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Rycote InVision USMVB Studio Kit 045005 For Vocal Recording & Microphone Mounting
The Rycote 045 005 InVision USM-VB Studio Kit comprises of an InVision Universal Pop Filter (available separately as Rycote 045001) and a Universal Studio Mount (available separately as Rycote 044912).

The InVision Universal Pop Filter (045001) is a pop shield for optimising vocal recordings. It utilises a custom foam mesh that is capable of attenuating low-frequency vocal pops and thumps by up to 20 dB. Unlike most ordinary nylon pop shields the InVision Universal Pop Filter achieves the low-frequency attenuation without causing audibly detectable high-frequency loss.

Featuring an ergonomic frame, the pop filter is designed for placement at a close proximity to the mouth and face of a vocal artist. The custom manufactured acoustic foam mesh filter can be removed for cleaning and replacement foam inserts are also available (sold separately).

The Rycote InVision Universal Studio Mount (044912) is a universal studio microphone isolation mount which uses Rycote's innovative Lyre technology. The Lyre suspension uses no runner or elastic components to isolate the microphone from unwanted shocks and handling noises, instead the design of the shape allows a specific compliance to the microphone, and so prevents the handling noise reaching the capsule. The materials used within the Lyres allow the working temperature of the suspension to far exceed any elastic or rubber shock mount or suspension. The operating temperatures for the Lyres is quite extreme and ranges from minus 35 degree Celcius to over 100 degree celcius. The USM uses 72 shore hardness black Lyres.

The microphone is held in place with 4 adjustable thumb screws which have swivelling non slip pads on the end, making it possible to support microphones with a body diameter of 55mm to 68mm, and weights of between 500g and 900g. The main support hoop attaches to a stand via a swivelling spigot with integral thumb screw enabling the user to adjust the microphone angle to suit. It comes supplied with a 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter.

Please note, for microphones between 400g and 750g in weight a standard weight version is available called the InVision USM (044901), or in kit form the InVision USM Studio Kit (045002), which uses the 72 shore hardness black lyres. For microphones less than 400g in weight a lightweight version is available called the InVision USM-L (044903), or in kit form as the InVision USM-L Studio Kit (045003), which uses the 62 shore hardness red lyres.
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 170mm x 70mm
  • Microphone diameter range 55mm to 68mm
  • Maximum microphone length 300mm
  • Minimum mic weight 400g
  • Maximum mic weight 900g
  • Maximum mic weight vertical use 900g
  • Maximum mic weight horizontal use 500g
  • Weight 160g
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Manufacturer RycoteView all Rycote products
Product type Microphone accessoriesView all Microphone accessories
Description Studio kit includes the InVision Universal Pop Filter + the Universal Studio Mount
Cat 045005
Also known as Rycote 045 005 nVision USM-VB Studio Kit