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Back Catalogue: Trance
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Tabriz (remixed)
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 in stock $4.32
Tabriz (remixed) (CD single)
Cat: MFORCE 009. Rel: 16 Jun 14
  1. Tabriz (Nick Callaghan remix)
  2. Tabriz (Nick Callaghan radio edit)
All My Love
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 in stock $7.56
All My Love (CD single)
Cat: HT 110-2. Rel: 09 Jul 12
  1. All My Love (original mix)
  2. All My Love (club mix)
  3. All My Love (instrumental mix)
  4. All My Love (alternative dance mix)
We Are All We Need
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Cat: ANJCD 043. Rel: 19 Jan 15
  1. Quieter Is Louder
  2. We're All We Need
  3. Blue Sky Action
  4. Peace Of Mind
  5. Counting Down The Days
  6. Sticky Fingers
  7. Hello (album mix)
  8. Little Something
  9. All Over The World
  10. Fly To New York
  11. Making Plans
  12. Out Of Time
  13. Excuses
  14. Save Me
  15. Sink The Lighthouse
  16. Treasure
Review: Having changed tack with last year's folksy Acoustic set, progressive trance veterans Above & Beyond return to their trademark style on We Are All What We Need. Since first gate crashing the scene back in 2000, the Anjunabeats founders have become flag-bearers for the more melodious, musically expansive side of trance. There's plenty of that here, of course, from the spine-tingling beauty of "Blue Sky Action" and sparkling "Counting Down The Days", to the gorgeous builds of "Hello". Pleasingly, the album is also peppered with superb downtempo tracks, with yearning vocals smothered in sinewy strings and twinkling pianos.
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All Of Me
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All Of Me (CD)
Cat: BHCD 157. Rel: 13 Mar 17
  1. Time Stood Still (feat Ben Hague)
  2. We All Get Lost Sometimes (feat Quilla)
  3. Don't Say It's Over (feat Miss Palmer)
  4. Never Change (feat Rob Noble)
  5. Thru The Night (feat Maverick Judson)
  6. 1979 (feat Robbie Hazen)
  7. These Dreams (feat Shakeh)
  8. Rebel Love (feat Petra)
  9. No Way Back (with Gerry Cueto)
  10. Save Me (From Myself) (feat Robbie Hazen)
  11. Funky
  12. Bring It Back (feat Danielle Simeone)
  13. Snowflake
  14. This Is The Night (feat Danielle Simeone)
  15. True Love (feat Fisher - Deep mix)
  16. Under The Sun
Reactivate: The Years 91-01 (remastered)
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 in stock $9.73
Cat: REACT 259. Rel: 23 Nov 15
  1. Lemon Project - "Peppermint Longue"
  2. GTO - "The Bullfrog"
  3. GTO - "Listen To The Rhythm Flow"
  4. Beltram - "Energy Flash"
  5. Zero B - "Lock Up"
  6. Spectrum - "Brazil"
  7. B Sides - "The Tape" (remix)
  8. Fierce Ruling Diva - "Rubb It In"
  9. Mrs Wood - "The Awakening"
  10. Ramirez & Pizarro - "Hablando"
  11. E Trax - "Let's Rock"
  12. SJ - "Fever" (Tony Devit mix)
  13. Mrs Wood - "Joanna" (Tony Devit v2 remix)
  14. Blu Peter - "Magic"
  15. SJ - "I Feel Divine" (Baby Doc mix)
  16. Blu Peter - "The Pictures In Your Mind" (Arabesque mix)
  17. John 00 Fleming - "Alpha 5" (Olmec Heads remix)
  18. Sourmash - "Pilgrimage To Paradise" (original Barrel Beat mix)
  19. The Hellfire Club - "Black Magic"
  20. The Age Of Love - "The Age Of Love" (Jam & Spoon remix)
  21. Seb - "Sugar Shack" (Surfin On Clouds mix)
  22. Li Kwan - "Point Zero"
  23. Coloured Vision - "Violet Rain"
  24. Marmion - "Schoneberg"
  25. Friends, Lovers & Family - "Tribute (Bucket & Spades)"
  26. Jens - "Loops & Tings" (Fruit Loops mix)
  27. Mach One - "Road Runner"
  28. Blue Alphabet - "Cybertrance"
  29. Blu Petter - "Flagship" (21st anniversary mix)
  30. Sunbeam - "Outside World"
  31. Antartica - "Return To Reality"
  32. Jones & Stephenson - "The First Rebirth" (Red Jerry remix)
  33. Cygnus X - "Orange Theme"
  34. Push - "Universal Nation"
  35. Shimmon & Woolfson - "Evil Queen" (Full Force mix)
  36. Elevator - "Shinny" (Harmony mix)
  37. Armin - "Blue Fear"
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