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Names (LP)
Cat: MTR 050LP. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. Names
  2. Muscle Memories
  3. I Stopped Counting
  4. Fragments Of The Good Old Days
  5. So Be It
  6. My Messengerette
  7. Terry Has Got It All
  8. The Obvious & The Impeccable
  9. Patrick, Frank & Joe Are Chasing The White Rabbitoh
  10. Names (reprise)
Review: Lars "Anstam" Stoewe has long been part of Modeselektor's extended family of artists, releasing his first two albums on their 50 Weapons label. While those first two sets were characterized by a desire to blend punishing dancefloor rhytms with elements of IDM and dark ambience, Names - his third LP - is a largely more considered affair, with shards of light amongst the gathering gloom. Of course, he's not totally abandoned the skittering rhythms and maudlin basslines - see the sweeping chords and intense beats of "I Stopped Counting" and the rushing post-dubstep blast of "Fragments of the Good Old Days" - but these moments are countered by hazy songs and sweet soundscapes, with the superb "The Obvious & The Impeccable" standing out.
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50 Weapons Of Choice #20-29
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Cat: 50WEAPONSLP 09. Rel: 03 Sep 12
  1. Dark Sky - "Neon"
  2. Phon.O - "Abbey Road"
  3. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka - "Jumanji"
  4. Anstam - "Carmichael"
  5. Cosmin TRG - "De Dans"
  6. Phon.O - "Sad Happiness"
  7. Marcel Dettmann - "Deluge"
  8. Shed - "RQ-170"
Review: Prior to the 50 Weapons we all know and love today, the imprint was begun as a series of anonymous white labels which we later collected as part of a compilation. This latest collection gathers the best of the label's singles output from the past 12 months. Dark Sky, Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka and Cosmin TRG all represent - highlights include Phono's technoid UK garage killer "Abbey Road", Marcel Dettmann's prickly atonal techno bomb "Deluge", and Shed's "RQ-170", an experimental piece of 160BPM dubstep which sounds like Drexciyan explorers picking through the sandblasted remains of a dried up underwater city.
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Played by: Ben Sims
MTR RMX RSD 2015 (Record Store Day 2015)
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  1. Robot Koch - "Let Me" (feat Curtain Blue & Born In Flamez - Alex Banks remix) (6:15)
  2. Dark Sky - "Manuka" (Anstam Saint Seclusive edit) (4:53)
  3. Mouse On Mars & Tyondai Braxton - "Off Sea" (Gajek remix) (4:26)
Fuzzy Numbers EP
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 in stock $13.24
Cat: MONKEYTOWN 016. Rel: 24 Oct 11
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Blackout
  2. Next 2 Last
  3. Down 4 You
  4. 2in5four
  5. Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp (Modeselektor remix)
  6. Saccharin On Top (Anstam remix)
Review: As if releasing their third album wasn't enough, Modeselektor are also busy releasing music on their label, and Elan steps up to deliver some flavoursome electro stylings. "Blackout" is a joyful mixture of dystopian sci-fi grind rubbing up against treated boogie bass in an undeniably funky melting pot. If you ever got down to Dabrye, just you try resisting this release. "Down 4 You" particularly shines with its insistent bump and gently detuning VHS synths. Meanwhile the bossmen (Modeselektor) turn in a surprisingly short and sweet remix that serves as a pleasant bookend rather than a show stealer.
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Laid Out Remixes
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Cat: MTR 058. Rel: 14 Sep 15
  1. Laid Out (Alex Banks remix) (5:25)
  2. Laid Out (Funkstorung remix) (5:00)
  3. Laid Out (Mouse On Mars Its A Blader remix) (3:50)
  4. Laid Out (Anstam Sizzling Symptoms remix) (4:12)
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Pereval (12")
Cat: KONSTRUKT 002. Rel: 19 Aug 13
  1. Pereval
  2. Pereval (Anstam remix)
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