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Salem's Lot (Soundtrack)
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Salem's Lot (Soundtrack) (gatefold marbled vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WW 019. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Teaser/ The Curch (1:27)
  2. Holy Water/Straker/Straker's Place (5:36)
  3. Susan/The House #1/The House #2 (2:49)
  4. The Cemetery/He Writes Good (0:45)
  5. Lovely Susan/Straker Is Troubled/Straker Is Nervous (2:48)
  6. The Day Is Here (0:43)
  7. Tell Me It's Not True (0:44)
  8. Dead Dog/It's Cold In Here/The Thing/Mark's Room (2:14)
  9. Nothing Is Forever (Source #2) (1:27)
  10. Source #3 (4:02)
  11. It's Still Moving/It's Freezing/The Monster Appears (1:40)
  12. Bumper/Somebody's Up There/Old Faithful/So Long, Kid/Hold It, Larry/Goodbye/Crockett (5:43)
  13. Ralph Is Floating (2:25)
  14. Faithful/So Long, Danny1/Confident & Evil (4:36)
  15. Opening Soon/Ben Ponders/Let Us Pray (1:06)
  16. Mike Dives In #1/Fangs Sink In/End Credits #1 (4:38)
  17. Main Title #2 (1:39)
  18. Back In Mark's Room/ Now It's Mark's Turn (3:59)
  19. Mark Fondles Cross/ Mike & Jason/Mike's Getting The Message (2:33)
  20. Appointment With Destiny/Eva Knows (1:42)
  21. L'Inverno (The Four Seasons, No.4) (Vivaldi, arranged Sukman) (1:39)
  22. I Want A Crucifix/That's All For Max/& Now Jason (2:37)
  23. Mr Barlow/He's Gonna Do It/It's Mr Barlow Again (1:35)
  24. Face The Master/Bumper/Poor Mr Glick (2:28)
  25. Good Girl/LEave Town/A Funny Dream/Uncertain Swan/Susan Is Curious (5:17)
  26. Susan Stalks Mark/Stuffed Cats/It's Susan's Turn (2:21)
  27. Have You Seen Susan?/Evil Presence/Bill Beware (3:56)
  28. And Now Straker/Sprained Ankle/He's Here/Mike Dives In #2 (3:45)
  29. Stake For Mr Barlow/Goodbye House/Two Years Later/Found Us Again (5:57)
  30. Poor Susan/Conclusion/End Credits (with Timpani overdub) (2:07)
  31. Holy Water (Main Title #1)/The Church (alternate/with Chimes) (1:42)
  32. Conclusion (without overdub) (1:41)
  33. Conclusion (with Timpani & Horn overdub) (1:16)
  34. Main Title/Vampires! (feature version/feature version) (2:34)
  35. End Credits (feature version) (1:37)
Items 1 to 1 of 1 on page 1 of 1
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