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Philpot Records 50
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in stock $28.38
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Cat: PHP 050. Rel: 20 Dec 10
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Tim Toh - "Floral"
  2. IKE - "Throwbackmusic '94"
  3. Roman Rauch - "Lemme Get There" (feat Bartellow)
  4. Tom Ellis - "New Mode"
  5. The Reboot Joy Confession - "O"
  6. Juju & Jordash - "Tanglefoot"
  7. Move D - "Untitled Detroit"
Balance 22
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in stock $12.42
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Balance 22 (mixed 2xCD)
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Cat: BAL 006CD. Rel: 01 Oct 12
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Hawkinson - "Introduction" (Funk D'void remix)
  2. Monty Luke - "Yesterday & Today"
  3. Los Hermanos - "Olmec My Brother"
  4. Chris Malinchak - "Razor 2 0"
  5. Peter Dildo - "Lucky Punch"
  6. Arkist - "Effingham PL"
  7. Tonka - "Orca" (dub)
  8. Mike Acetate - "Elevate" (Shur-I-Kan & Milton Jackson remix)
  9. Soy Mustafa - "Return Of The Annunaki" (John Tejada Cinematic edit)
  10. Moodymanc - "Talker" (Drum dub mix)
  11. Exercise One & Mathew Honson - "Lost Forever In A Happy Crowd"
  12. Guy Andrews - "Confuted"
  13. Delano Smith - "Wires"
  14. Sam Metters - "Weight Off My Mind"
  15. Chymera - "The Chase" (Steve Rachmad edit)
  16. Jesper Dahlback - "Nyhus" (part two)
  17. Pezzner - "Only With Your Eyes"
  18. Spirit Catcher - "Sedona" (Andre Lodemann remix)
  19. Vince Watson - "A Very Different World" (Funk D'void remix)
  20. Tony Lionni - "Loving You"
  21. Funk D'Void - "Diabla" (Psycatron Unreleased remix)
  22. A Lucid Nation - "Suspended On Air"
  23. Kolombo - "Waiting For"
  24. Lee Webster - "Delve" (exclusive)
  25. Pat Metheny - "Electric Counterpoint Fast" (Movement 3)
  26. Lovebirds - "Running Backwards"
  27. Space Dimension Controller - "Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere"
  28. Martin Patino - "Hommage A La Sodomie" (Joash remix)
  29. Outmode - "Dark Journey" (Toby Tobias Journey To The Light remix)
  30. Vincent I Watson - "Celtic Beauty"
  31. Joash - "Assassin" (Funk D'void remix)
  32. Joris Voorn - "Re-2001"
  33. Chaser - "Bite The Bullet" (Francois Dubois remix)
  34. Tom Ellis - "Go Through Me"
  35. DJ Profile - "Can U Sing"
  36. Rhythm Maker - "Alles Mainstream"
  37. Patrice Scott - "Tones & Things"
  38. Robert Babics - "Out Of Order" (Rob Acid version)
  39. Sound Stream - "Makin' Love"
  40. Blackman - "Headroom"
  41. Phil Kieran - "Prism"
  42. The Reboot Joy Confession - "1999"
  43. Wasted Gaze - "Untitled State Of Mind"
  44. Francois Dubois - "Sweet Spot"
  45. Dennis DeSantis - "You Say"
Played by:  Magillian
Review: The Soma veteran and deep house/techno fusionist Funk D'Void helm the 22nd installment of the Balance mix series, delivering an entertaining journey across two discs. The first mix steadfastly concentrates on the dancefloor with some stellar contributions from Delano Smith, Arkist and Monty Luke amidst the 21 track selection that touches on murky acid, Inner City-ish classic house, tactile techno and melodic deep house. The second disc, meanwhile, takes a more deeper and esoteric approach, with inclusions from Patrice Scott, Space Dimension Controller and Pat Metheny and appears closer in spirit to the Back To Mine series of mixes that Sandberg states as an influence for his approach,
Read more
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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