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Eight Weeks: Progressive House
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Global Underground: Classic Vinyl #1
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 in stock $15.09
  1. Sander Kleinenberg - "My Lexicon" (9:07)
  2. Space Manoeuvres - "Stage One" (Pariah Shadow Lounging mix) (10:28)
  3. Miro - "Paradise" (Red Jerry Longdubbyvocal mix) (10:49)
  4. Private Productions - "Sexdrive" (M&B Instructor mix) (7:40)
Live In Montreal: Finale
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Cat: BEDMONT 2CD. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Adam Beyer - "What You Need"
  2. Scuba - "Black On Black" (Len Faki Goes Black remix)
  3. Lee Van Dowski & Animal Trainer - "This One Goes To Eleven"
  4. Montel - "At Night"
  5. Pig&Dan - "Complex"
  6. Clarian - "Space Noir"
  7. Mathias Kaden & Rocko Schamoni - "Energie" (Michael Mayer remix)
  8. Pig&Dan - "Fungus"
  9. Joseph Capriati - "Awake" (Julian Jeweil remix)
  10. John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Aquatonic" (Alberto Ruiz remix)
  11. Mark Reeve - "Parallel" (Alberto Ruiz remix)
  12. Daniel Dexter - "Why So Serious?" (Uner remix)
  13. Alex Millan - "Maria Rosa"
  14. Clarian - "Fear & Self Loathing"
  15. Tim Green - "Empire"
  16. Steve Parry - "Flippant"
  17. Audion - "Mouth To Mouth"
  18. Gel Abril - "Carpet Sneak"
  19. Sascha Dive - "Werewolf"
  20. Pig&Dan - "The Saint (Job San)"
  21. Bog - "The Other Side Of The River"
  22. Sailor & I - "Leave The Light On" (Joris Voorn remix)
  23. Way Out West - "Tuesday Maybe"
  24. The Chemical Brothers - "Sometimes I Feel So Deserted" (C2 Trigger remix)
  25. Chaim - "Genesis"
  26. DJ H & Stefy - "Come On Boy" (Larry Levan remix)
  27. Saschienne - "Unknown" (Dixon mix)
  28. Joy Wellboy - "Before The Sunrise" (Dixon remix)
  29. Sunscreem - "Perfect Motion" (Boys Own mix)
Review: Back in February, progressive house legend John Digweed released his most epic mix set yet, a six-CD recording of a notably long appearance in Montreal in October 2016. Live In Montreal: Finale is a scaled down version of that release, featuring the final few hours stretched across three discs. So while the original release including a few hours of laid-back, slowly building warm-up fare, this starts when "Diggers" had really got into his stride. For those who like Digweed's immaculately mixed blend of prog, tech-house, melodious techno and hypnoitic minimalism, there's much to enjoy - not least his decision to close proceedings with a classic Boys Own remix of Sunscreem's "Perefect Motion". Hands in the air, kids, it's been emotional.
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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