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Tuesday 24 January 2017
Birdkids The Bateleur 42HP System Synthesizer
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 1 in stock $773.90
Cat: 634876 Rel: 30 Jan 17
Complete compact synthesizer system combining separate Birdkids modules
Notes: Engineered around a discrete core VCO with a dedicated, self-oscillating Low-pass Filter, an integrated, standalone VCA, a Multimode ADSR/ADHSR, high-precision 16bit Midi to CV Converter, and a transparent, four channel Audio Mixer with a conveniently integrated analog Noise Source for maximum tonal flexibility.

The 42hp System offers state-of-the-art performance, absolute portability, unparalleled analog timbre and unique signal shaping possibilities - including through-zero frequency modulation.

The system is entirely USB Micro-B powered and includes a headphone output so you can patch on the go!

The Bateleur complete system in 42 HP consists of the following parts:

- Power supply via USB which simultaneously acts as a USB-MIDI to CV/gate/Clock interface with 16Bit resolution.
- Digital A(H)DSR envelope generator with looping function and retrigger
- Bateleur VCO, a discrete analog high-end oscillator with integrated 4-pole filter
- VCO expander, adding resonance control, FM and a VCA
- Four-channel mixer with integrated noise generator
- Frap Tools Plus - a rugged enclosure in 42HP width, with nice wooden cheeks
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Monday 23 January 2017
Doepfer MSY2 MIDI To SYNC Clock Converter Interface (black)
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 2 in stock $94.90
Cat: 627281 Rel: 30 Jan 17
MIDI clock/sync interface for converting MIDI realtime events into SYNC standard
Notes: MSY2 is an interface that converts the MIDI realtime events Clock, Start and Stop into the corresponding signals Clock and Start/Stop of the SYNC standard. This standard was used e.g. in the Roland devices TB303 bass line or TR808 rhythm composer.

MSY2 is equipped with 2 SYNC DIN sockets (switched in parallel), a Clock miniature jack socket (3.5mm), MIDI-in and MIDI-Thru. SYNC-CLOCK is a periodic signal (0/+5V) representing the tempo. SYNC-START/STOP is a signal that indicates one of the 2 possible states: START = +5V, STOP = 0V. The Clock pin of the SYNC standard is additionally available from a miniature jack socket e.g. for synchronizing the arpeggio input of an analog synthesizer with MIDI.

MSY2 enables the 1:1 conversion of MIDI CLOCK into SYNC CLOCK (i.e. 1 MIDI clock triggers 1 SYNC clock pulse), as well as the reduction of the tempo by dividing the incoming MIDI clock frequency by an integer factor. The factor can be set to any value between 1 and 16 with a DIP switch at the bottom of the MSY2. This corresponds to 96...6 ppm or 24...1,5 ppq (ppm = pulses per measure / ppq = pulses per quarter note). Factor 1 corresponds to the 1:1 conversion. In this case the pulse width of the clock output is fixed to about 4 milliseconds. 16 is the maximum of frequency reduction, i.e. after 16 MIDI clocks 1 SYNC clock appears. For all dividing factors beyond 1 the pulsewidth of the clock signal corresponds to the selected dividing factor.

With two other switches the Start/Stop polarity and the Clock polarity can be changed for special applications not following the SYNC standard.
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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