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Format: hand-stamped 12"
Cat: KMWL 03
Released: 07 Nov 12
Genre: Techno

Side 1
1. "Wobbler"
Side 2
1. "Chrome"

The mysterious Swedish Frak collective maintain their 100 per cent appearance record on the fledgling and eminently collectible Kontra White Label series with this killer plate! Kontra describe lead track "Wobbler" as Frak leaving "Karlskrona for a short visit to Omar-S' Detroit" and it does have that raw FXHE charm to it, no pretence to anything more than a track perfectly suited to late nights in a warehouse, basement or house party. It's little more than a booming kick drum, a nonchalant sounding synth stab and a jagged, modulating acid line traversing the scales with burning menace, and it's the confidence with which dramatic shifts occur that sets Frak apart. Those Frak heads wanting something a bit more in line with their excellently weird Muzika Electronic LP for Digitalis earlier this year will relish the B Side. "Chrome" is a gaseous exercise in droning analogue freeform funk that practically crawls out of the speakers like one of those creepy spirits in Japanese horror films.

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What do you think of this release?

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