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This Week: Soul
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Watchin' You
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 in stock $10.14
Cat: ATH 044. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Watchin' You (4:09)
  2. To The Sky (4:39)
Review: Little is known about Friction Band's hyper-rare 45" besides the fact it's a brilliant example of outsider, slightly experimental style of modern soul, it's passed hands for strong triple figures in recent years and it's just been injected with a whole new lease of life by Fryer. "Watchin' You" is a footloose boogie jam with unabashed use of freeform keys while "To The Sky" flips for a softer, more sentimental soul affair that's fringed by just the right amount of dreamy cosmicity. Another precision find by AOTN.
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Tighten Up Your Love Bone
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 in stock $8.58
Cat: TR 224. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Tighten Up Your Love Bone (2:45)
  2. Is This Really Love (2:15)
Review: While Philly's Don Gardner is largely famed for hits such as "I Need Your Loving" and "Glory Of Love", it's releases such as this 1967 Cedric 45" (among other notable and highly rare 45"s on Verve and Sedgewick) that have really stood the test of time and stood out to collectors happy to pay thousands. And for good reason; "Tighten Up Your Love Bone" is a gutsy power R&B soul joint while "Is This Really Love" takes its foot off the gas for moments of pure come-to-bed soul many years before White and Hayes made it their signature. Don really was the real deal.
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The Unreleased Boogie Tracks Vol 2
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 in stock $15.59
The Unreleased Boogie Tracks Vol 2 (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: SAPH 12006. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Skin To Skin (5:06)
  2. Love You Down (4:58)
Review: Hugely influential, innovative and talented Leroy Hutson was so prolific throughout the 70s and 80s he could let cuts as crisp as this remain unreleased. It's almost criminal. Luckily Saph have been on the case and cracked it with this new series. Now on the second part, here's we're taken deep into dance with two straight up rare groove gems; "Skin To Skin" is a sweet-synth soul jam that shimmers with Miami's freestyle melting pot of the time. "Love You Down", meanwhile, slips and slides with bass so lewd it should come with a warning.
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The Unreleased Boogie Tracks Vol 1
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 in stock $15.59
The Unreleased Boogie Tracks Vol 1 (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: SAPH 12005. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Now That I Found You (5:02)
  2. Reality (4:57)
Review: Previously the subject of Athens Of The North's expert excavation skills, rare groove legend Leroy Hutson now enjoys the digging magic of French connoisseurs Saph. One per customer, these cuts recorded between 84-88 really capture the soul of the era as we're treated to both sides of Leroy's rich scope; the slap-bass popping funk of "Now That I Found You" and the more sincere, heartfelt "Reality". Stunning.
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Underneath My Feet
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 in stock $10.92
Cat: BC 037. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Underneath My Feet (2:36)
  2. Guilty (3:34)
Review: Nicole "Lady" Wray has reinvented herself in recent years, swapping the contemporary, radio-friendly '90s R&B of her youth for a sound heavily influenced by vintage, 1960s and '70s soul and funk. It's a blend that was explored on last year's superb Queen Alone full-length. The two tracks showcased on this 7" were both featured on that album. "Underneath My Feet" is particularly potent, with Wray offering a rasping, impassioned vocal that seems to soar above the triple-time backing track. "Guilty", with its sweet guitars, harmony backing vocals and rock solid funk breakbeat, sounds a little like some of Sharon Jones' more poignant moments.
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Should I Take You Home
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 in stock $9.10
Cat: BC 03445. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Should I Take You Home (2:21)
  2. My Dream (2:53)
Review: Throughout the 1960s and '70s, Sunny and the Sunliners were one of Texas's most successful groups. They specialised in "Tejano music", a Tex-Mex fusion of popular American and Latin American styles. "Should I Take You Home", which was first released on 7" single in 1969, is arguably one of the group's "straightest" tracks; a sweet, laidback soul ballad full of Stax style horns, close harmony backing singing and a sublime, emotion-filled lead vocal. Flipside "My Dream" is similarly heartfelt and saccharine in feel, with bandleader Sunny Ozuna's vocal alternating between impassioned sweetness and world-weary melancholy.
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The Real Earth Wind & Fire
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 in stock $5.98
Cat: 889854 16522. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Open Our Eyes
  2. Evil
  3. Keep Your Head To The Sky
  4. Devotion (live)
  5. Mighty Mighty
  6. Kalimba Story
  7. Shining Star
  8. That's The Way Of The World
  9. Happy Feelin'
  10. All About Love
  11. Yearnin' Learnin'
  12. Sun Goddess (live)
  13. Sing A Song
  14. Can't Hide Love
  15. Getaway
  16. Got To Get You Into My Life
  17. Love Music
  18. Saturday Nite
  19. On Your Face
  20. Biyo
  21. Imagination
  22. Spirit
  23. Burnin' Bush (Shout It From The Mountain mix)
  24. Serpentine Fire
  25. Fantasy
  26. Love's Holiday
  27. Brazilian Rhyme (Aka Ponta De Areia)
  28. I'll Write A Song For You
  29. Jupiter
  30. Be Ever Wonderful
  31. September
  32. Boogie Wonderland
  33. Let's Groove
  34. In The Stone
  35. Can't Let Go
  36. After The Love Has Gone
  37. And Love Goes On
  38. Rock That!
  39. Fall In Love With Me
  40. Side By Side
  41. Wanna Be With You
  42. Where Have All The Flowers Gone
  43. Gratitude
  44. Reasons
  45. Kalimba Story/Sing A Message To You
Live At The Point After 20 August 1977
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 in stock $14.30
  1. Keep On Smiling (live) (11:55)
  2. Just A Song (live) (9:51)
  3. Love Everything About You (live) (9:13)
  4. Valentine Love (live) (7:27)
Review: Legendary but hugely unsung Tulsa funkateers J.O.B had a serious live reputation attracting homage from the likes of Chaka Khan, Bootsy and Gap Band. You can feel the energy and fluidity between the trio from these four songs alone; the jittering, tightly sprung groove of "Keep On Smiling", the Hathaway-style measured spoken slow jam "Just A Song", the floor-stamping organ struts of "Love Everything About You" and soft focus Faze O-style cosmic soul of "Valentine Love". Few recordings of Billy Bruner's troupe exist and even fewer live recordings, making this all the more special.
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Imagination (reissue)
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 in stock $16.12
Imagination (reissue) (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 810541. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Midnight Train To Georgia (4:38)
  2. I've Got To Use My Imagination (3:26)
  3. Storms Of Troubled Times (3:44)
  4. Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me (3:45)
  5. Once In A Lifetime Thing (3:45)
  6. Where Peaceful Waters Flow (4:29)
  7. I Can See Clearly Now (4:23)
  8. Perfect Love (2:41)
  9. Window Raisin' Granny (6:10)
Stubborn Sons
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 in stock $20.02
Stubborn Sons (LP + insert)
Cat: AJXLP 408. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. What's So Good About Happiness? (4:07)
  2. Smooth Talker (4:30)
  3. Rascal (3:22)
  4. One & The Same (4:20)
  5. Why Should We Do Anything? (3:31)
  6. Hard Living (No Easy Way Out) (3:17)
  7. Something More Than This (3:34)
  8. If I Had You Back In My Life (3:12)
  9. If That's All You Got (4:12)
  10. Can't We Just Be Friends? (3:53)
So Delicious
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 in stock $8.75
Cat: EXCDM 59. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. How Do You Think It Feels?
  2. Why'd Ya Do Dat?
  3. Charisma
  4. La La (Means I Love You)
  5. Catch Me
  6. So Delicious
  7. Your Heart's In Trouble
  8. Baby Are You Coming Home With Me?
  9. Bye-Bye
Real Side Records Presents: Soul On The Real Side #6
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 in stock $8.75
Cat: OSCD 056. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Debra Anderson - "Funny How We've Changed Places"
  2. General Crook - "Thanks, But No Thanks"
  3. Touch Of Class - "You Got To Know Better"
  4. The Nicky Newarkers - "Woman"
  5. Diane Ducane - "Better Late Than Never"
  6. Tyrone Edwards - "Can't Get Enough Of You"
  7. Honey Cone - "If I Can't Fly"
  8. The Whispers - "I Can't See Myself Leaving You"
  9. Silent Majority - "Something New About You"
  10. Willie Hutch - "When A Boy Falls In Love"
  11. Wilson Pickett - "Mr Magic Man"
  12. Clydene Jackson - "I Need You Love"
  13. Weldon Irvine - "I Love You"
  14. Wood, Brass & Steel - "Open Up Your Heart"
  15. The DMX Affair - "One Time To Make It Right"
  16. Gary Byrd - "Soul Travelin'" (part 1)
  17. Lonnie Youngblood - "I Only Hurt Myself"
  18. Billy Paul - "I Trust You"
  19. Jon Lucien - "Would You Believe In Me"
  20. Sonny Turner & Sound Limited - "Now That You're Gone"
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