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Nik Weston Presents Afro Funk Gems Volume One: Music Of West Africa : Juno exclusive sleeve edition

Format: limited 7'' in Juno exclusive hand stamped kraft paper inner sleeve + branded jacket + protective sleeve, hand signed insert,sticker
Cat: MUKAT 024
Released: 16 Apr 12
Genre: Funk

Side 1
1. Orchestre Baobab - "Kelen Ati Len" (Original Mix)
Side 2
1. Moussa Doumbia - "Samba" (Nik Weston 7 Inch edit)

London based Mukatsuku Records dig deep into the French label Oriki music catalogue (founded in 2005 by Gregoire de Villanova) to unleash two sought after classics of West African funk gems that have stood the onslaught of time as timeless pieces of music. Orchestre Baobab, initially from Senegal were formed in 1970 as an afro cuban band and went onto to have a considerable career until the mid 1980's and then reforming in 2001.'Kelen Ati Len' was recorded in the mid 1970's and its appeal is not only with fans of world music but with b boys and funk lovers who dig the tough breakbeats and funky arrangements within. On the flipside ''Samba'' from Malian artist Moussa Doumbia is edited by Nik from GUYNAMUKAT into a 45 friendly length.''Samba'' is infused with hipnotic guitar,shuffling funky rhythm patterns,fantastic brass arrangements and James Brown type screams which possibly hint at his cosmopolitan lifestyle having lived in Paris for several years and been facinated by African American Music.Strictly vinyl only 7 inch issue & mastered by Sean P. Juno versions of this single come in a hand stamped kraft paper sleeve with an additional branded card sleeve,sticker,signed insert and a protective plastic outer. Don't sleep!

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What do you think of this release?

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