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Works: Selected Remixes 2006-2010

Format: 3xCD (CD 1 & 2 mixed, CD 3 unmixed)
Released: 20 Oct 11
Genre: Minimal/Tech House

Side 1
1. UNKLE - "Burn My Shadow" (feat Ian Astbury - Radio Slave remix)
2. Partial Arts - "Telescope" (Radio Slave Prenzlauer Blur remix)
3. Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia - "Dead Souls" (Radio Slave Long Distance Kiss mix)
4. Tokyo Black Star - "Caballero" (Radio Slave Innervision remix)
5. K3 - "Play To Win" (feat Alice Lascelles - Radio Slave dub)
6. Slam - "Azure" (Radio Slave remix)
7. Trentemoller - "Moan" (Radio Slave remix For K)
Side 2
1. Peace Division - "Blacklight Sleaze" (feat Pleasant Gehman - Radio Slave vocal mix)
2. Len Faki - "My Black Sheep" (Radio Slave remix)
3. Soylent Green - "La Forza Del Destino" (Radio Slave remix)
4. Yam Who? - "Go Bang" (feat Robin Lee & Peter Gordon & Mary Moore - Radio Slave remix)
5. Beat Galore Friction - "Bubble Dancing" (Radio Slave remix)
6. Mr G - "ECG'ed" (Rekid remix)
7. Hell - "The DJ" (feat P Diddy - Radio Slave remix edit)
Side 3
1. Le Noir - "Eleny" (Radio Slave Panorama garage remix)
2. Matt O'Brien - "Serotone" (Radio Slave Panorama garage remix)
3. Ramirez - "Hablando" (Radio Slave Panorama garage remix)
4. Mr G - "Sometimes I Cry" (Radio Slave Panorama garage remix)
5. Minilogue - "Space" (SpaceRadio Slave Panorama garage remix)
6. Jamie Anderson - "Time Is Now" (Radio Slave Panorama garage remix)
7. Nelski - "Body Pop" (Radio Slave remix feat Tom Gandey)
8. Chicken Lips - "Motion Sickness" (Rekid remix)
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Out of stock $14.46

Collections of remixes can be a hit-and-miss affair, but few could find fault with this collection of sterling reworks from the warped mind of Radio Slave, AKA darkroom tech-house titan Matt Edwards. For the last half decade he's consistently hit the mark with a veritable skip-full of epic remixes perfectly pitched at dingy basements and White Isle terraces alike. This excellent three-disc set presents 22 of those reworks in their entirety, showcasing wonky anthems, brain-melting grooves and, on occasion, thrillingly melodic mixes (see the version of Slam's "Azure") that turn previously blissful tracks into nightmarish beasts. Highly recommended.

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