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Fuselage: The Unreleased Afro Beat Remixes (Juno exclusive 38mm badge edition)

Format: 180 gram vinyl 12" + sticker + signed insert + 38 mm metal badge
Cat: MUKAT 022
Released: 09 Mar 15
Genre: Funk

Side 1
1. "Fuselage" (GUYNAMUKAT Spirit Of Fela Is Alive & Well! remix)
2. "Fuselage" (GUYNAMUKAT Afro Disco Boogie remix)
Side 2
1. "Fuselage" (Root Soul Afro remix)

If you were looking for a slab of vinyl to wipe away those winter cobwebs and get your feet back on the dancefloor, then look no further than this sizzling hot Mukatsuku 12 inch. Root Soul are a Japanese outfit co-produced by Shuya Okino from Kyoto Jazz Massive and featuring Tabu Zombie on trumpet from Soil & Pimp Sessions. The infectious guitar-led afro beat of "Fuselage" holds down a whole side of vinyl to great effect, while GUYNAMUKAT - the production duo of Nik Weston & Guynamite get busy with two alternative versions on the flip. Already championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Patrick Forge,Sofrito Crew and Mr Scruff. This 12'' comes in packaging exclusive to Juno -branded card sleeve,signed insert,38mm label badge,protective outer sleeve and sticker.

Played by

Shantisan, George Kelly (aka DJ Butcher), Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz), Ennio Styles, Beane The Noodler, Señorlobo (Lovemonk), Nik Weston Mukatsuku Records, PHil Levene, Koichi Sakai - Ghetto Lounge, Spacewalker, Aroop Roy, AfroBase (Radio Chart), Dom Servini, CABARET MANANA, RUSTAM OSPANOFF, Smoove, Valique, Craig Charles Funk And Soul, Naughty Alex For Boogie Cafe Record, Marcoradi, TONY MINVIELLE, Jose Padilla, Pete Haigh, Rudy's Midnight Machine, Onur Engin, Switch Groov Exp. (Bab Musique), DJ Mayafra, Pat Les Stache (Cabana Disco), Mehdi, Michael Ruetten, YUKARI BB, REVERIE, Mop Mop, Dusty / Jazz & Milk, Record Breakin' Music, Calagad 13, Faze Action, Chris Holt -FOUR CORNERS RADIO SHOW, Paul Thornton (Dig Deep / Reboot), Los Charly's Orchestra, Rob Coley (Soul-Identity Music), Nick Carling (Fruitful/beetroot), Jazzee Loudness, Simon S, Yoshi Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive), ISOUL8 (Volcov), Sol Power Sound, Sir Jarvis - Badass 45 Records, Far Out Recordings, Juno Recommends Funk/Reissues, Eddie C, Steph_Bomb[A], Especial Records Osaka Japan, Nicholas, Killer Funk Records USA, BadboE, Club Brasil Records, Afro Beat Foundation, I Love Disco!, CheckTheGuns, Rowed Out Records, Summer Carnival Chart, Ree Keen, Ltj Xperience, Hundred Strong, Nicola Conte, The Jazz Meet, Marcello Giordani, Skyline Recordings Chart, Record Kicks, Sccucci Manucci, Hristo, Mudd (Claremont 56), AYBEE, Vince Vella, Shuya Okino(Kyoto Jazz Massive), Red Greg, Djs: Most Charted - Funk, Citizen Dale (of KEPT RECORDS), Corazon At Floripa, Originals, Tone B. Nimble (Al-Tone Edits), Wall Of Fame, Professor Shorthair, Africa Seven

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