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VARIOUS - Everyone Loves Dance Receive an e-mail alert when this artist releases a new title VARIOUS Add item to your chart Add to Wishlist Everyone Loves Dance (unmixed 2xCD) Receive an e-mail alert when this label releases a new title ZYX Germany 27 Jul 15 $15.83
Cat: ZYX 828192
Woke Up Like This by DJ Antonie on ZYX Germany  DJ Antonie - "Woke Up Like This" (feat Storm - DJ Antonie vs Mad Mark 2K15 radio edit)
Welcome To The Dancefloor by Italobrothers on ZYX Germany  Italobrothers - "Welcome To The Dancefloor" (video edit)
I Feel Love by Jean Elan & CJ Stone on ZYX Germany  Jean Elan & CJ Stone - "I Feel Love" (radio edit)
Galaxy Riders by Stard Ova on ZYX Germany  Stard Ova - "Galaxy Riders" (feat Dante Thomas & Joe Blind - radio edit)
Makin' Luv by Rene De La Mone & Slin Project on ZYX Germany  Rene De La Mone & Slin Project - "Makin' Luv" (radio mix)
Thinking About U by Steve Cypress on ZYX Germany  Steve Cypress - "Thinking About U" (feat Andre Carswell - radio edit)
Forever 1 (La Di Da) by Rico Bass on ZYX Germany  Rico Bass - "Forever 1 (La Di Da)" (feat Bastian Smilla & Harvey LMJ - radio edit)
Beam Me Up! by menderes on ZYX Germany  menderes - "Beam Me Up!" (radio edit)
Nowhere Land by Tom Belmond on ZYX Germany  Tom Belmond - "Nowhere Land" (radio edit mix)
Strong by Arno Cost & Norman Doray on ZYX Germany  Arno Cost & Norman Doray - "Strong" (radio edit)
Pool Party (Sh*t I'm Wasted) by Peter Sax on ZYX Germany  Peter Sax - "Pool Party (Sh*t I'm Wasted)" (feat Joe Blind - radio edit)
Summertime (Farewell) by Soul7Sound vs Nico & Gemeni on ZYX Germany  Soul7Sound vs Nico & Gemeni - "Summertime (Farewell)" (radio edit)
Happy Children by DJ ANDY on ZYX Germany  DJ ANDY - "Happy Children" (feat Darren - radio version)
You & Me by Dom & Cherry on ZYX Germany  Dom & Cherry - "You & Me" (feat Crizzn - radio version)
Remember by Dirty Might on ZYX Germany  Dirty Might - "Remember" (feat Johanna - radio edit)
Love Is The Cure by Coca Dillaz on ZYX Germany  Coca Dillaz - "Love Is The Cure" (feat Paula Bowman - radio version)
This Time by Masiv Vibes on ZYX Germany  Masiv Vibes - "This Time" (feat Sivana Reese - radio edit)
Never Gonna Give You Up (Sweet Sensation) by Lexter on ZYX Germany  Lexter - "Never Gonna Give You Up (Sweet Sensation)" (radio mix)
All I Want Is You by Refex on ZYX Germany  Refex - "All I Want Is You" (Chris Oldman remix)
Schnorchel-Abenteuer (So Ist Es Gut!) by Holzman on ZYX Germany  Holzman - "Schnorchel-Abenteuer (So Ist Es Gut!)" (Marc Reason tropical remix)
Last Man On Earth by Mike Candy's on ZYX Germany  Mike Candy's - "Last Man On Earth" (feat Max C - radio edit)
Sun Is Up by RIO on ZYX Germany  RIO - "Sun Is Up" (feat U-Jean - video edit)
Reason by Cascada on ZYX Germany  Cascada - "Reason" (Dave Darell radio edit)
Let Me Feel by Nicky Romero & Vicetone on ZYX Germany  Nicky Romero & Vicetone - "Let Me Feel" (feat When We Are Wild - radio edit)
Salvation by Basslovers United & Combination on ZYX Germany  Basslovers United & Combination - "Salvation" (video edit)
What Nights Are For by Marc Van Damme & Nick Otronic on ZYX Germany  Marc Van Damme & Nick Otronic - "What Nights Are For" (feat Zelissa - radio edit)
Dale Duro by Tapo & Raya on ZYX Germany  Tapo & Raya - "Dale Duro" (feat Eivissa - radio edit)
Suavemente by Crew & on ZYX Germany  Crew & - "Suavemente" (radio edit)
Castles In The Sky by In Stereo on ZYX Germany  In Stereo - "Castles In The Sky" (feat Miss Me - Melbourne radio edir)
I Wanna Party by Damon Paul on ZYX Germany  Damon Paul - "I Wanna Party" (feat Tony T. & Alba Kras - radio edit)
Back 2 Paradise by Guena LG & Amir Afargan on ZYX Germany  Guena LG & Amir Afargan - "Back 2 Paradise" (feat Sophie Ellis Bextor - main version)
Break The Day by Victor Milas on ZYX Germany  Victor Milas - "Break The Day" (feat Monty Wells - radio edit)
Beat Of The Drum by The North Works on ZYX Germany  The North Works - "Beat Of The Drum" (feat Flowjo - vocal edit)
No Place Like Home by Christopher S & Tome on ZYX Germany  Christopher S & Tome - "No Place Like Home" (feat Jenson Vaughan - radio mix)
Rooftops by Alex Figeroa on ZYX Germany  Alex Figeroa - "Rooftops" (feat Sivbra - radio edit)
(Treshold) When You Touch Me There by Michael Fall on ZYX Germany  Michael Fall - "(Treshold) When You Touch Me There" (feat Celeste - radio mix)
One Chance by Martini Monroe & Steve Moralezz on ZYX Germany  Martini Monroe & Steve Moralezz - "One Chance" (feat Melina Cortez - radio edit)
Club Bizzare by Brooklyn Bounce on ZYX Germany  Brooklyn Bounce - "Club Bizzare" (Ste Ingham remix edit)
Firestarter by Sandro Silva on ZYX Germany  Sandro Silva - "Firestarter" (radio edit)
Yai (Here We Go Again) by Cosmic Gate & Jes on ZYX Germany  Cosmic Gate & Jes - "Yai (Here We Go Again)" (radio edit)

VARIOUS - The Best In Hands Up Receive an e-mail alert when this artist releases a new title VARIOUS Add item to your chart Add to Wishlist The Best In Hands Up (unmixed 3xCD box) Receive an e-mail alert when this label releases a new title Music & Melody 27 Jul 15 $8.55
Cat: MUS 31022
Wolo (We Only Live Once) by Basslovers United on Music & Melody  Basslovers United - "Wolo (We Only Live Once)" (Hands Up remix)
Hymn by Bjorn Winter on Music & Melody  Bjorn Winter - "Hymn" (Scoon & Delore remix)
Scatman by Mark 'Oh on Music & Melody  Mark 'Oh - "Scatman" (SMP remix)
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by Dexter & Gold on Music & Melody  Dexter & Gold - "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" (G! mix)
Wish You Were Here by Hard Gin on Music & Melody  Hard Gin - "Wish You Were Here" (original mix)
Technodisco 2.0 by Alex M. vs Marc Van Damme on Music & Melody  Alex M. vs Marc Van Damme - "Technodisco 2.0" (Justin Corza meets Phillerz remix)
Something About You by Mindora on Music & Melody  Mindora - "Something About You" (Ced Tecknoboy remix)
The Way by Giorno on Music & Melody  Giorno - "The Way" (G! remix)
Mono 2 Stereo by Tomtrax on Music & Melody  Tomtrax - "Mono 2 Stereo" (Basslovers United remix)
Turn The Signs by Lynch & Aacher on Music & Melody  Lynch & Aacher - "Turn The Signs" (Extended mix)
Shine Your Light by Bass-T & Friends on Music & Melody  Bass-T & Friends - "Shine Your Light" (Megara vs DJ Lee edit)
Follow Me by Combintiion on Music & Melody  Combintiion - "Follow Me" (Addicted Craze remix)
Here I Am by DJ Fait on Music & Melody  DJ Fait - "Here I Am" (original mix extended)
Into The Light by Nicco & Dank on Music & Melody  Nicco & Dank - "Into The Light" (NeoTune remix)
L'Amour Toujours by Brisby & Jingles on Music & Melody  Brisby & Jingles - "L'Amour Toujours" (Black Toys Remix)
Discoland by Special D on Music & Melody  Special D - "Discoland" (extended mix)
Seven Worlds by Slin Project & Rene De la Mone on Music & Melody  Slin Project & Rene De la Mone - "Seven Worlds" (Crystal Lake remix)
Blurred Lines by Blur Project on Music & Melody  Blur Project - "Blurred Lines" (Smithee mix)
Garden Of Fire by Level Zero vs Tribune on Music & Melody  Level Zero vs Tribune - "Garden Of Fire" (extended mix)
Blinded (By The Night) by Jens O on Music & Melody  Jens O - "Blinded (By The Night)" (extended mix)
Cambodia by Pulsedriver on Music & Melody  Pulsedriver - "Cambodia" (Topmodelz remix)
Exploding Rhythm by Shaun Baker on Music & Melody  Shaun Baker - "Exploding Rhythm" (feat Yan Dollar - Damn-R vocal remmi)
Let The Music Do The Job by Michael Night & Danny Keegan on Music & Melody  Michael Night & Danny Keegan - "Let The Music Do The Job" (NeoTune! remix)
Summer Love by Max K on Music & Melody  Max K - "Summer Love" (feat Jai Matt - Manox remix)
I Wanna Dance With You by Lolita Jolie on Music & Melody  Lolita Jolie - "I Wanna Dance With You" (Scoon & Delore remix extended)
Hello by Royal XTC on Music & Melody  Royal XTC - "Hello" (feat Molti - alexKea feat Raindropz remix)
Boyz & Girlz by DJ M!ss Me on Music & Melody  DJ M!ss Me - "Boyz & Girlz" (Miss Carmella extended)
Nessaja by Sunset Project & Tomtrax on Music & Melody  Sunset Project & Tomtrax - "Nessaja" (Crystal Lake remix)
Mon Amour by DJ THT on Music & Melody  DJ THT - "Mon Amour" (feat Angel Lyne - extended mix)
The Party Don't Stop by Ti-Mo on Music & Melody  Ti-Mo - "The Party Don't Stop" (original mix)

VARIOUS - The World Of Vocal House Receive an e-mail alert when this artist releases a new title VARIOUS Add item to your chart Add to Wishlist The World Of Vocal House (unmixed low-price 2xCD) Receive an e-mail alert when this label releases a new title Music & Melody 30 Jul 15 $7.58
Cat: MUS 811702
Komodo 2K14 by Dreiundzwanzig on Music & Melody  Dreiundzwanzig - "Komodo 2K14" (vocal radio edit)
House Party by DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark on Music & Melody  DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark - "House Party" (feat B Case & U Jean - Airplay edit)
We Are Tonight by Christian Burns & Paul Van Dyk on Music & Melody  Christian Burns & Paul Van Dyk - "We Are Tonight" (Las Salinas radio edit)
Dare You by Hardwell on Music & Melody  Hardwell - "Dare You" (feat Matthew Koma - radio edit)
El Diablo 2K14 by Fuego on Music & Melody  Fuego - "El Diablo 2K14" (Falko Niestolik radio mix)
Who's Gonna Know by Patrick Miller on Music & Melody  Patrick Miller - "Who's Gonna Know" (David May short mix)
Pump Up The Jam by Bodybangers on Music & Melody  Bodybangers - "Pump Up The Jam" (radio edit)
We're In Heaven by Bryce on Music & Melody  Bryce - "We're In Heaven" (feat J Malik - radio edit)
Paris Latino by BK Duke vs Paul & Simon on Music & Melody  BK Duke vs Paul & Simon - "Paris Latino" (DJ DNK remix)
Prove Your Love by Stefan Rio on Music & Melody  Stefan Rio - "Prove Your Love" (Bigroom edit)
Body Move (Jump) by DJ Kuba & Ne!tan on Music & Melody  DJ Kuba & Ne!tan - "Body Move (Jump)" (feat Nicco - radio edit)
Set You Free by UDC on Music & Melody  UDC - "Set You Free" (feat Danny D & Mona Lace - radio edit)
My Own by Dave Kurtis on Music & Melody  Dave Kurtis - "My Own" (original mix)
Ultra (Storys Of Our Lives) by Karami on Music & Melody  Karami - "Ultra (Storys Of Our Lives)" (original edit)
Last Time by Jim Noize on Music & Melody  Jim Noize - "Last Time" (feat DJ X Treme - radio edit)
The Key, The Secret by Bomb N Amato on Music & Melody  Bomb N Amato - "The Key, The Secret" (original edit)
She by Papajam on Music & Melody  Papajam - "She" (radio mix)
No Cash, No Money by FI/CU on Music & Melody  FI/CU - "No Cash, No Money" (radio edit)
One Day In Your Life by DJ Ti S on Music & Melody  DJ Ti S - "One Day In Your Life" (feat Hannah Brown - radio mix)
Everybody Likes To Party by Marc Korn & Clubraiders on Music & Melody  Marc Korn & Clubraiders - "Everybody Likes To Party" (feat Orry Jackson - Djane HouseKat remix edit)
Perfect (Exceeder) by Mason vs Princess Superstar on Music & Melody  Mason vs Princess Superstar - "Perfect (Exceeder)" (Outwork vocal radio edit)
Sleepless by LYCK on Music & Melody  LYCK - "Sleepless" (feat Noble - radio edit)
Heaven & Hell by Mike Candys vs Shaun Baker on Music & Melody  Mike Candys vs Shaun Baker - "Heaven & Hell" (feat Evelyn - original mix)
Summer by Lavika on Music & Melody  Lavika - "Summer" (Michael Fall remix edit)
Dirty Moves by Sean Finn on Music & Melody  Sean Finn - "Dirty Moves" (feat DIA - radio edit)
Somebody To Love by Picco on Music & Melody  Picco - "Somebody To Love" (club radio edit)
Lift Your Soul by PH Electro & Smoniy on Music & Melody  PH Electro & Smoniy - "Lift Your Soul" (PH electro voice edit)
Last Call For Alcohol by Turbo B on Music & Melody  Turbo B - "Last Call For Alcohol" (Falko Niestolik short edit)
Bounce by Alex Greed & Swooney on Music & Melody  Alex Greed & Swooney - "Bounce" (feat Palace - original edit)
Tonight Is The Night by Nera on Music & Melody  Nera - "Tonight Is The Night" (video edit)
Do It Like Me by Plastik Funk & DJ Teddy O on Music & Melody  Plastik Funk & DJ Teddy O - "Do It Like Me" (feat Ying Yang Twins - radio edit)
Day Of Regret by Sam Walkertone on Music & Melody  Sam Walkertone - "Day Of Regret" (feat Melissa Heidunk - radio edit)
Livin Gor Tonight by Tony Star on Music & Melody  Tony Star - "Livin Gor Tonight" (feat Sophie White - original edit)
Stay In Bed by Team Lazy on Music & Melody  Team Lazy - "Stay In Bed" (Frenk DJ & Daniele Sorrenti radio remix)
Don't You Know by Markus Binapfl on Music & Melody  Markus Binapfl - "Don't You Know" (radio edit)
Arme Nach Oben by House Rockerz on Music & Melody  House Rockerz - "Arme Nach Oben" (radio edit)
I Miss U by JUS HU on Music & Melody  JUS HU - "I Miss U" (Experience Of Music house edit)
Rapper's Delight by Kid One on Music & Melody  Kid One - "Rapper's Delight" (feat Bootmasters - Major Tosh remix edit)
Take Off by Disco Troopers on Music & Melody  Disco Troopers - "Take Off" (radio edit)
Stop The Time by Smash on Music & Melody  Smash - "Stop The Time" (radio edit)
Burn It Down by Steve Cypress on Music & Melody  Steve Cypress - "Burn It Down" (feat Pit Bailay - video edit)
Abracadabra by GOOS on Music & Melody  GOOS - "Abracadabra" (original radio edit)
Love Takes Over by Cassey Doreen on Music & Melody  Cassey Doreen - "Love Takes Over" (feat Pit Bailay - original edit)
This Is What Is Feels Like by Armin Van Buuren on Music & Melody  Armin Van Buuren - "This Is What Is Feels Like" (feat Trevor Guthrie - radio edit)

ZEDD - True Colors Receive an e-mail alert when this artist releases a new title ZEDD Add item to your chart Add to Wishlist True Colors (gatefold 2xLP) Receive an e-mail alert when this label releases a new title Interscope 27 Jul 15 $32.91
Cat: INT 2328501
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  Addicted To A Memory (feat Bahari) (5:01)
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  I Want You To Know (feat Selena Gomez) (3:59)
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  Beautiful Now (feat Jon Bellion) (3:37)
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  Transmission (feat Logic & X Ambassadors) (4:02)
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  Done With Love (4:56)
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  True Colours (3:43)
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  Straight Into The Fire (3:40)
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  Papercut (Troye Sivan) (7:21)
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  Bumble Bee (4:06)
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  Daisy (2:39)
True Colors by ZEDD on Interscope  Illusion (feat Echosmith) (6:44)

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