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Crystal Lake

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Format: limited 2xLP + CD mixed by Sleazy McQueen
Cat: GVRLP 005
Released: 25 Mar 14
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco

Side 1
1. "Get Away, Get Away"
2. "Space Coast Theme"
Side 2
1. "Meet Me In the West End"
2. "Feeling Warm"
Side 3
1. "El Mensaje"
Side 4
1. "Please Release Me"
2. Space Coast vs Quentin Quatro - "Love Games" (part 2)
Side 5
1. "Space Coast Theme"
2. Homeboy - "Hula Hoop" (Sleazy McQueen remix)
3. "Get Away Get Away"
4. "BG Baarregaard, The Sound"
5. "Meet Me In The West End"
6. "Coffee Way"
7. "Please Release Me"
8. "Anti Social Boogie"
9. "El Mensaje"
10. Volta Cab - "I Feel Good In My Skin" (feat Frank H Carter III - Ray Mang & Severino remix)
11. Beard In Dust - "Revolution In Mordor"
12. "Feeling Warm"
13. "Love Games" (pt 2)
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in stock $24.51 $17.16

Following well received outings on the likes of Compost, Paper and Virgin, Sleazy McQueen and Jorge Collazo's Space Coast project go deep with their debut album. As extensive as it is cosmic, as polished as it is deep, as sexy as it is soulful, each one of these cuts represents the duo at their very best. Highlights include the sensual big room subversions of "El Mensaje", the loopy, breathy beach-stomper "Please Release Me" and the awesome twinkles and sonic shimmers of "Space Coast Theme"... But to be honest, each and every cut is a highlight in itself. Debut albums don't get more discerning than this.

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