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Microgravity (3xLP)
Cat: BIO 003LP. Rel: 06 Jul 15
  1. Microgravity
  2. Baby Satellite
  3. Tranquillizer
  4. The Fairy Tale
  5. Cloudwalker II
  6. Chromosphere
  7. Cygnus-A
  8. Baby Interphase
  9. Biosphere II
  10. Search
  11. Avenue 2.3
  12. Clovis
  13. Coulee (2:40)
  14. Ectozone (4:02)
  15. Dewy Fields (4:00)
  16. Eternal (2:59)
Review: Geir Jensson's debut album under the now familiar Biosphere alias, Microgravity, has long been considered something of a classic of the early '90s ambient boom. First released in 1991, it offered an icy but suitably atmospheric mix of chilly ambience, British-style "intelligent techno" and crystalline IDM. To celebrate 25 years since it was recorded (it was released a year later, in 1991), Geir Jensson has re-mastered it and, with the help of a successful crowd-funding campaign, pressed it onto a double CD minus the cross-fades and sound effects featured on the original pressing. Happily, Microgravity has lost none of its' allure.
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Patashnik (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BIO 4LP. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Phantasm (5:07)
  2. Startoucher (4:56)
  3. Decryption (5:57)
  4. Novelty Waves (6:27)
  5. Patashnik (6:13)
  6. Mir (5:21)
  7. The Shield (2:35)
  8. SETI Project (6:19)
  9. Mestigoth (7:46)
  10. Botanical Dimensions (5:53)
  11. Caboose (4:42)
  12. En-trance (5:03)
Review: Originally released in 1994, Biosphere's second album Patashnik, as we would later find out, was only the beginning. Geir Jenssen's Biosphere project has since become a name that rolls off the tongue alongside Brian Eno when talk of ambient comes to the table, and the use of vocals in tracks like "Phantasm" and "Startoucher" are as memory jogging as Marshall Jefferson's "Mushrooms". The music here provides a snapshot of Biosphere's sound before he committed a decade's worth of albums to UK label Touch. For a '90s take on things, you could day "SETI Project" has aged better than "Mestigoth", while the nebulous to deep classical tones and bluey-hues of productions like "Decryption", "Patashnik" and "Mir" remain timeless.
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Patashnik (2xCD)
Cat: BIO4 CD2. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Phantasm
  2. Startoucher
  3. Decryption
  4. Novelty Waves
  5. Patashnik
  6. Mir
  7. The Shield
  8. SETI Project
  9. Mestigoth
  10. Botanical Dimensions
  11. Caboose
  12. En-trance
  13. The Third Planet
  14. Novelty Waves
  15. Patashnik
  16. The Shield
  17. SETI Project
  18. Juno
  19. Cloud X-4
  20. Modulation Of Static
  21. A Circular Path
  22. The Lightone
  23. North American Sequence
  24. The Seal & The Hydrophone
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Cat: DUSTCD 051. Rel: 17 Aug 15
  1. Non Linear Information Life
  2. Phil 3 To 5 To 3
  3. Neither/Neither
  4. Phil 0114
  5. Control Needs Time
  6. Them (Everyone Is A Liar But)
  7. Shut Eye
  8. The Frequency Ov Thee Truthers
  9. BOOKS
  10. Self Organising Sealed Systems
  11. Commodification
  12. Phil vs David
  13. Platform LVL 6
  14. Hollow Stories, Hollow Head
  15. MK Ultrabrite
Review: The legendary Black Dog return with more immaculately designed and forward thinking electronics on their own Dust Science imprint. Nowadays comprised of Ken Downie and Martin & Richard Dust, they've certainly still got it, and this is testament to it! The album goes from dreamy soundscapes and imaginary soundtracks ("Phil 0114" and "The Frequency Ov Thee Truthers") to even Autonomic style drum and bass on tracks like "Phil 3 to 5 to 3" but there's straight up techno later on in the album as heard on "Self Organising Sealed Systems" and "Commodification" and the absolutely mental "Hollow Stories, Hollow Head". Great song titles, that's a given. Essential listening.
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Black Patterns Vol 1
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Black Patterns Vol 1 (LP in screen-printed sleeve + postcard)
Cat: LT 020. Rel: 25 Jan 16
  1. Track 1 (7:43)
  2. Track 2 (6:55)
  3. Track 3 (5:13)
  4. Track 4 (5:33)
  5. Track 5 (4:20)
  6. Track 6 (8:49)
  7. Track 7 (7:10)
  8. Track 8 (5:06)
Review: Black Patterns is a new alias from Lobster Theremin regular Snow Bone, launched to allow him to explore more obviously experimental techno pastures. In truth, Black Patterns Volume 1 is thoroughly in keeping with the fuzzy, distorted and generally bleak material that the hyped label has been putting out of late. Variously creepy, unsettling and freakishly intense, it's a collection that rarely steps back from the dusty darkness of the crumbling warehouses and basement spaces most readily associated with this style of balls-out techno. As a collection of club tracks, it can't be faulted. Given that it's DJs that will be most interested in its' throbbing charms, it would seem churlish to criticise.
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Holograms & Hypnosis
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 in stock $8.29
Cat: NCA H&H. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Holograms (30:08)
  2. Hypnosis (30:10)
Under The Radar
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Under The Radar (limited 2xLP + insert)
Cat: UFU 009. Rel: 01 Aug 16
  1. Doomatron (6:10)
  2. Lololp (3:47)
  3. Twitchpitch (4:14)
  4. Harmonic Minor Chasm (6:11)
  5. Newton's Cradle (6:29)
  6. HR Giger Counter (5:02)
  7. Creeping Flesh (5:37)
  8. Trident (5:25)
Played by: Jerome Hill
Blessed Initiative
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Cat: SUB 019. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Vile Value (4:29)
  2. Jazz As Commodity (4:06)
  3. Out With The Old, In With The New Flesh (4:08)
  4. Xanax Interlude (Relax!) (2:16)
  5. Delirium Juice & Taste Of Jewelry (2:09)
  6. As Cyber Shaming May Be (2:55)
  7. The Elite (Reform, Deform) (4:44)
  8. Borderline Spamming (3:53)
Review: For the uninitiated, Blessed Initiative is a new project from Ketev man Yair Elazar Glotman. This debut album for pal James Ginzburg's Subtext Recordings label is little less than a sonic manifesto. According to the accompanying information, the album is the result of a long and complex sound design process that variously involved manipulating tape recordings, recording his own foley style sound effects, and putting the whole thing together with the aid of a customized workstation. The results are largely very impressive though, sitting somewhere between claustrophobic sound collage and drowsy, meandering ambience. In other words, despite the high-minded experimentation behind it, Blessed Initiative just sounds great.
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Mazikeen Scheme
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Mazikeen Scheme (hand-numbered cassette + MP3 download code limited to 75 copies)
Cat: FEF 39. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. N A S (5:59)
  2. K'K (6:04)
  3. H (4:51)
  4. O P (2:54)
  5. Quell (5:36)
  6. Stray (5:23)
  7. Jubal (3:40)
  8. Barium 56 (Ovis Aurum remix) (4:56)
Dendera Lite
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Dendera Lite (cassette)
Cat: SVN 007. Rel: 26 Dec 16
  1. 500 Eley Wasp (2:28)
  2. Cedar Tail (feat Shehta) (3:59)
  3. CQLD (3:00)
  4. CQLD (99 Letters remix) (5:38)
  5. 500 Eley Wasp (AIWA remix) (3:35)
  6. Cedar Tail (Yoshitaka remix) (3:28)
  7. CQLD (Boliden remix) (4:05)
  8. 500 Eley Wasp (Aygeetee remix) (3:14)
  9. 500 Eley Wasp (Graham Dunning remix) (9:43)
Feiert Ihr Schweine!
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 in stock $8.29
Cat: ZYX 211072. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Intro
  2. Der Kampf In Der Suhle
  3. Relax
  4. Morgens Als Die Gidda Kam
  5. Hymne (2016 edit)
  6. Feiert Ihr Schweine
  7. Jeff Disney
  8. Asozial
  9. Was Soll Das
  10. Verruckter Scheiss
  11. Clap Your Hands For BMG (2016 edit)
  12. Der Ist Doch Voll Party
  13. Vertraumte Angelegenheit
  14. Ihr & Wir
Tragedy Of Truth
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 in stock $22.30
Cat: BEAT 10. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Throw Yourself Into A Scenario Of Which You Know No Ending (2:21)
  2. On The Edge Of Forever (4:34)
  3. Mental Attitude (4:58)
  4. Spiral Of Silence (5:29)
  5. Consuming Passion (5:56)
  6. Catching The Scent Of Melancholy (6:36)
  7. Poisoned By Sweet Things (5:27)
  8. Tragedy Of Truth (6:34)
  9. Law Of Attraction (5:24)
  10. The End Is Not Always Just An End, Sometimes It Is Also A New Beginning (1:57)
Review: The Don't Resist The Beat mainman is back with his first full length under his Milton Bradley alias, which reboots the label after a four year hiatus. The Berlin native (known as Patrick Radomski to his Mum) has recently released on his other imprint Alien Rain and Henning Baer's K209 and Tragedy Of Truth stays on the same path of direct (yet cerebral) dancefloor oriented techno, as well as some experimental and ambient excursions too. Highlights include the reductionist acid madness of "Spiral Of Silence", the glacial and textured dub techno of "Poisoned By Sweet Things" and the tunnelling and hypnotic pre-peak time builder "Law Of Attraction".
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I Play God Remixes
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Cat: HELLFIRE 09 LPCD. Rel: 18 Jul 16
  1. I Play God (Hellfire remix) (5:24)
  2. I Play God (Industrial Demon remix) (5:43)
  3. I Play God (Syrius 23 remix) (5:35)
  4. I Play God (Marc De Sade remix) (5:22)
  5. Shine Brida - "I Play God" (original version)
  6. I Play God (Marc De Sade remix)
  7. I Play God (Industrial Demon remix)
  8. I Play God (Doom Hk remix)
  9. I Play God (Hellfire Records remix)
  10. I Play God (Kyan Loco remix)
  11. I Play God (Nekra Damage remix)
  12. I Play God (Low Entropy remix)
  13. I Play God (Succubus Helena remix)
  14. I Play God (Sidelnikov remix)
  15. I Play God (Syrius 23 remix)
I Love Techno 2014
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 in stock $12.19
I Love Techno 2014 (mixed CD)
Cat: MMCD 041. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Joe - "Slope"
  2. Randomer - "Bring"
  3. Appleblim &Peverelist - "Over Here" (Brendon Moeller remix)
  4. Acid Arab - "Sidi Gouja"
  5. Jimmy Edgar - "Frequency"
  6. Marcelus - "24/7"
  7. Jon Convex - "Feel Nothing"
  8. Planetary Assault Systems - "No Exit"
  9. Marquis Hawkes - "Outta This Hood"
  10. Woo York - "I Am Against"
  11. Robert Hood - "Protein Valve" (edit 1)
  12. Claro Intelecto - "Tone"
  13. Alden Tyrell - "Wurk It"
  14. J Tijn - "Floorward"
  15. Bobmo - "It Is Happening Again"
  16. Djedjotronic - "Signal"
  17. MXM - "Nirvana"
  18. Tinfoil - "Foil 1"
  19. Joefarr - "The Projectionist"
  20. Ateph Elidja - "Vision"
  21. J Tijn - "Kanon"
  22. Maelstrom - "Adversarial Design"
  23. Adam Beyer - "Crispy Bits A2"
  24. Zadig - "Panic"
  25. Speedy J& George Issakidis - "Sculpture"
Review: Ghent's I Love Techno festival is something on an institution; a messy celebration of all things techno that's been running since 1995. Ahead of this year's instalment - taking place on November 8 - French producer and Turbo regular Brondinski has put together this commemorative mix. As you might expect, it's a robust affair, mixing acid-flecked fare from Claro Intellecto and Alden Tyrell with the Detroit flavours of Planetary Assault Systems, the exotic rhythms of Acid Arab, the snappy box jams of Marquis Hawkes, and the booming, in-your-face throb of Robert Hood, Adam Beyer and Speedy J. As such, it offers a superb snapshot of energy-rich, floor-friendly techno in 2014.
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Suburban Hunting
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Suburban Hunting (limited heavyweight coloured splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: CITI 018. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Nursing Home (2:18)
  2. Vacant (5:50)
  3. Derelict (5:31)
  4. Godless (6:10)
  5. Scum (4:02)
  6. Tourist Zone (4:16)
  7. Crime (6:19)
  8. Suburban Hunting (6:14)
  9. Knives (6:07)
  10. Prayer Space (5:13)
  11. Shallow Pits (2:04)
Review: It's been a delight to see Oliver Ho's Broken English Club project develop artistically over recent times, with some fine records for Jealous God and Veronica Vasicka's Cititrax label along the way. Suburban Hunting sees Ho deliver his debut Broken English Club album, featuring some 11 tracks of primitive electronics and cinematic pseudo techno cuts. Tunes like "Vacant", "Derelict", or "Scum" all share a loose techno framework, but the real aesthetic is much vaster than that, verging on remnants of post-punk, industrial and all that goodness and hybrid class that came out of the late 1980's. It's another fine addition to the sublime Cititrax discography, and we recommended it just as much as the previous numbers.
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The First Step
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Cat: BOP 006LP. Rel: 06 Jun 16
  1. Without Fear (6:56)
  2. The Chill (6:48)
  3. Unrepentant (6:26)
  4. Privilege (7:37)
Review: Following on from last year's God Is Change cassette on Opal Tapes, Butler delivers a dance floor EP of sorts for the Black sub-label. "The Chill" is a droning techno track with a difference; underpinned by chattering percussion and mysterious chimes, it also features the sound of iron bars dropping on a concrete floor, looped to infinity. The melancholic synth riffs that soars through the arrangement has some resemblance of Detroit techno, but it is rooted in too much fuzzy abstraction to sound like a retro copy. The mood changes on "Unrepentant"; there, Butler seeks to relive Chicago's glory days, albeit channelled through a degraded Nation filter. Who knows what he'll get up to next?
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Played by: Ethyl, Snuffo
Berlin Atonal Vol 3
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Berlin Atonal Vol 3 (gatefold 3xLP)
Cat: ATONAL 001. Rel: 31 Aug 15
  1. Cabaret Voltaire - "Microscopic Flesh Fragment" (live version) (5:10)
  2. Cabaret Voltaire - "Universal Energy" (live version) (10:50)
  3. Miles Whittaker - "Vagabond No. 7" (7:15)
  4. Fis - "Dist CL" (Atonal version) (5:33)
  5. Abdulla Rashim - "Track 5" (19:15)
  6. Abdulla Rashim - "Track 6" (16:07)
Review: Berlin Atonal returned two years ago from a long hiatus, 23 years to be exact. After three tremendous festivals this decade, they now present us with their first recordings since 1984. These particular ones from the 2014 edition. Cabaret Voltaire (in this incarnation featuring only Richard H Kirk) was a true highlight and contributes "Microscopic Flesh Fragment" and "Universal Energy". One half of Demdike Stare Miles Whitaker went solo, presenting his truly unique take on techno, and the slow burning attitude of "Vagabond No. 7" is evidence of this. New Zealand's Fis also appears; rather uncategorisable as always on "Dist CL (Atonal Version)." On the third disc we have Northern Electronics main man and modern auteur Abdulla Rashim presenting two commissions from his captivating atmospheric set that year. Limited to 700 copies.
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Argument #01
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Argument #01 (cassette)
Cat: HR 003. Rel: 30 Jun 14
  1. Argument #00
  2. Fracture #01
  3. Drive The Cops
  4. Fracture #02
  5. The Last Shelshock
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Grow (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 4xLP)
Cat: TNSLP 001. Rel: 26 Dec 16
  1. Sand Promise (5:31)
  2. Groove Seeker (5:11)
  3. Softly Softly (6:11)
  4. Thunder Fog (5:31)
  5. Over The Top (6:15)
  6. Limbo (6:30)
  7. Mention (6:45)
  8. Without You (5:22)
  9. Your Endless Sea (6:47)
  10. Rust (5:34)
  11. A River Alone (5:54)
  12. Stars We Can See (4:52)
Review: Under the Calibre alias, Dom Martin has never been afraid to supplement his main drum & bass work with tracks that explore different musical styles. He's gone one step further on this album for Craig Richards' label, the Nothing Special. Stripped of all jungle intent, Grow impressively shuffles between jazzy future garage, hazy post-dubstep soundscapes, warm, breakbeat-driven grooves (the early Blu Mar Ten style bliss of "Thunder Fog"), throbbing futurist dub (the brilliant "Over The Top"), and, perhaps most surprisingly for those keen on D&B, four-to-the-floor deep house (the clandestine "Mention"). The fact that it's all rather good confirms what many in D&B already knew: that Martin is a hugely talented producer.
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Grow (CD)
Cat: TNSCD 001. Rel: 26 Dec 16
  1. Sand Promise
  2. Groove Seeker
  3. Softly Softly
  4. Thunder Fog
  5. Over The Top
  6. Limbo
  7. Mention
  8. Without You
  9. Your Endless Sea
  10. Rust
  11. A River Alone
  12. Stars We Can See
Review: Under the Calibre alias, Dom Martin has never been afraid to supplement his main drum & bass work with tracks that explore different musical styles. He's gone one step further on this album for Craig Richards' label, the Nothing Special. Stripped of all jungle intent, Grow impressively shuffles between jazzy future garage, hazy post-dubstep soundscapes, warm, breakbeat-driven grooves (the early Blu Mar Ten style bliss of "Thunder Fog"), throbbing futurist dub (the brilliant "Over The Top"), and, perhaps most surprisingly for those keen on D&B, four-to-the-floor deep house (the clandestine "Mention"). The fact that it's all rather good confirms what many in D&B already knew: that Martin is a hugely talented producer.
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Suzi Ecto
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Suzi Ecto (CD)
Cat: HTH 029CD. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Snipe
  2. Dovetail
  3. Sulu Sekou
  4. Hoax Eye
  5. Raindance
  6. Fold Again At Last
  7. SE
  8. Rosso Dew
  9. Coney Sweat Drain
  10. Okko Ink
  11. Acephale I
Review: As the Houndstooth roster becomes increasingly diversified with age, so Call Super remains the label's brightest star. Responsible for inaugurating the Fabric-housed operation, J R Seaton has subsequently gone on to deliver some of their best 12" offerings and the time feels right for the Berlin-based producer to show his hand at full length albums. In contrast to the techno-focused approach of his Call Super 12"s, Suzi Ecto finds Seaton expanding on his palette with 11 tracks that veer wonderfully between moments of electronic poignancy and more thrusting fare. Spend some time with Suzi Ecto and you'll find it to be one of this year's most rewarding listens with new favourites emerging with each cycle - "Raindance" is the current fave here at Juno HQ.
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Cosmophilia (2xLP)
Cat: YAYLP 001. Rel: 31 Oct 16
  1. Spiraling (6:11)
  2. Lost Comms (5:05)
  3. Rebooting (5:25)
  4. Power Surge (5:58)
  5. High Alert (5:05)
  6. Transmitting (6:11)
  7. Break Off (4:45)
  8. Stasis (3:28)
  9. Static (4:25)
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Transverse (heavyweight vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: STUMM 340. Rel: 26 Mar 12
  1. V1
  2. V2
  3. V3
  4. V4
Review: Recorded live at Camden Roundhouse during last year's Short Circuit presents Mute festival, Transverse sees Throbbing Gristle members Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti join forces with Factory Floor's Nik Void for a series of texture-laden, experimental grooves. For those with a love of industrial music, this is almost a dream line-up. The fusion of Tutti and Void's effect-laden guitars with Carter's electronic figures and synth noises - all underpinned by a thunderous 4/4 pulse - veers from the hypnotic to the mesmerizing. Throughout, it's moody, intense and unsurprisingly far-sighted.
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Caustic Window
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Caustic Window (coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: CAT 023LP. Rel: 10 Jun 96
  1. Flutey (8:19)
  2. Stomper 101mod Detunekik (7:24)
  3. Mumbly (5:27)
  4. Popeye (1:20)
  5. Fingertrips (4:15)
  6. Revpok (3:44)
  7. AFX Tribal Kik (1:04)
  8. Airflow (4:57)
  9. Squidge In The Fridge (4:09)
  10. Fingry (4:45)
  11. Jazzphase (4:22)
  12. 101 Rainbows (ambient mix) (8:49)
  13. Phlaps (3:50)
  14. Cunt (4:15)
  15. Phone Pranks (part 1) (1:16)
  16. Phone Pranks (part 2) (0:58)
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 in stock $16.85
Vipassana (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SUS 010V. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Vikara (8:07)
  2. Passages (6:30)
  3. The Suffering Seas (feat ShadowBox) (5:12)
  4. Je Est Un Autre (5:40)
  5. In Safety Of Cold Light (feat Jon Philpot) (6:11)
  6. Nightwalker (6:18)
  7. Colour Me In (4:22)
  8. Damo (5:52)
  9. An Allegory For The Dispassionate (6:38)
  10. Nothing Changes (4:52)
  11. Intervals (6:58)
Review: When Oliver Chapoy is in the mood to make dark and deranged electronic music, he slides into the Certain Creatures moniker and things suddenly turn rather nasty. His debut came a little while back on Styles Upon Styles, a wonderful independent label that has showcased the likes of Brendon Moeller and Archie Pelago, and the producer returns to the label with a buzzing LP. The eleven cuts on here are totally genreless, loosely bound together by gritty, hollow drum beats and grey-scaled atmospherics. Although tunes like "Passages" or "Je Est Un Autre" are driven forwards by an abstract idea of techno, the tunes never steer too closely to one style, and together make for an ideal listening experience with a twist. Moreover, the changes in energy from the beginning to the end are similar to the pace of a live set in a club. Dance to it, nod to it, listen to it - it's a deep and mesmerizing experience.
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Civil Duty
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Civil Duty (2xLP)
Cat: COR 12. Rel: 29 Jun 15
  1. No Dexterity (5:16)
  2. Microtome Massacre (6:16)
  3. Belial's Night In (5:38)
  4. Mindhives (5:41)
  5. Pure Turns (4:46)
  6. Spiderbites (3:22)
  7. Fischkopf (5:29)
  8. Two Door Civic (5:44)
  9. Pro Emetic (5:22)
Review: Beau Wanzer and Shawn O'Sullivan team up for the debut Civil Duty album. Civil Duty is a techno album through and through, but with a difference. "No Dexterity" is a squeaky, squelchy minimal affair that unexpectedly features hushed vocals, while "Microtome Massacre" is a dense, drum-heavy workout and "Belialas Night In" is a pounding, percussive track, full of sharp hats and relentless snares. These tracks all combine to express Civil Duty's desire for constant change and an ability to squeeze new sounds from old forms as the screeching car alarm of "Pure Tums" and "Fischkopf", a dense, mangled minimal track that sounds like a truck cascading against a concrete wall.
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Danser Ou Mourir Relecture
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Danser Ou Mourir Relecture (clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MF 038. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. Modulated Choirs (feat Henning Specht - Borussia re-lecture) (4:44)
  2. Dolorean's Dream (The Hacker re-lecture) (6:33)
  3. Dancing Plague (with Theus Mago - David Carretta re-lecture) (7:50)
  4. Good Morning Detroit (Leonard De Leonard re-lecture) (3:49)
  5. Synth Pornography (Molecule re-lecture) (4:55)
  6. And Now You Dance! (with The Claydermans - Cosmo Vitelli re-lecture) (7:22)
  7. Silver Horse (Automat re-lecture) (4:37)
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Clark (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 251. Rel: 03 Nov 14
  1. Ship Is Flooding
  2. Winter Linn
  3. Unfurla
  4. Strength Through Fragility
  5. Sodium Trimmers
  6. Banjo
  7. Snowbird
  8. The Grit In The Pearl
  9. Beacon
  10. Petroleum Tinged
  11. Silvered Iris
  12. There's A Distance In You
  13. Everlane
Flame Rave
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 in stock $9.32
Flame Rave (LP + MP3 download code in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: WAP 383. Rel: 23 Mar 15
  1. Silver Sun (5:17)
  2. To Live And Die In Grantham (7:14)
  3. Springtime Linn (5:54)
  4. Unfurla Cremated (5:46)
Charcoal Eyes: A Selection Of Remixes From Amsterdam
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 in stock $10.11
Cat: 541416 507606. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Placebo - "Scene Of The Crime" (Dave Clarke remix)
  2. Maelstrom & Louisahhh! - "Rough & Tender" (Dave Clarke Ghotic Stripped Down mix)
  3. The Soft Moon - "Wrong" (Dave Clarke remix)
  4. Neon Judgement - "TV Treated" (Dave Clarke Gothic remix)
  5. Gazelle Twin - "Exorcise" (Dave Clarke remix)
  6. Amazing Snakeheads - "Here It Comes Again" (Dave Clarke remix)
  7. I Am Kloot - "These Days Are Mine" (Dave Clarke Fripped Out remix)
  8. Digital 21 & Stefan Olsdal - "Rebellion" (Dave Clarke remix)
  9. A Place To Bury Strangers - "Straight" (Dave Clarke remix)
  10. I Am Kloot - "These Days Are Mine" (Dave Clarke remix)
  11. Amazing Snakeheads - "Here It Comes Again" (Dave Clarke Acoustic remix)
  12. Crash Course In Science - "Flying Turns" (Unsubscrive remix)
  13. House Of Black Lanterns - "Broken" (Unsubscrive remix)
Review: Since relocating to Amsterdam over a decade ago, Dave Clarke has kept himself busy with remix work. Much of that material is showcased on the self-explanatory Charcoal Eyes: A Selection Of Remixes From Amsterdam. In typical Clarke fashion, the included reworks touch on dark electro (Maelstromm & Louisaah!, The Soft Moon), eyeliner-clad new wave (Neon Judgement), EBM (Gazelle Twin), pitch-black industrial (A Place To Bury Strangers) and, of course, bombastic techno. In this category you'll find a surprisingly funky rework of veteran indie-rockers Placebo, and a throbbing, set-phasers-to-stun interpretation of Crash Course In Science's "Flying Turns".
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Played by: Black asteroid
Black Ecstasy
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 in stock $10.63
Cat: EBC 024. Rel: 02 Dec 13
  1. Shave & Haircut
  2. Dristor
  3. Tears For Fears
  4. Sceptic
  5. Home
  6. July Tense
  7. Black Ecstasy
  8. Webd
  9. CPR
Ahorita Vengo
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 in stock $17.89
Cat: CLOLP 001. Rel: 01 Dec 14
  1. Mi Sospecha
  2. Segunda
  3. El Camaron
  4. Sala 14
  5. Cancion Digital
  6. Ahorita Vengo
Triple Crown LP
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 in stock $14.78
Triple Crown LP (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DH 001. Rel: 18 Jul 16
  1. Porcelain Touch (6:53)
  2. Cast In Bronze (5:23)
  3. Open Vent (6:57)
  4. Borrowed Time (7:46)
  5. Shark Tooth Necklace (4:44)
  6. In The Mist (7:35)
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 in stock $17.62
Presentiment (2xLP with insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: TABR 034. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. New Machine
  2. Victims Of The Dance
  3. Street Waves
  4. Night And Day
  5. 17 Seconds
  6. Desire
  7. Real World
  8. Rorschach Techniks
  9. Expect Nothing
  10. The Modern Dance
  11. No Tears
  12. No Escape
Review: "We are excited to finally announce and share 'Presentiment', the second Long Player from The Connection Machine. This release is particularly special for us as it will be the first time in over 20 years that Jeroen and Natasja have put an album out on vinyl. Despite having a string of aliased releases in the '90s on the mighty U-Trax, a 12" during the early days of Carl Craig's Planet E, a remarkable album 'Painless' on Down Low Music, and most recently a series of in demand E.P.s with Lost Trax on Tabernacle, their output has remained tantalisingly infrequent. With 12 tracks that capture their unique and awe-inspiring sound, 'Presentiment' opens you up to a world that only The Connection Machine have access to."
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 in stock $15.04
XX LP (grey marbled vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: PRRUKBLK 010. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. Strategist (5:38)
  2. Futurist (6:07)
  3. Roller (5:52)
  4. Moonflow (5:22)
  5. Rose (6:31)
  6. Freak Show (5:40)
  7. Beacon (5:53)
  8. Synthetic Soul (6:04)
Played by: S-File, Sonitus Eco
Jesus Freak
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 in stock $13.47
Cat: LIES 064. Rel: 21 Dec 15
  1. Stud Music (5:29)
  2. Elephant (4:16)
  3. Multiball (7:25)
  4. Reheated (6:22)
  5. Jamaican Neighbors (6:29)
  6. Billy Goat (4:25)
Review: There's been a 'zero f*cks given' approach to their fifth anniversary year from LIES, which is very in keeping with the label's ethos; no resting on laurels or back slapping, just plain good music for the freaks. Having issued fine records from Antenes, Marcos Cabral, Randomer, Overdose and a whole host of others, Ron Morelli's last call of duty for the year is another mini-album shaped journey into the crazed asylum that is the mind of Eric Copeland. Six tracks deep, Jesus Freak is described as "addictive as it is confusing with its screwed vocal hooks and demented twang heard throughout," and listeners should expect more of Copeland's signature blend of cut-up samples, deranged loops, and barely-controlled chaos.
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Simulat (2xLP)
Cat: 50WEAPONLP 03. Rel: 29 Aug 11
  1. Amor Y Ortos
  2. Want You To Be
  3. Infinite Helsinki
  4. Ritmat
  5. Interstellar Inflight Entertaiment
  6. Infinite Helsinki
  7. Less Of Me, More Of You
  8. Star Motel
  9. Osu Xen
  10. Form Over Function
  11. Lillayster
  12. Samiska
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 in stock $11.67
Arktika (CD)
Cat: ICEBERG 2. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Urals
  2. 567 Foot 33500 Ton
  3. Type LK 60YA
  4. Rosatom
  5. 50 Let Pobody
  6. Polar Star
  7. Liquified Natural Gas
  8. 60 Megawatts
Blue Room Sessions
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 in stock $10.01
Cat: TMR 359. Rel: 01 Aug 16
  1. Invention 4: Silenzio (Or Sadak In Search Of The Waters Of Oblivion) (24:17)
  2. The Valley Of The Elders (4:50)
  3. Invention 2: Pattern Recognition (7:39)
  4. Sunless (3:20)
Leaving Babylon
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 in stock $16.55
Cat: 641396 9. Rel: 23 Dec 13
  1. Leaving Babylon
  2. Prime Movers
  3. For Our Time
  4. Thy Kingdom Come
  5. I Walk Slow
  6. Ignorance & Bliss
  7. Last Dance
  8. Ruto (Circulation)
  9. Not To Be Here
  10. Jag Ar Fullstandigt Tung (feat Helena Osterlund)
Six Degrees
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 in stock $7.25
Six Degrees (cassette tape)
Cat: WIGTAPE 01. Rel: 29 Apr 13
  1. Forum
  2. Serialiser
  3. The Grove
  4. At Sixes
  5. And Sevens
  6. Kirly's Dreamband
Pure Intec 3
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 in stock $8.51
Pure Intec 3 (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: IDPICD 3. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Saeed Younan - "Drop It"
  2. Misstress Barbara - "Don't Tease Me"
  3. Matt Sassari & D Unity - "Fired Up"
  4. Kasbah Zoo - "Shifted Control"
  5. Nicole Moudaber - "One Day Later"
  6. Jon Rundell - "Utopia"
  7. Harvey McKay - "Wrong Turn" (Gero Jansen remix)
  8. Sidney Charles - "Justice"
  9. Steve Mulder - "Kusesai"
  10. Victor Calderone - "Mole"
  11. 999 - "Find The Answer" (feat Amadeas - Marco Bailey Bass Mover mix)
  12. Carlo Lio - "Love Nation"
  13. Copy Paste Soul - "Ctrl"
  14. Josh Wink - "Talking To You" (Carl Cox remix)
  15. Ramiro Lopez - "Revolution Space" (feat Thomas Gandey)
  16. Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink - "Awake"
  17. Carl Cox - "Your Light Shines On"
  18. Dosem - "The Path"
  19. The Junkies - "Revolution"
  20. Harvey McKay - "Something Good"
  21. Danny Serrano - "Paragraphy"
  22. Carlo Lio - "Escobar Season"
  23. Carl Cox - "Kommen Zusammen" (Joseph Capriati remix)
  24. Stephan Hinz & Philipp Ruhmhardt - "Kachel"
  25. Ian O'Donovan - "Gauntlet"
  26. Tomy DeClerque - "Restart"
  27. DJ Jock - "Raw Love"
  28. Fabio Neural & Alex Costa - "Dillinger"
  29. Cristian Varela - "Alarm Waves"
  30. Jon Rundell - "Mind"
  31. Josh Wink - "Talking To You" (Jon Rundell remix)
Enter The Maze
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 in stock $17.89
Cat: ADEPTH 010. Rel: 25 Feb 13
  1. Overture
  2. Slow Swirl
  3. Indian Tape
  4. Mirrors Chamber
  5. Jack Of Shadows
  6. I Feel You
  7. Enter The Maze
  8. Dr Claw
  9. Trapped
  10. Gateway 11
Review: Formed of Italian producer Ma Spaventi and Dutchman G-String aka Gijs Poortman, whose releases for the likes of M>O>S and Echovolt have provided some of Holland's most interesting deep techno output, Crystal Maze arrive on aDepth Audio with their debut album, Enter The Maze. With only two 12? releases to their name, a full album of Crsytal Maze material is an ambitious statement from the pair, but one that sees Spaventi and Poortman continue to develop the Crystal Maze sound which has been characterised a decidedly dark edged manipulation of analogue techno. Across ten tracks the duo display a wide variety of sounds and influences; "Slow Swirl" sounds like Drexciya taken down to a lumbering, mid-tempo groove, "Indian Tape" combines rubbery, ghetto house textures with swelling deep house chords, "Mirrors Chamber" comes across like the sub aquatic dub techno of Porter Ricks, while "Dr Claw" creates a low slung, warped vision of Detroit techno's first wave. An ambitious album, yes - but one that more than succeeds.
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My Cube
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 in stock $20.73
My Cube (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: LHP 001. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. First (1:59)
  2. Favorite (3:14)
  3. Private (4:44)
  4. Silhouette (2:13)
  5. Safe Word (4:09)
  6. Opaque (1:47)
  7. Commercial For Toothpaste (3:07)
  8. Bargain Water (5:22)
  9. Emblem (6:04)
  10. Auto/Composite Face Fetish (4:29)
  11. No Name/Didn't Feel A Thing (3:03)
Review: Left Hand Path is a record label based in San Francisco run by Surface Tension's Nihar Bhatt and Chris Zaldua, who put on some impressive line-ups at their parties and were even featured on one of fellow Californian label Jealous God's short run mix CDs which used to come with vinyl releases. The label is "dedicated to liminal sounds and dancefloor transgression" according to their Soundcloud profile. CUBE is the project of Adam Keith of Oakland, California. He draws from a variety of influences on the My Cube LP; there's the brutal textured noise of dynamic opener "First", the lo-fi industrial swagger of "Favorite" or "Emblem" (which are reminiscent of the likes of Profligate) or the brazen post-punk antics of "Bargain Water" which calls to mind early Tropic Of Cancer.
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Festival Of The Dead
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 in stock $19.19
Festival Of The Dead (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BLACKESTLP 010. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. The Claw
  2. I Know What I Must Do
  3. Damballah 58
  4. Parataxic Distortion
  5. Festival Of The Dead
  6. Belladonna Theme
  7. Vaudou Take Me High
  8. Inlightenment
  9. None Of Your Bones Are Broken
  10. Madwoman (Festival mix)
  11. Fruit Is Ripe
  12. Fire Ends The Day
Review: Blackest Ever Black's unwavering commitment to gracing 2014 with some of the most distinct sounds continues apace as their latest long player sees the return of William Bennett's Cut Hands project. Entitled Festival Of The Dead, this new album feels like the next logical progression in the Cut Hands sound, with the label describing it as "most potent distillation yet" of Bennett's "malign percussive energy". If you checked lead track "The Claw" which was made available to stream when BEB first announced the album, you will no doubt have an idea of what to expect but this relentless, bracing approach shown there is not the only card played by Bennett across the album. Indeed it's the moments where the sonics get twisted and chewed up (such as the suitably named "Parataxic Distortion") that prove most memorable.
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 in stock $17.11
Spiritual (LP)
Cat: DE 061LPCU. Rel: 21 Apr 14
  1. La Symphonic
  2. Isu Forest
  3. Watch The Neon
  4. Spiritual
  5. Metal Disco
  6. Metaphysique The Method
  7. Calibre 2000
  8. Future Dancers Last Rockers
Review: Cute Heels is the solo project of Victor Lenis, the Brussels based founder of Black Leather Records and a producer who will be familiar to fans of Gooiland Elektro. Spend some time with Spiritual, the debut Cute Heels album and you'll realise Lenis is a perfect fit for San Francisco's relentless Dark Entries label. All eight tracks here were written and recorded throughout the course of 2013 and present Cute Heels as a powerful musical force wedged between EBM and primitive strains of Detroit electro and techno. If you can imagine James Stinson jamming on hardware with Beate Bartel then you're in the right frame of mind to appreciate the nuances of Spiritual. Don't sleep!
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Dimensional Space (remastered)
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 in stock $14.78
Cat: CV313CD 1. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Una Petra (Alchemy remaster)
  2. Clouds Beyond (reprise)
  3. Clouds Beyond (Alchemy remastered mix)
  4. Sella Bay (unreleased edit)
  5. Beyond Dreams (unreleased)
  6. Cloudburst (unreleased)
  7. Isis (Remake - unreleased mix)
Review: Last year, Echospace duo Stephen Hitchell and Rod Modell spent many happy hours going through the old master tapes of their work under the CV313 alias. Through that, they discovered a number of previously unheard tracks, edits and alternate versions from the Dimensional Space sessions. This "re-mastered" edition of the hard-to-find LP version contains some of those previously unheard works, alongside freshly touched-up mixes of original album cuts. If anything, it's even deeper and more intergalactic than the 2014 version, gently drifting between hazy dub techno, densely textures ambience, and head-in-the-clouds soundscapes.
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Live At Primary
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 in stock $13.74
Cat: ECHOSPACELIVE 002CD. Rel: 05 May 14
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
Review: Echospace's Steven Hitchell is no stranger to live albums; this is his third live recording under the CV313 alias. Recorded in August 2013 at the Primary club night in Chicago, it sees the dub techno explorer laying down an hour long voyage into densely layered, multi-textured techno minimalism. While fans will recognise some loops and elements from previous releases, the ten tracks are almost new compositions; hypnotic, undulating excursions where elements drift in and out of the mix, only to return in newly processed form later in the CD. The result is warm, atmospheric and intoxicating exploration of live dub techno from one of the sound's most influential producers.
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So Ist Es Im Nadelwald
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 in stock $20.73
So Ist Es Im Nadelwald (limited hand-numbered 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: UVLP 04. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Oberla 8 (7:12)
  2. 707 Dubbing (5:42)
  3. IV Box (1:33)
  4. Stalking Club (5:31)
  5. CV Cat (5:54)
  6. Dr Wozu (4:08)
  7. CVBMX (5:58)
  8. SH7 SHT (4:05)
  9. Droid Cv2XX (3:59)
  10. Lackporling (7:56)
  11. New Oberla (4:32)
Det Er Nach Hos Gaute
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 in stock $9.59
Det Er Nach Hos Gaute (cassette (no soundfiles available))
Cat: AMOK 001. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Det Er Nach Hos Gaute
  2. Geller Bends
  3. Samuelsen Lever
  4. Falwell Matchbox
  5. Ted Goes To Denver
Played by: 3.14
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