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Back in stock: UK Garage

UK Garage vinyl represses and restocks
Tags: UK Garage
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Aqua Hotel
Cat: PEACH 019. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Aqua Hotel (5:13)
Control (feat Eden Samara) (6:16)
Duckstep (7:24)
TDG (6:14)
Review: Shanti Celeste's Peach Disc sure has served up some juicy club ready fruits over the last couple of years. Often it comes from breakout new names who impress with their inventions and now it is Cloudsteppers at the buttons with this Aqua Hotel EP. The cut gets going on a hurried garage beat with warped bass and nice balmy synth work that is colourful and soulful in equal measure. 'Control' then cuts more loose with warped synths and neon colours, clipped vocals and real garage house drive, 'Duckstep' is pure bait with its old school FM basslines and tin-pot percussive clatter and 'TDG' shuts down with a deeper but no less brilliant garage vibe defined by clipped bass motifs and kinetic kicks.
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 in stock $14.20
Another Slice EP
Another Slice EP (limited 12")
Cat: ORD 004. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Eolian (5:34)
Double Berries (6:02)
Boomerang (5:48)
Booba (5:18)
Review: Enrico Dragoni knows a thing or two about the new wave of garage sweeping across the club scene. Under his 2 Hot 2 Handle alias he's been seen on a split release with Introspekt, while with Charles HAF he's graced Moodswing and Vibesey as The Stab Mechanics. Under his own name, 2023 has been a breakthrough year via labels like Bubbling Fresh and Pirate Cutz, and now he's landing on Ordinaire with some pitch perfect 4x4 bumpers. 'Double Berries' is an especially slinky joint marked out by sweet chord stabs, while there's a rougher swing at work on 'Boomerang', all adding up to another high-quality drop from a devotee of the nu-garage wave.
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 in stock $14.20
Everything Is Alright
Cat: 2BR0 14. Rel: 14 Aug 23
Everything Is Alright (4:06)
AYOYO (4:59)
I Don't Know!! (4:30)
Ere U R (3:48)
Olright (3:53)
Things, Things, Things! (4:21)
Big Raver (4:22)
Never Leave (5:07)
Forever Blue (6:52)
Review: Everything Is Alright, says FINN. And it is, frankly, when you're lost in the midst of his new album on 2 B Real. It's a superbly fun and feelgood mix of house from the 90s, UK garage from this revival era and contemporary sound designs. The title track opens up and soon sweeps you off to a good place then there are loose vocals and bright chords on 'AYOYO' while 'Ere U R' sinks into a deeper groove with a heavy sense of plod and more fresh melodies. The B-side picks up the pace with the retro house throb of 'Things, Things, Things!' and 'Big Raver' brings the pianos that will set the club alight.
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Tags: UK Garage
 in stock $21.56
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