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Barfight (CD single)
Cat: ELECTRO 030CD. Rel: 20 Oct 08
  1. Barfight (original)
Played by: Ganez The Terrible
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Drive (CD)
Cat: CDASW 6240. Rel: 22 Feb 99
  1. Passion (Harley mix)
  2. Accelerator
  3. Love
  4. 11:11
  5. The Picture
  6. Train
  7. Vector Tribe
  8. Ghost By Day
  9. Brain Fusion
  10. M' Lion
  11. Passion (dub mix)
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Komba (CD)
Cat: ENCD 015. Rel: 31 Oct 11
  1. Eskeleto (feat African Boy)
  2. Komba (feat Kaysha)
  3. Voodoo Love (feat Sara Tavares & Terry Lynn)
  4. Tira O Pe
  5. (We Stay) Up All Night (feat Blaya & Roses Gabor)
  6. Hypnotized
  7. LOL & POP (feat Blaya)
  8. Vem Curtir (feat Stereotyp)
  9. Candonga
  10. Hangover (Bababa)
  11. Macumba (feat Mixhell)
  12. Burakaton (feat Bomba Estereo - bonus track)
Review: Buraka Som Sistema's debut album, 2008's brilliant Black Diamond, was something of a landmark set - an effortlessly energetic and breathlessly exciting introduction to the band's unique kuduro sound. This long-awaited follow-up lacks the instant impact of its predecessor, but is no less enjoyable. The pace is a touch slower (but only a touch, mind) and the sound a smidgeon smoother, but the raw kuduro energy and hooky vocals remain. There are some sweet, contemplative moments (see "Voodoo Love"), a clutch of genuine dancefloor bangers (check the warped electro cut-ups and twisted beats of "Tira O Pe"or skittering roller "Burakaton") and an admirable collaboration with German digital dancehall veteran Stereotyp.
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Cat: EFA 106592. Rel: 01 May 00
Australias Idle
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$6.78 SAVE 20%
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Cat: BRKCD 12. Rel: 27 Apr 15
  1. Cant Get That Billy Cream
  2. Naturists With Accessories
  3. Journey Of The Flagellants
  4. Love is a Celph Titled Breakdance
  5. Ready Or Not My Sweet Child
  6. Genie In A Bottle
  7. Le Numero Ecrou (remix)
  8. Ladyhawke
  9. Steppin With Joe
  10. Rukus Redux
  11. Uncoiled Serpentine
  12. Timfuckingcapellouberfuckingalles
  13. Mostep
Paradise Lost
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$10.22 SAVE 20%
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Cat: AR 057CD. Rel: 26 Jan 15
  1. Haunting The North
  2. Paradise Lost
  3. Flemish Cap (feat Karin Ploog)
  4. Neverday (feat Jane Kennaway)
  5. Fire (feat Aspects)
  6. Hellesens (feat Dylan Kennaway)
  7. Imperial Breed (feat Greg Blackman)
  8. Cannibal Royal (feat Greg Blackman)
  9. Tamerlane (feat Greg Blackman)
  10. Death Grip (feat Chima Anya)
  11. Lucifer's Rising
  12. Ban-Shee
Thousand Thursday
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Cat: GI 233CD. Rel: 02 Feb 15
  1. Cherry 2000
  2. Solid Gold (feat MNDR)
  3. Nuroq Legacy
  4. Time Will Tell
  5. Jace The Mind Sculptor
  6. Increasing Ambition
  7. Believe In It (part II)
  8. She Exists In My Mind
  9. Skyway T/A
  10. Death Pits Of Rath
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