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You Drive Me To Plastic

Format: CD
Cat: YT 046CD
Released: 07 May 11
Genre: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz

Side 1
  1. "Wrong Door In(tro)"
  2. "Slight Jig In The Sky"
  3. "Magic Was Ruler"
  4. "Lol Express"
  5. "Too Right"
  6. "Spirit Mighty"
  7. "Pressure To Dance"
  8. "My Castle In England"
  9. "Drive Me Out(ro)"
Played by

Ennio Styles


Originally released at the turn of the year on limited vinyl, popular demand has seen Young Turks do the right thing and give Bullion's explicitly stated non LP You Drive Me To Plastic a much deserved re-release on CD. If you missed out first time round 0 which was all too possible such was demand - the twenty minutes of dizzying beatadelic soundscapes is definitely worth investigating. Occupying the space between mixtape, album and EP and doing it brilliantly, the young West Londoner has delivered a kaleidoscopic collage of tempo changing sampledelica that slips between the obscure and the recognisable, the beatless ambience and the crate digger's delight of stuttering breaks. At twenty one minutes and nine tracks long, this selection of tracks seems far too short on first inspection yet there's such a depth and quality to the production it demands repeat listen to fully soak in everything Bullion exposes your senses to. The cover art courtesy of Lorenzo Fruzza looks just as resplendent on CD as it did on the one sided LP and makes for yet another classy release from the Young Turks camp.

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What do you think of this release?

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