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808's & Drunken States
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808's & Drunken States (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ALB 008. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. 76-79 - "57 Hertz" (Czevski remix) (6:53)
  2. Tommy Vicari Jnr - "Because You Can't See Dreams In The Light" (5:59)
  3. Tommy Vicari Jnr - "L I W F U" (6:30)
Review: It's been a while since the Albion stable graced our platters, but they're back in style with more of that on-point house music voodoo for the heat of the night. This single is a vessel for the various sides of Tommi Vicari Jr, who rolls out his Czevski alias to deliver a bruising remix of "57 Hertz" by 76-79. It's a reverb-soaked, dubbed out affair with a rock solid rhythm section and plenty of trippy FX tweaking on top. On the flip it's a different story with a similar feeling as we get the straight up Tommi Vicari Jr material in the shape of two killer tracks crafted for transcendental moments of dancefloor hypnosis.
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Heart Shaped Moon
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Cat: KLV 016. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Heart Shaped Moon (5:48)
  2. The Trooper (5:50)
  3. Between Walls (5:48)
  4. The Only Option (5:29)
  5. Wild Boys (5:35)
  6. I Might Be Wrong (5:56)
  7. Fade Away (5:50)
  8. Trust Me (5:47)
Without Time EP
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Cat: FINAWHITE 001. Rel: 26 Jan 15
  1. Bad Timing
  2. Without Time
  3. Without Time (Nail remix)
Review: Christian Viers is fast becoming a prominent name on UK underground house and techno circuits, either as part of Lazlo Dancehall alongside Leon Vynehall or his long running A1 Bassline project. Techno-focused releases on his own label, Source Unknown captured the attention of the ears behind the newly formed FINA White resulting in the Bad Timing EP, which the label state is a "strikingly clear indication of the distinctive direction" they plan to take moving forward. Title track "Bad Timing" is a straight up techno banger whose menacingly melodic low-end tones, relentless thump and rolling toms are the driving force behind its robust and looming groove. "Without Time" is a similarly complex percussive cut, but with its jungle inspired Arabic horns, trancey synth-lead breakdowns and acid squelches, whilst UK house veteran Nail offers a more direct 4/4 take on the track with his typically classy remix.
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Creador De La Karega
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Cat: ENTER 015. Rel: 09 Mar 15
  1. La Perdida Del Hilo
  2. Creador De Le Karega
Nonlinear Dynamics	 (feat Vid Vai mix)
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  1. Feel (5:36)
  2. Inmost Cave (5:21)
  3. Routine Kills Inspiration (5:55)
  4. MD Habitat (Vid Vai remix) (6:36)
Review: While he may have been operating in the underground for some time, Darren Allen's music is only just coming to light through his own Underlying Form label now. There's a range of styles on offer across this EP, kicking off with the subtle pulse of "Feel" before moving on to a distinctly French-flavoured micro house groove on "Inmost Cave" that wouldn't sound out of place on Telegraph Records. On the B side, "Routine Kills Inspiration" switches the mood up with a rougher sound palette, even if the arrangement is still a minimally-minded affair. Then it's left to Vid Vai to drop a complex reworking of "MD Habitat" loaded with intricate textures.
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Waves Of Grain
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Cat: MOBILEE 124. Rel: 03 Feb 14
  1. Waves Of Grain
  2. Space Album
  3. Waves Of Grain (Hobo remix)
Body EP
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Body EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RR 003. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. Body (6:04)
  2. Day Four (5:59)
Review: Enriching the sonic portal, techno conscript Antenna Happy marks his second release on Reinhardt with two pieces of finely crafted electronic music, in the shape of Body and Day Four.
First to the fold, Body. A dance floor essential, unraveling and built to work the late night hours. Plug into the psychedelic mainframe, and convert to this robust track.
Next up, Day Four takes the reigns. Ghostly pads forged the way before mechanical synths reset the system. Day Four much like its bedfellow Body, holds court in both the worlds of house and techno.
Debuting under his Antenna Happy guise (after a 20 year period absent from releasing music) in September of last year with the esteemed Pinto EP, he has since been commissioned for a vinyl 12" release on Tenth Circle (Defected Records sub-label) and enlisted to remix Alpines, Vessels, Name/age and Ephemerals. Antenna Happy also self-releases a limited edition white label for Record Store Day, and after debuting his new live show in London during February, further club shows and festivals appearances are to follow for this inventive producer.
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Dream 2C
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Dream 2C (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TENCI 019. Rel: 11 May 15
  1. Dream 2C
  2. Wild Stabs
Review: Defected sub-label Tenth Circle welcomes Brighton based Nathan Pope aka Antenna Happy to deliver their first release of 2015.
Following his rapturously received debut 'Pinto' from last year, Antenna Happy draws on decades of musical experience to produce a stunning double-A side. Title track 'Dream 2c' sits somewhere between house and techno, a slow-burning, emotionally charged cut in which glimmering arpeggiated melodies intertwine to create a unique and beautiful cut. 'Wild Stabs' is tougher, an acid-flecked progressive stomper that slowly builds into a maelstrom of seething chords and stabs.
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Somber Clarity
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Cat: SHKL 001. Rel: 13 Jul 15
  1. Somber Clarity (8:00)
  2. Somber Clarity (Midas 104 & Jonas Saalbach remix) (9:39)
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For (LP)
Cat: ATMV 028. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Like You Do (4:14)
  2. Matter (4:46)
  3. For Lovers (3:37)
  4. Overseas (5:58)
  5. Moabit (1:42)
  6. Flutes In The Air (3:27)
  7. Japanese Bubbles (5:35)
  8. Where Are You (3:44)
  9. Airports (4:41)
  10. Borrowing The Past (feat Rhian Sheehan) (4:09)
Slap City EP
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Slap City EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SLPFNK 013. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Utr (6:16)
  2. Anbush 46 (6:51)
  3. Anbush 46 (Malin Genie remix) (7:24)
  4. My Side Of The Street (6:14)
Review: Bringing that tough-edged Dutch bounce like only he can, Anil Aras returns to Slap Funk with another shipment of forthright deep house righteousness that packs in heads-down techy elements alongside the addictive shuffle of the drums. "Utr" is an unabashed tribute to Aras' hometown of Utrecht that rides high on a killer chord stab, while "Anbush 46" wriggles its way into more minimal territory without losing that hard-grooving spirit. Fellow label regular Malin Genie equally twists up that percussion into a bugging beatdown that harks back to the funkiest threads of the minimal era on his remix before "My Side Of The Street" diverts into sparse 2-step territory.
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Infirm & Attentive
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Cat: NRT 04. Rel: 07 Mar 05
  1. Cold Wrapper
  2. Siren On My Shoulder
  3. Gift Horse
  4. Rotating Water
Tribute: Love Supreme
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Cat: ARK 001. Rel: 25 Jul 16
  1. Ark & Pit Spector - "Love Supreme" (6:19)
  2. The Mole - "Love Supreme" (Molemix) (6:39)
  3. Losoul - "Love Supreme" (Its All In There mix) (9:57)
  4. The Moul - "Love Supreme" (Drum mix) (4:40)
  5. Metaboman - "Love Supreme" (Metabomix) (5:57)
  6. Dave Aju - "Love Supreme" (A Dub Supreme mix) (8:10)
  7. Ark Pit Spector - "Love Supreme" (A Rush Supreme) (6:14)
  8. Ark - "Love Supreme" (Free mix) (7:06)
Review: Parisian oddball house legend Ark teams up again with fellow local and Prospector head honcho Pit Spector to inaugurate Ark Records. A longtime in the making no doubt but worth the wait. Love Supreme LP as the title suggests is a tribute to the legendary John Coltrane and the pair have drafted a who's who of deep house and minimal to lend some hands and ears. Highlights include The Mole's "Molemix"; a sublime serving on reductionist bounce, Frankfurt genius Lo Soul who is as brilliant as ever on the sublime and hypnotic "It's All In There Mix" and Ark himself with his "Free Mix" which is as dusted down and as funked up as we all like it!
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New Sun
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New Sun (12")
Cat: NORD 006. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Metaverse
  2. New Sun
  3. Saturn
  4. Terrestrial Eyes
Confirmation Bias EP
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Confirmation Bias EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JKH 001. Rel: 29 Aug 16
  1. Half Life
  2. Wormhole
  3. Confirmation Bias
  4. Once Again We Meet At Last
Review: Jack's House Recordingslaunched by long serving island resident DJ and producer Clara Da Costa, is a new label born out of Ibiza, which also boasts a successful weekly prime time live radio show that focuses mainly on exclusives and vinyl releases, broadcasted on the award winning Ibiza Sonica. Jack's House also hosts parties at the worlds most famous club, Space for Carl Cox. This first release comes from the talented and well respected, Alex Arnout from Dogmatik Records. Alex has had numerous releases over the years on many other respected labels such as One Records and the Fuse imprint. He is also known for launching, nurturing and finding good talent. This 4 track EP fully demonstrates Alex's versatility in the studio by offering 4 distinctive quality productions which can only be described as true house, and underground house music, made with integrity.
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Cosmic Dance EP
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Cat: NH 001. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Cosmic Dance (original mix) (7:39)
  2. Cosmic Dance (Jon Dixon Timeline remix) (6:01)
  3. Cosmic Dance (Orlando Voorn remix) (9:33)
Phases EP
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Phases EP (12")
Cat: AUTOMIUM 002. Rel: 13 Apr 15
  1. Phase #1 (9:55)
  2. Phase #2 (8:27)
SR 002
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SR 002 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SR 002 . Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Isle Of Venice (8:21)
  2. Isle Of Venice (Gua Camole remix) (7:55)
  3. Timeless Travels (6:59)
  4. Contemplation (7:37)
Review: Having held it down in Miami for some, Avstin Frank is building his profile as a serious connoisseur of stripped down jams with this release for local label SPORTS. "Isle Of Venice" is a perfect morning-ready treat, all woozy synth tones and delicate percussive shuffle embellished with dubby treatment, while "Timeless Travels" sports a tougher structure without losing the heavy-lidded quality of the opening track. "Contemplation" meanwhile taps into a little touch of French flair with its shuffling groove and jazzy undertones, making a neat foil to the other tracks on offer. Gua Camole's remix of "Isle Of Venice" meanwhile takes a diversion into nagging, oddball minimalism for the crowd who like their beats chopped up.
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Played by: Kyle Parker
My Blue Car
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Cat: BARBARELLA 001. Rel: 13 Mar 06
  1. My Blue Car
  2. My Blue Car (Martinez remix)
Wonderland Ghost
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Cat: HIGHGRADE 098V. Rel: 27 Jun 11
  1. For You
  2. The Ghost
  3. What I'm Standing For (feat Toxic Pearl)
Played by: Eddie Richards
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Phobia (12")
Cat: SU 002. Rel: 17 Dec 12
  1. Phobia
  2. Phobia (Kevin McPhee remix)
Esperanza EP
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Cat: RSPRED 041. Rel: 23 May 16
  1. White Widow (6:57)
  2. Esperanza (6:07)
  3. Share On (5:50)
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Cat: ACKERDUB 028. Rel: 06 Apr 15
  1. Towabo In Togow (6:46)
  2. Towabo In Lesothow (7:32)
The Good Ship EP
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The Good Ship EP (12" + magazine + postcard + numbered performance ticket)
Cat: (KUNST/WORK) 002. Rel: 26 Aug 13
  1. Beaner - "Maledicta, The Mutiny"
  2. Khrom Ju - "The Ship"
  3. Skirtchaser - "Splice The Machine"
Review: After making their presence felt with the lavish packaging of their first release, the La Mission crew joins forces again with all the characters present for another well-presented journey through leftfield house and ambient compositions. Beaner's "Maledicta, The Mutiny" is the most direct of the offerings, working a mournful cello line and forlorn piano chords over a crisp tech-house rhythm while alien vocal samples inject the weird factor into the track. Krohm Ju meanwhile ditches beats in favour of a bass-laden experimental piece rich in compositional clout, as layers of arpeggios and lingering chords work to create a stirring piece. Skirtchaser then rounds the proceedings off with a low slung deep house affair with a scuffed beat and evocative found sound that feels like a brisk Sunday afternoon in autumn rolled into gently pulsing rhythm.
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Played by: Beaner
Past Your Eyes EP
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Past Your Eyes EP (160 gram blue & white vinyl 12" + WAV download code + sticker)
Cat: SMR 002. Rel: 08 Jun 15
  1. Past Your Eyes (Original) (6:48)
  2. Past Your Eyes (MarcAshken remix) (6:13)
  3. Past Your Eyes (Mihai Popoviciu remix) (6:40)
  4. A Lad Who's Sane (feat St. Bernard) (7:13)
Review: Spilt Milk return with their second release from Mr Spilt Milk himself Tred Benedict. Tred drops a tasty original track full of groove and energy, alot like the man himself. On remix duties, label favourite MarcAshken turns a wonderful interpretation and the awesome Mihai Popoviciu takes things up a notch with a classy techno work out. The final track is another original but this time in collaboration with label partner St. Bernard, with the pair dropping a rather murky minimal number with some choice words from one of their idols.
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Played by: Tred Benedict
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Theme (12")
Cat: SBR 017. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Theme (original)
  2. Theme (Eskimo remix)
  3. Theme (Kaiser Souzai remix)
  4. Theme (Kaiser Souzai dub)
Keep Up Appearances
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Keep Up Appearances (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: MDL 03. Rel: 02 Feb 15
  1. Quiet Life
  2. Keep Up Appearances
  3. We Search For Answers
  4. Worship (feat Qzen)
  5. Shadow Theory
  6. Seraphim
  7. Make It True (feat JoJo De Freq)
  8. Feel Free
  9. Logan Five
Review: Long-established house and techno twosome Dan Berkson & James What are proud to announce the arrival of their debut album, Keep Up Appearances, on their own recently minted Modelmaker label. To be released in December on beautiful double gatefold vinyl and CD, with reworked woodcut artwork by Conrad Felixmuller, it has been a long time in the making but the wait has more than been worth it.
Before now, Berskon & What have become synonymous with raw, machine made house and techno with no frills but plenty of heft on labels like Poker Flat and Crosstown Rebels. Their music engages dancers in the head, heart and heel in equal measure and this considered new album proves that once again.
Keep Up Appearances was written over the course of 18 months and has been whittled down from over 20 tracks, all made using mostly analogue gear with the usual Roland and Moog boy's toys, whilst the trusty Fender Rhodes, Space Echoes and Moogerfooger pedals are featured on many of the tracks. "At first we had a much more eclectic approach to making the album," says the pair. "But as time went on we found it worked better if we presented only the more electronic tracks together. It's not a straight up home listening album, but it still has a beginning, an end, and a couple of slower tracks that hint at our wider tastes away from the dancefloor."
Opening up with the deep space atmospherics of 'Quiet Life' the album immediately transports you to another world. The title track is then a melodically lush and uplifting affair with curious synth patterns ebbing and flowing beneath crisp percussion. Tracks like 'We Search For Answers' combine organic, wooden textures with more synthetic and trippy synth sounds that are as far away from your standard sample packs as can be imagined.
Across the course of the album there are dark, moody and emotive pieces like 'Worship' (previously released in extended form on the MDL02 single) featuring Qzen who reads a poem by Patience Agbabi in tantalising fashion as well as heavyweight, dubbed out techno groovers like 'Shadow Theory.' 'Make It True' (of which Seth Troxler will be releasing an extended edit on his Play it Say it label, complete with high profile remixes) is another great collab featuring the vocals of JoJo de Freq, and the track itself is a harmonious, radiant house jam that is humid and human in equal measure. The otherworldly, snaking 'Feel Free' again showcases Berkson & What's ability to coax alluring emotions out of their machines and closer 'Logan Five' wraps things up in suitably spangled, textural fashion.
Despite the fact much of this album will work on a dancefloor in the hands of the right DJ, there's an invention and musicality to it that renders the whole thing hugely listenable away from the club. A testament to Berkson & What's analogue invention and fluid ideas, Keep Up Appearances really is a master electronic oeuvre.
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Keep Up Appearances Remixes
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Keep Up Appearances Remixes (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MDL 04. Rel: 25 May 15
  1. Seraphim (Frank & Tony Breakaway remix) (5:55)
  2. Worship (feat Qzen - Dana Ruh remix) (7:17)
  3. Feel Free (Dorisburg remix) (6:45)
  4. Worship (feat Qzen - Alan Doe remix) (6:34)
Review: Following the release of their debut LP, 'Keep Up Appearances' on their new label Modelmaker, Dan Berkson and James What draft in Frank & Tony, Dana Ruh, Dorisburg and Alan Doe for remixes.
Berkson & What have chalked up many releases on Poker Flat and Crosstown Rebels over the years whilst most recently turning heads outside of their own Modelmaker imprint via singles for Dogmatik and Seth Troxler's Play it Say It. The duo's LP, released in January, marked a new chapter in their production history and has seen support from Josh Wink, Mr G and Skream over the past few months.
'Keep Up Appearances - Remixes' opens with Anthony Collins and Francis Harris' superb Frank & Tony alias taking on 'Seraphim' which results in a tense but understated piece of layered, classic sounding house music while Dana Ruh, fresh from her excellent debut LP on Underground Quality last year, drops an eerie recreation of 'Worship' that draws on spacey synths and unsettling ambience.
Dorisburg, known for outstanding material on Sweden's Aniara amongst others, continues a sterling run of form with a rendition of 'Feel Free' which employs soaring chords to fashion a luscious and elevating take on the original. Rounding off the package is Berlin producer Alan Doe, an artist who debuted on Rue De Plaisance in 2014. Doe's 'Worship' remix is squarely dancefloor-aimed with punchy kicks, smokey effects and teasing keys.

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Spacejam (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: WRECKS 3. Rel: 14 Jul 14
  1. Spacejam
  2. No I Didn't
  3. Oist Mal
Review: Klasse Wrecks welcomes Bristol-based Marco Bernardi to its ranks following strong releases for Clone, Delsin, Rawax, Planet E, and most recently the Kelly Twins' Happy Skull label. Spacejam provides an EP of demented drums, fiddling electronics and refreshing originality, showcasing the signature sound of the studio-obsessed Scottish born DJ and producer. His idiosyncratic style runs through the three tracks here, from the space jack and Green Velvet-inspired vocals of the title track, through the rubbery funk of "No I Didn't" and frenetic acid of "Oist Mal".
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Nova EP
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Nova EP (12")
Cat: KOLMO 024. Rel: 06 Aug 12
  1. You're My Heart You're My Soul
  2. Talk Talk
  3. You're My Heart Yo'ure My Soul (Sonntagskind remix)
Birdsmakingmachine 7
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Cat: BMM 006. Rel: 25 Jan 16
  1. Deaf Crows (10:45)
  2. Black Midget (7:44)
  3. Primos (6:03)
Review: For the seventh instalment of the Birdsmakingmachine series, some anonymous minimal artists get down to business in impressive style. "Deaf Crows" is led by a rusty analogue drum machine groove, backed by some sombre pads on this fierce and jacking house groove. "Black Midget" is a dark, deep and grinding groove, more suited to to sleep deprived, paranoid after hours shindigs. On the flip also is "Primos" which is a bit more uplifting on this quirky minimal funk excursion, quite reminiscent of the early Perlon sound.
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Lessizmore 10 Years - Forever Never More
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  1. Birdsmakingmachine - "F For Falsas"
  2. Deadbeat - "I don't need nothing if I got You"
  3. Louis Mc Guire - "Buffeting Tuft"
Review: From the label: When trends in music can come and go in the blink of an eye, ten years is a long time to stay relevant, passionate and real on the frontline. From its roots in the Parisian club scene by way of its spiritual home at Fuse in Brussels and so on to the globe-trotting, multi-faceted entity that it is today, Lessizmore is living proof of how to do a decade right. The fundamental heartbeat of this European house and techno institution is the maverick music that its affiliated artists make. Of course what the label sounds like now is not necessarily what the label sounded like back in 2006, but it's telling that some of the original characters are still with the label to this day, while many are long time members of the LIZM family that have joined the ranks over the years. In piecing together this compilation, the idea from label founders Jessica Bossuyt and Pierre Noisiez was simply to represent where their brainchild is at right now, from guests at their events in the early days to more recent collaborators of all kinds. Kicking off the first EP, the finest slithers of percussion and whispers of icy soul weave their way into the sublime, sprawling concoction that Birdsmakingmachine delivers, shifting drum sounds across eleven minutes of delicate yet irresistible groove. Meanwhile on the B-side long time champion of future-minded dub techno Deadbeat creates something of an anthem for the label, turning out an energised workout laden with psychedelic swirls of delay and embellished with a catchy vocoder hook. Recent Lessizmore signing Louis McGuire delves into his lowslung MPC-powered bag of tricks and drops another crucial slab of swinging funk that finds the up and coming artist turning to a moodier sound palette customized for the deepest corners of the night.
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Played by: Don Crisp
Green Is Better
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Cat: INC 003. Rel: 27 Oct 08
  1. Green Is Better
  2. Green Is Better (NDKJ remix)
I Want More (Record Store Day 2015)
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Cat: 12 CHERRY515. Rel: 04 May 15
  1. I Want More (extended version) (7:15)
  2. I Want More (Applebottom remix) (5:28)
Review: Blancmange were a British synth-pop outfit which surfaced out of the late 1970's and thanks to the power of Record Store Day, the infamous Cherry Red imprint has put out their "I Want More" single from their last Semi Detached LP accompanied by a fine remix, indeed! The original is a robotic, interstellar disco tune with one hell of a vocal loop: a ringing, pulsating chant which'll get you singing in no time. London's bass wizard Applebottom is called up for the remix duties and his own version is a militant tech-house rework with a bubbling bassline and some pretty killer percussion work!
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Lipsi Tab EP
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Cat: MICRO 015. Rel: 09 Jan 12
  1. Jiggle Jiggle
  2. Lipsi Tab
  3. Funnel Cloud (Felix Bernhardt remix)
  4. Funnel Cloud
Played by: Jakal
Black Cat EP
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Black Cat EP (1-sided 12")
Cat: MICRO 017. Rel: 26 Aug 13
  1. Black Paw
  2. Scatty Fog
Eminenzen 1
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Eminenzen 1 (limited grey vinyl 12")
Cat: SHHHH 03. Rel: 21 Nov 11
  1. Gna Frau
  2. Gna Mann
  3. Gna Geist
Lessizmore 10 Years - Forever Never More
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  1. Borrowed Identity - "Cambio"
  2. San Proper - "Handbreakturn"
  3. Dave Aju - "Get It"
  4. Frivolous - "Little Devils"
Review: From the label: When trends in music can come and go in the blink of an eye, ten years is a long time to stay relevant, passionate and real on the frontline. From its roots in the Parisian club scene by way of its spiritual home at Fuse in Brussels and so on to the globe-trotting, multi-faceted entity that it is today, Lessizmore is living proof of how to do a decade right. The fundamental heartbeat of this European house and techno institution is the maverick music that its affiliated artists make. Of course what the label sounds like now is not necessarily what the label sounded like back in 2006, but it's telling that some of the original characters are still with the label to this day, while many are long time members of the LIZM family that have joined the ranks over the years. In piecing together this compilation, the idea from label founders Jessica Bossuyt and Pierre Noisiez was simply to represent where their brainchild is at right now, from guests at their events in the early days to more recent collaborators of all kinds. Borrowed Identity kicks off the second EP with a smoothly rendered vision of contemporary deep house housing a poignant message at its core, while San Proper follows it up with his irrepressible personality positively leaping out of the track in a fit of live instrumentation and unbridled psychedelic funk. Dave Aju too is an artist it's hard to mistake, his cool and deadly vocals sitting amongst a sleek club construction that ranks among his most DJ-ready tracks to date. Always a trusted source of unconventional magic both in the studio and on the stage, Frivolous is on hand to demonstrate how to be playful with wild sound design and still come out with a killer party track.
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Jungle Gym
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Jungle Gym (12")
Cat: VINDIG 0291. Rel: 02 Mar 15
  1. Jungle Gym (Roy Apron remix) (5:26)
  2. Jungle Gym (4:08)
  3. Time Works (Shako remix) (4:46)
  4. Timeworks (5:58)
Apex Of The Sun's Way
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$7.86 SAVE 25%
 in stock $5.90
Apex Of The Sun's Way (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: O/O 001. Rel: 02 Feb 15
  1. Apex Of The Sun's Way
  2. Solar Poise
Review: Refined selector and esteemed producer, Steve Braiden breaks out on his own with the Off Out label after some excellent releases for the likes of Rush Hour and Joy Orbison's now defunct Doldrums label. It's a good day when there is some new Braiden productions to soak up, and hopefully the establishment of Off Out will see them appear with more regularity in the future. As an opening statement, Apex Of The Sun's Way is a powerful one indeed! The title track is characterised by the sort of rhythmic poise we have come to expect from a Braiden production, with searing emotive textures rubbing up against some of the crispest drums heard this year. "Solar Poise" is equally memorable, with strange ghostly vocals trapped deep in the mix and an unpredictable synth careening around the channels.
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Played by: Vorres (Vrrs)
Destinations EP
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  1. Alexander Brandl - "Gin Alley"
  2. Emmrich - "Phreaky Little"
  3. Emmrich - "In A Distance"
In My Time Of Dyin'
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$9.84 SAVE 25%
 in stock $7.38
Cat: SMR 010. Rel: 06 Apr 15
  1. In My Time Of Dyin' (7:37)
  2. In My Time Of Dyin' (part 2) (7:21)
The London Sessions Vol One
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The London Sessions Vol One (140 gram transparent vinyl 12")
Cat: AUTO 023. Rel: 31 Oct 16
  1. 24 (5:42)
  2. 18.2 (4:56)
  3. 10 (5:08)
  4. 12 (4:50)
Review: After a quiet 2016 thus far Och's Autoreply label is finally back in action with a frankly fantastic selection of workouts from Mark Broom. In keeping with the style Broom has been exercising in new Perbec jams with Baby Ford, this is more restrained than the muscular techno Broom can also be known for. Instead, you get expressive, satisfying house tracks such as "18.2" and the neatly pumping "10" with its killer array of synths to satisfy the dancefloor and the mind in equal measure. Avoiding unnecessary fireworks in favour of perfectly chosen and shaped elements, this is a glittering demonstration of Broom's cool-headed approach in the studio.
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Reginac (12")
Cat: MIR 02. Rel: 04 Feb 13
  1. Reginac (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburts trancepop mix)
  2. Reginac
  3. Youth
Indian Spirit
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Indian Spirit (1-sided clear blue vinyl 12")
Cat: BWLTD 003. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. Indian Spirit
  2. Indian Spirit (Raumakustik remix)
  3. Indian Spirit (Fabian Schumann remix)
Sand Between Our Toes
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Cat: DAMM 033. Rel: 28 Sep 15
  1. Sand Between Our Toes (original mix) (6:31)
  2. Sand Between Our Toes (Die Hoehenregler remix) (6:31)
  3. Muna Day (original mix) (5:47)
  4. Muna Day (Glanz & LEDW A mix) (5:34)
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Flight (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OPEN 002. Rel: 15 Aug 16
  1. Flight 82874
  2. Flight 82874 (Alessandro Crimi mix)
  3. Flight 82874 (S Moreira mix)
  4. Flight 82874 (Frazer Dubtro edit)
Review: Open Recordings return with their 2nd release 'Flight' following the Departed Emotions EP released earlier this year. Frazer Campbell piloting the journey with 'Flight 82874' ... with 2 of the finest co pilots from hugely respected labels Slow Life and Wahlscheibe....S.Moreira and Allessandro Crimi re constructing the original into superb pieces of timeless music with a dubby outro for good measure!
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Darkstar (12")
Cat: 51VIN 002. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Darkstar (original)
  2. Darkstar (Joy Kitikonti remix)
Back In Time
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$7.86 SAVE 25%
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Cat: 35. Rel: 12 Jan 15
  1. Carbon - "Back In Time"
  2. Steven Campodonico - "Classic Coke"
Soggy Bottom EP
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Soggy Bottom EP (double 12")
Cat: RRR 006. Rel: 04 May 15
  1. Soggy Bottom (6:05)
  2. Safari (6:07)
  3. Something Fuzzy (7:10)
  4. Soggy Bottom (H OFF I AI3 remix) (5:24)
  5. Soggy Bottom (Schwarzweiss remix) (6:36)
  6. SoggySafari (Freq Freq remix) (5:29)
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