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This Week: Studio Equipment
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Behringer Motor 49 USB MIDI Master Controller Keyboard
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 1 in stock $349.55
Cat: 584516 Rel: 23 May 16
49 key USB/MIDI master controller keyboard with motorised faders and touch sensitive pads
Notes: The MOTOR 49 master keyboard controller allows you to take total command over your virtual instruments and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Featuring amazingly-smooth action, motorized faders and touch-sensitive pads, the MOTOR 49 provides an unparalleled level of control for the ultimate creative expression. The 49 semi-weighted full-sized keys, 60 mm faders and backlit drums give you hands-on control over all the parameters of your favorite DAW. An incredible hardware-based arpeggiator enables you to instantly add arpeggios to software and hardware synths and create complex arrangements on the fly.

MOTOR 49's endless rotary encoders provide immediate feedback about your software, plus the convenient, backlit transport section puts all playback and record functions right at your fingertips. You get fast, easy-to-read information at-a-glance, thanks to MOTOR 49's spacious, backlit LCD screen. We've also loaded this amazing controller with a variety of extremely-useful presets (and even more are on the way), so you can start creating quickly, without mapping or instant recall. Ready to go right out of the box, just connect to your computer and download the free audio recording, editing and podcasting software at, which comes with 150 instruments and effects plug-ins. MOTOR 49 is the fast and easy way to get you back "in-touch" with every element of your creativity.
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Chord Jingle Bands Percussion Instrument (pair)
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 4 in stock $2.42
Cat: 608051 Rel: 23 May 16
Pair of jingle wristbands for percussion
Notes: Pair of large wristbands with hook & loop fastening holding 4 x 25mm jingle bells on each.

*Strap colour may vary
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Chord Tambourine (single D-shaped, white)
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 6 in stock $7.92
Cat: 608061 Rel: 23 May 16
D-shape tambourine percussion instrument with 2 x 8 sets of jingles
Notes: Coloured plastic D-shape tambourines with 2 x 8 sets of paired jingles and ergonomic grip.
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Tiptop Audio 4600mA Zeus Studio Bus Universal Power Adapter
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 1 in stock $64.54
Cat: 605241 Rel: 23 May 16
Brick type power supply for the Zeus Studio Bus
Notes: Brick type power supply for the Zeus Studio Bus
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Tiptop Audio Grain De Foile Granular ZDSP Cartridge
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 1 in stock $80.38
Cat: 605235 Rel: 23 May 16
Granular ZDSP cartridge for creatinng new sounds from existing material
Notes: Granular Synthesis uses small slices of sounds ('grains') to compose new sounds from existing material. By combining multiple grains of differing lengths, amplitude, pitch and speed new sounds are created which are often very different from the original sound recorded in. Xenakis claims to have invented the technique and indeed his 'Analogique A-B', composed of tiny tape splices of pure tones, is credited as the first piece of granular music back in 1959.

In the context of the Z-DSP, a block of memory is set to hold digital samples for playback: he Z-DSP has one second of memory for the audio used in processing. From this audio buffer the grains will sample and modify smaller sections for playback. The number of o rains in the process determine how dense the overall output sounds. These programs have 3, 4 or 6 grains for playback. Each grain plays from a random point in the audio buffer and have an independent envelope controlling their duration. The envelope time is the 'grain size' parameter in many of the programs.

The French phrase for the cartridge is "Grain de Folie" which could be translated as "seeds of madness", but in French "grain" also translates to "grain", and "madness" evokes the strange disassembling/reassembling granular process. Also, "avoir un grain de folie" is a typically French expression to describe people behaving in a non-conventional way, thus a Ming play on words quite nicely describing the unpredictable nature of this set of algorithms.
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ALM ALM012 SID Guts Deluxe Voice Module
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 2 in stock $352.00
Cat: 607837 Rel: 23 May 16
Eurorack SID voice synth module - 19HP wide
Notes: The original SID GUTS took the legendary SID chip and tailored it into the eurorack modular environment. By use of a real SID chip the classic sound was taken in a new direction with the levels of direct and voltage control only a modular system can offer.

The 'SID GUTS DELUXE' improves upon the original SID GUTS 'Eurorack SID Voice' by adding both new features and further control.

The module now includes improved frequency control, a chord mode using all available oscillators and numerous other tweaks.

*SWIN SID chip included (please note - ALM & Juno do not offer any support for this product)*

Technical Specifications:
Supply: +/-12V
Current Draw: ~50-200ma (with vintage SID chip)
Size: 19 HP
Depth: 32mm (including power header)
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ALM Boss Bow Tie 8 Way Voltage Controlled Switch Module
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 3 in stock $170.52
Cat: 584255 Rel: 23 May 16
8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switch synth module - 6HP wide
Notes: 'Boss Bow Tie' is an 8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switch. An input 'I/O' signal is mapped to an output 'I/O' via a corresponding control voltage. As bidirectional, this can be either 1 of up to 8 inputs into a single output or a single input into 1 of up to 8 outputs. The control input features both an attenuverter and offset to precisely select which of the 8 I/O's are available to be 'switched'. A normalized 'Gate' input enables and disables the switch allowing for rhythmic and other effects.

The module is intended primarily for flexible routing of CV signals. Though audio signals will work - audible clicks can sometimes be apparent when switching I/O's.

Technical Specifications:

Supply: +/-12V (Reverse voltage protection)
Current Draw: ~50ma
Size: 6 HP
Depth: 32mm (including power header)
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