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The Banana Remixes
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The Banana Remixes (unmixed 2xCD)
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Cat: AR 049CD. Rel: 01 Jun 15
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Around Ya (Flamingo Star Hippie remix)
  2. Banana Boogie (Sono Rhizmo remix)
  3. Jungle Affair (The Soul Session remix)
  4. So On (Jazz K Lipa remix)
  5. Cowboy Bossa (Fab Samperi extended remix)
  6. Free & Easy (Renegades Of Jazz remix)
  7. Make It Real (Una Mas Trio remix)
  8. Banana Boogie (Djtzinas & The Redgree Wood Soundsystem)
  9. Koito Pie Biera (Palov feat Angelos Angelides remix)
  10. In Love With An Old Man (Omegaman remix)
  11. Around Ya (Flamingo Star remix)
  12. Mustafa - "Por Causa De Voce Menina" (Mo'Horizons radio restyle)
  13. DJ Farrapo & Yanez - "Avisado" (Sono Rhizmo' remix)
  14. Una Mas Trio - "Clear As Water" (Mo'Horizons radio restyle)
  15. A LA S - "Carnaval De Mi Barrio" (feat Trio De Cajon - Mo'Horizons Carnaval De Santiago remix)
  16. Omegaman - "O'man Boogaloo" (Mo'Horizons restyle)
  17. Gypsy Brown - "Life Is A Trip" (Mo'Horizons restyle)
  18. Flamingo Star - "Nothing Sweeta" (Mo'Horizons Hippie remix)
  19. The Soul Session - "The Soul Session" (Mo'Horizons longstyle mix)
  20. Fab Samperi - "Stand Back" (Mo'Horizons restyle)
  21. International Velvet - "Sitargazer" (Mo'Horizons Freestyle)
Review: German duo Mo Horizons has been mixing up sunny styles, blazed up beats and cheery, globally infused rhythms since the tail end of the 1990s. Even so, their most recent full length - Mo Horizons And The Banana Soundsystem - dropped back in 2011. The Banana Remixes is a return to action of sorts, delivering two discs of remixes. The first features reworks of their material from producer friends, with the likes of Renegades of Jazz, Omegaman and Una Mas Trio variously offering up revivalist ska, bossa, samba, nu-jazz and funk breaks. Disc two gathers together some of the duo's remixes of other artists, which expertly blend dancefloor nous with tango, boogaloo, modern funk and carnival D&B.
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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