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Triangulation (US warehouse find)

Format: 3xLP
Cat: HFLP 003
Released: 18 Mar 10
Genre: Deep Dubstep

Side 1
1. "Descent"
2. "Latch"
3. "Three Sided Shape"
Side 2
1. "Minerals"
2. "On Deck"
Side 3
1. "Before"
2. "Tracers"
Side 4
1. "You Got Me"
2. "So You Think You're Special"
Side 5
1. "Heavy Machinery"
2. "Glance"
Side 6
1. "Lights Out"

Paul Rose AKA Scuba has seen his Hotflush imprint climb to revered recognition over the last year or so. Releasing seminal dubstep artefacts such as Joy Orbison's Hyph Mngo and Mount Kimbieâs Maybes pulled in huge attention for the label, despite owner Rose's debut album from the year before receiving less attention. A Mutual Antipathy is only now receiving the accolades it deserved through serving as a both a building block of the label and a marker for his new album, Triangulation.<br> Blurring the lines of dubstep, techno, trip-hop and electronic, Scuba provides one of the truest dubstep crossovers to date with his second full length. Now residing in Berlin, where he is a monthly resident for Sub:stance in the mighty and cavernous Berghain club, the influence of the cityâs deep seeded techno and dub subcultures make themselves much clearer in this follow up. Tracks like "On Deck" and "Tracers" owe much to the refined, dubby techno of Berlin as does the cold mechanical feel of "Heavy Machinery" before the wide sub bass of "You Got Me" opens up the rest of the album, allowing Rose to push the tempo that bit further. Before then, we see much of the sound that still signatures this as a Scuba record. Tracks like the spooky garage of "Latch" and the juttering "Three Sided Shape" cry back to the feel of two step and half tempo drum and bass. There are also moments of relief, such as "So You Think You're Special" and "Before" which both make use of female vocals in dub sounding trip-hop numbers.<br> Triangulation is a charming album that soaks influence and inspiration from across the board. Wonderfully unique and crafted with expert skill, it is the most comprehensive dub crossover offering so far. Surely now, Scuba will begin to demand the same kind of attention as the other artists on his own label.

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What do you think of this release?

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