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ULTRABEAT/VARIOUS - Clubland 16 Receive an e-mail alert when this artist releases a new title ULTRABEAT/VARIOUS Add item to your chart Add to Wishlist Clubland 16 (mixed 3xCD) Receive an e-mail alert when this label releases a new title UMTV 07 Nov 09 $22.33
Cat: 2726688
Use Somebody by Ultrabeat on UMTV  Ultrabeat - "Use Somebody"
Fight For This Love by Cheryl Cole on UMTV  Cheryl Cole - "Fight For This Love" (Ultrabeat remix)
J'Adore Hardcore by Scooter on UMTV  Scooter - "J'Adore Hardcore"
Forever Is Over by The Saturdays on UMTV  The Saturdays - "Forever Is Over" (Jorg Schmid remix)
I Need You by N-Dubz on UMTV  N-Dubz - "I Need You" (N-Force remix)
You're Not Alone by Tinchy Stryder on UMTV  Tinchy Stryder - "You're Not Alone" (N-Force remix)
Fever by Cascada on UMTV  Cascada - "Fever"
I Need You Now by Agnes on UMTV  Agnes - "I Need You Now" (Cahill remix)
Left My Heart In Tokyo by Mini Viva on UMTV  Mini Viva - "Left My Heart In Tokyo"
Ayo Technology by Skyla on UMTV  Skyla - "Ayo Technology"
Boys & Girls by Pixie Lott on UMTV  Pixie Lott - "Boys & Girls" (Ultrabeat remix)
Ride On Time 2009 by Black Box on UMTV  Black Box - "Ride On Time 2009" (feat Loleatta Holloway - Whelan & Di Scala remix)
Ravers In The UK by Manian on UMTV  Manian - "Ravers In The UK"
Burning by Alcazar on UMTV  Alcazar - "Burning" (Cahill remix)
Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood on UMTV  Frankie Goes To Hollywood - "Relax" (Lockout's radio edit)
I Surrender by Cadence on UMTV  Cadence - "I Surrender" (Micky Modelle remix)
DJ Do It Again by Jaya on UMTV  Jaya - "DJ Do It Again" (Immerze remix)
When Love Takes Over by Airi L on UMTV  Airi L - "When Love Takes Over" (Ronnie Maze club mix)
Fade Like The Sun by Stunt on UMTV  Stunt - "Fade Like The Sun" (Frisco remix)
Eternity by BPM on UMTV  BPM - "Eternity" (feat Danny)
I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas on UMTV  Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling" (Laidback Luke remix)
Love Game by Lady Gaga on UMTV  Lady Gaga - "Love Game" (feat Marilyn Manson - Chew Fu Ghettohouse fix)
Hiding All The Stars by Chicane on UMTV  Chicane - "Hiding All The Stars"
The Spell by Alphabeat on UMTV  Alphabeat - "The Spell" (Digital Dog remix)
Cheat Again by JLX vs Jamie Jay on UMTV  JLX vs Jamie Jay - "Cheat Again"
Get Shaky by Ian Carey Project on UMTV  Ian Carey Project - "Get Shaky"
Down by Jay Sean on UMTV  Jay Sean - "Down" (feat Lil Wayne - Chasing Pluto remix)
Took The Night by Chelley on UMTV  Chelley - "Took The Night" (Nitra M remix)
Move For Me by Kaskade vs Deadmau5 on UMTV  Kaskade vs Deadmau5 - "Move For Me" (Dave Dorrell)
Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz on UMTV  Taio Cruz - "Break Your Heart" (Darren Styles club mix)
Sex On Fire by Tina Cousins on UMTV  Tina Cousins - "Sex On Fire" (Green Mountain remix)
Critical by Soft Toy Emergency on UMTV  Soft Toy Emergency - "Critical" (N Force remix)
Breath Away by Whelan & Di Scala on UMTV  Whelan & Di Scala - "Breath Away"
One More Time by D Tech on UMTV  D Tech - "One More Time"
I'm A Pozer ( Zer Zer Zer) by Jodie Aysha on UMTV  Jodie Aysha - "I'm A Pozer ( Zer Zer Zer)" (Bass Monkeys remix)
Dream A Dream by Captain Jack on UMTV  Captain Jack - "Dream A Dream" (Cheeky Tom remix)
The Climb by I Tone on UMTV  I Tone - "The Climb"
Big On The Dancefloor by Old Skool Nu Skool on UMTV  Old Skool Nu Skool - "Big On The Dancefloor" (feat Fugative)
Right Now by Loveline on UMTV  Loveline - "Right Now"
Never Leave You Alone by Dance Assassins on UMTV  Dance Assassins - "Never Leave You Alone"
Outta My Head by Darren Styles & Manian on UMTV  Darren Styles & Manian - "Outta My Head"
Dangerous by Cascada on UMTV  Cascada - "Dangerous"
Me & You by Frisco vs Alexia on UMTV  Frisco vs Alexia - "Me & You"
Sexy Bitch by Rivendell on UMTV  Rivendell - "Sexy Bitch" (feat Cruncher)
Supernova by Booty Callers on UMTV  Booty Callers - "Supernova"
Come Clean by Master Blaster on UMTV  Master Blaster - "Come Clean" (Retro mix)
I'm On My Way by Digital Rush on UMTV  Digital Rush - "I'm On My Way" (Cubstar remix)
Ravers Binge by Blackout Crew on UMTV  Blackout Crew - "Ravers Binge"
What Is Love 2K9 by Haddaway vs Klaas on UMTV  Haddaway vs Klaas - "What Is Love 2K9" (Cansis remix)
Take Me Away by DRT on UMTV  DRT - "Take Me Away"
Broken Strings by Northern Allstarz on UMTV  Northern Allstarz - "Broken Strings" (Immerze remix)
Sunshine After The Rain by Flip & Fill on UMTV  Flip & Fill - "Sunshine After The Rain"
Just Fine by Verde & Esteban on UMTV  Verde & Esteban - "Just Fine"
Still Believe by Francesca on UMTV  Francesca - "Still Believe" (Karlston Khaos remix)
The Weekend Has Come by Micky Modelle vs DJ Roxx on UMTV  Micky Modelle vs DJ Roxx - "The Weekend Has Come" (Flip & Fill remix)
Shake That Ass Bitch by Ravers Unite on UMTV  Ravers Unite - "Shake That Ass Bitch"
Hardcore Ravers by Ravers Unite on UMTV  Ravers Unite - "Hardcore Ravers"
Unbreak My Heart by Mercury Red on UMTV  Mercury Red - "Unbreak My Heart"
Power Of Love by Paradise on UMTV  Paradise - "Power Of Love"
Do You Know by E Squire & Di Scala on UMTV  E Squire & Di Scala - "Do You Know" (feat Ruth Cullen - Ultrabeat remix)
Like A Rainbow by Sy Fy on UMTV  Sy Fy - "Like A Rainbow"

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