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(The Many Districts Of) Soulful Shanghai

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Format: CD
Cat: KS 035CD
Released: 25 Sep 12
Genre: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz

Side 1
1. "Can't Believe It" (feat ID 4)
2. "Truth" (feat John Robinson, ID 4 Windz & Julie Dexter)
3. "Talkin' Bout Mine"
4. "Black Rennaissance" (feat Mr Mensah, Lisa Lore & Ernest Kabeer Dawkins)
5. "Futures Back" (feat K Banger)
6. "Take ItThere" (feat K Banger)
7. "The (Blessed) Mizells" (feat Mr Mensah & Ernest Kabeer Dawkins)
8. "Half Black Half Japanese" (feat John Robinson)
9. "Bluff & Fold (Gamble & Bluf)" (feat Bilal Salaam)
10. "Catalog Pieces" (feat John Robinson)
11. "The Revolution Will Not Be Tell Lie Vise" (feat Niles Asheber Hailstones & Heru Hailstones, Antonio Feola, Spry Crispen & Mr Mensah)
12. "Do The Math" (feat ID 4 Windz)
13. "A Tangible Dream" (feat Bilaal Salaam)
14. "Outsider (The Lite)" (feat Eagle Nebula)
15. "Whats Happening" (feat K Banger)
16. "The Sankofaz Peace Ark-Extra" (feat Niles ' Asheber' Hailstones, Heidi Vogel, Mr Mensah, Kaikanju Baku & The Sankofaz)

Having been one of the true innovators of the broken beat scene, IG Culture has been virtually silent in recent times. This fourth solo album, his first for four years, confirms that he's lost none of his immense production skills and musical nous. Featuring a dizzying array of collaborators and a musical palette that veers from woozy hip-hop and twinkling neo-soul, to booming revivalist Detroit electro and straight-up jazz, it's arguably his strongest full-length to date. As usual, the beats swing, the chords are soulful and the production is immaculate. If you thought his time had passed, you were wrong. Seriously, Soulful Shanghai is superb.

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What do you think of this release?

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