deacon - "The Crystal Cat" (3:50)
The Little Dippers - "Forever" (2:24)
The Orlons - "Goin' Places" (2:29)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "Stratus" (2:57)
Speedy West - "Rippling Water" (2:45)
Sons Of Raphael - "My Elixir" (3:49)
 in stock $31.77
Doo Wop's Greatest Hits
Doo Wop's Greatest Hits (180 gram yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: NOTLP 365. Rel: 22 May 24
The Marcels - "Blue Moon" (2:21)
The Penguins - "Earth Angel" (2:58)
Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers - "I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent" (2:41)
Gene Chandler - "Duke Of Earl" (2:25)
The Five Satins - "In The Still Of The Night" (3:05)
The Crests - "Sixteen Candles" (2:53)
Dion & The Belmonts - "A Teenager In Love" (2:35)
The Skyliners - "Since I Don't Have You" (2:41)
Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers - "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" (2:19)
The Silhouettes - "Get A Job" (2:46)
The Chords - "Sh-Boom" (2:25)
The Del-Vikings - "Come Go With Me" (2:39)
Thurston Harris - "Little Bitty Pretty One" (2:22)
The Monotones - "Book Of Love" (2:21)
The Diamonds - "Little Darlin'" (2:09)
The Flamingos - "I Only Have Eyes For You" (3:06)
 in stock $19.87
School House Rock Vol 1: School Is In!
Cat: BCD 17668. Rel: 15 May 24
Wilbert Harrison - "Little School Girl"
Bill Haley & His Comets - "ABC Rock"
Frankie Lymon - "Waitin' In School"
Chuck Berry - "School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell)"
Gene Summers - "School Of Rock 'n' Roll"
Bird Rollins - "Pretty Little School Girl"
Gary US Bonds - "School Is In"
The Delacardos - "Letter To A School Girl"
Billy Harlan - "School House Rock"
Don Willis - "Boppin' High School Baby"
Joey Dee & The Starliters - "The Girl I Walk To School"
Chubby Checker - "The Class"
Tommy Facenda - "High School USA"
The Olympics - "(I Wanna) Dance With The Teacher"
Sonny James - "Talk Of The School" (with The Eligibles)
The 5 Royales - "School Girl"
The Five Chums - "The Five Chums"
Doug Connell & The Hot Rods - "On Our Way From School"
The Shades - "School Bus"
Jerry Lee Lewis - "High School Confidential"
Wynn Stewart - "School Bus Love Affair"
Don & Bob - "Good Morning Little School Girl"
Larry Williams - "High School Dance"
Benny Joy - "Hey! High School Baby"
Larry Birdsong - "Little School Girl"
The Falcons - "The Teacher"
The Kalin Twins - "School Bell Dream"
John D Loudermilk - "Yearbook"
Conway Twitty - "Platinum High School"
Artie Lewis - "Hey Little School Girl"
The Winstons - "School Girl"
Ronnie Allen - "High School Love"
Frankie Avalon - "Teacher's Pet"
Jimmy Case - "High School Hall Of Fame"
 in stock $15.63
Rockin With The Krauts Vol 5: Real Rock 'n' Roll Made In Germany
Cat: BCD 17730. Rel: 30 May 24
Ted Herold - "Hey Baby (A Big Hunk O'Love)"
The Gisha Brothers - "What'd I Say"
The Phantom Brothers - "Beautiful Delilah"
The Pralins - "Talkin' 'Bout You"
Billy Sanders - "Di-Di-Dinah"
Suzi Miller Und Die Starlets - "3 Minuten Rock"
The German Bonds - "I'm A Hog For You"
The Rollicks - "Louie Louie"
Michael Holm - "Kein Alibi (She Rides With Me)"
Peter Reese & The Pages - "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On"
Werner Hass - "Mister Patton Aus Manhattan (See You Later, Alligator)"
Ted Herold - "Ich Bin Ein Mann (I'm A Man)"
Peter Und Die Midnights - "Lucille"
Mal Sondock - "Hey, Hallo Baby"
The Rattles - "Mashed Potatoes"
The Bats - "Money (Gib Mir Liebe)"
The 5 Liverpools - "Tokio"
Bernd Spier - "Memphis, Tennessee"
The Shouters - "Little By Little"
Ralf Bendix - "Buona Sera"
Fats & His Cats - "Well, Allright"
Rudi Buttner - "Ich Liebe You (Chantilly Lace)"
Billy Mo - "Billy Boy"
Billy Sanders - "Doch Du Labt Mich Nie Allein (Bandstand Doll)"
Ted Herold - "Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop"
Hans Blum - "Es Ist Schon Wieder Gleich Zehn (I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door)"
The Rattles - "Tell Me What Can I Do"
Peggy Peters - "Aus (Shout)"
Die Crazy Combo - "Hey Balla Balla (Skinny Minnie)"
Peter Kraus Un Die Rockies - "Die Strasse Der Vergessenen"
Danny Mann - "Sexy Hexy (Stupid Cupid)"
Freddy Und Die Dominos - "So Geht Das Jede Nacht"
Ralf Bendix - "99 Jahr' (Geht Meine Post Jetzt Nach Sing-Sing)"
 in stock $12.70
Ripples Presents: Psychedelic Sunshine Pop From The 1960s (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: RSD24 88. Rel: 15 May 24
David Bowie - "Can't Help Thinking About Me" (with The Lower Third) (2:44)
Velvett Fogg - "Lady Caroline" (2:23)
The Tremeloes - "Girl From Nowhere" (2:29)
Tony Jackson & The Vibrators - "Fortune Teller" (2:40)
Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - "Duke's Jetty" (2:05)
The John Schroeder Orchestra - "Explosive Corrosive Joseph" (2:28)
Marmalade - "I See The Rain" (3:46)
The Eagles - "Pipeline" (2:17)
The Bystanders - "Royal Blue Summer Sunshine Day" (3:10)
The Glass Menagerie - "She's A Rainbow" (2:19)
Neo Mayo - "I Won't Hurt You" (2:31)
The Settlers - "Major To Minor" (2:57)
The Montanas - "That's When Happiness Began" (2:09)
The Blue Rondos - "Little Baby" (2:34)
The Chevlons - "Too Long Alone" (2:48)
The Factotums - "I Can't Give You Anything But You" (2:26)
The Flying Machine - "Smile A Little Smile For Me" (2:57)
Episode Six - "Morning Dew" (2:55)
Two Of Each - "Here Comes The Sun" (2:56)
The Action - "I'll Keep Holding On" (3:40)
The Knack - "(The Man From The) Marriage Guidance & Advice Bureau" (3:40)
The Rockin' Berries - "He's In Town" (2:36)
The Ivy League - "Tossing & Turning" (single version) (2:27)
Donovan - "Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)" (3:09)
Dana Gillespie - "Donna Donna" (2:11)
The Ferris Wheel - "I Can't Break The Habit" (single version) (2:16)
Steve Hammond - "I Think We're Alone Now" (2:12)
Pythagoras Theorum - "Meet On The Ledge" (3:14)
Wedgwoods - "September In The Rain" (2:15)
West Coast Consortium - "Some Other Someday" (2:55)
Britt - "You Really Have Started Something" (2:19)
 in stock $29.41
The Best Of Rare Mod
Cat: AJXLP 793Y. Rel: 16 May 24
The Fleur De Lys - "Mud In My Eye" (3:01)
Cathedral - "It's A Hard Way" (2:33)
The Afex - "She's Got The Time" (2:26)
Shyster - "Tick Tock" (2:43)
Dog Soul - "Big Bird" (3:08)
The Top Six - "I'm A Man" (2:25)
The Riot Squad - "I'm Waiting For The Man" (4:03)
Tony & Tandy - "Two Can Make It Together" (3:07)
Maxine - "A Love I Believe In" (2:19)
Fleur De Lys - "Brick By Brick (Stone By Stone)" (2:28)
Mike Berry - "Soul Ride" (2:48)
Richard Kent Style - "Just A Little Misunderstanding" (2:24)
Ossie Layne Show - "Sing A Simple Song" (3:30)
Graham Dee - "Mr Super Cool" (3:15)
Review: Acid Jazz top up their longstanding Rare Mod series, one of their most fervently clamoured-over compilations to have been conceived since their launch. A recent three-volume boxset set the tone for its recollection; and now, we're met with a further Best Of record, bottling the essence of the highly headsy and in-the-know series into a tighter thirteen-track compendium. Compiling the many lost classics without which there would be no 'sound' to typify the original Mod scene - a fusion of hard 60s r&b, freakbeat, soul and pop - the likes of Cathedral, Shyster, Fleur De Lys, Dog Soul, Maxine and Richard Kent Style all abound across a well-rounded quadraphonic crunch.
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 in stock $26.23
Sylvie (reissue)
Sylvie (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: DOY 681. Rel: 20 May 24
Moi Je Pense Encore A Toi
Quand Le Film Est Triste
L'amour C'est Aimer La Vie
Baby C'esst Vous
La Vacances Se Suivent
Le Loco-motion
Tous Mes Copains
Comme L'ete Dernier
Ne Le Decois Pas
Cri De Ma Vie
Est-ce Que Tu La Sais
 in stock $14.57
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