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No Episode

Format: 12"
Cat: TOB 029
Released: 15 Nov 12
Genre: Techno

Side 1
1. "No Fun"
2. "No Fun" (Madteo's Cosa C E SoTTo remix)
Side 2
1. "No Fool"
2. "No Fool" (John Heckle remix)

Naming the lead track of your EP "No Fun" seems like it's setting the listener up for a disappointment, especially in a dance music landscape where self-congratulating droney minutia and sad sack futurebass have laid claim to their share of the market. Fortunately, Nocturnes boss JR Seaton aka Call Super is likely having a little self reflexive chuckle here, as his No Episode EP on Throne of Blood taps into a consciousness-bending contingent of stomping, urgent techno that can animate bodies in just about every position except a yawning one."No Fun" is the most immediately accessible track on the record, a churning and grinding bassline rippling throughout, the teeth of vintage analogue sounds sharpened into fangs. Meanwhile Madteo continues honing his knack for the dust-coated weirdbeat displayed in the cassette-only Trilogy Tapes released Mad Dip Revue, and his reworking of "No Fun" is infused with the same low-slung, gritty house beat that's constantly fluctuating, on the verge of crumpling in on itself. "No Fool" starts the virtual flip side off on a decidedly darker tip, giving prominence to percussion that sounds like echoing footsteps down a hallway while layers of bubbling, synaptic techno rumblings build up around it. John Heckle then works his magic, running his remix through intermittent echoes, an unpredictably raw stutter effect that withholds and releases itself as the track unfolds.

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What do you think of this release?

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