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Phone Line EP

Format: 12"
Cat: EGLO 024
Released: 02 Aug 12
Genre: Deep House

Side 1
1. "90's"
2. "East To West"
Side 2
1. "Phone Line"
2. "90's Reflex"

FINALLY! We've been scheming for Eglo to drop Phoneline since the dapper hat wearing Funkineven dropped in the midst of his Boiler Room set late last year! Our favourite Eglozoid and Fatima are no studio strangers, each sharing credits on the others previous Eglo releases but this is without doubt their best work together to date. Eglo could have just dropped "Phoneline" as a one track 12" and we'd be singing it's praises to anyone that can hear, so kudos to all involved for complementing the track with further examples of Funkineven and Fatima's obvious studio chemistry. "90s" echoes the satin dipped RnB antics of TLC at their most sultry, whilst it's complemented by that killer swinging boom bap arrangement from Funks, whilst "East To West" crosses LA boogie vibes with some off the scale rhythmic subtleties that would do Maurice Fulton proud, with Fatima showing the breadth of their vocal range over the elastic groove. This 12" is dominated by the brilliance of "Phoneline" however, with Fatima and Funkineven indulging in flirtatious chatter over demented yet slick as f*ck MPC manipulation. It's one of those tracks that tops the charts for months to come in the bizarro world we'd rather live in - I guess we'll have to make do with jamming this in every dancehall possible.

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What do you think of this release?

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