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Moog Minimoog Voyager Old School Synthesizer


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The Minimoog Voyager Old School synthesizer is a monophonic analog performance synthesizer. It has extensive patching facilities and expanded modulation capabilities. The signal path starts with a bank of 3 wide-range, high-stability voltage controlled oscillators, one noise source and one audio preamplifier for externally-applied audio signals. The sound modifiers are 2 Moog filters and one stereo VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier).

The control devices include a 44-key keyboard with velocity and afterpressure outputs, pitch bend and modulation wheels and many control/pedal input jacks. The Minimoog Voyager OS has a hinged, multi-position panel and a solid hardwood cabinet. The power supply accepts any power voltage from 100-240V.

The Minimoog Voyager Old School synthesizer features a 5-input mixer for combining the audio sources prior to filtering. Input level controls adjust the relative levels of the oscillator, noise and external audio input signals. Input switches enable the player to quickly switch individual audio signals in and out. External level LED enables the player to set the correct external audio signal level.

The dual mode filter module includes dual lowpass and highpass-lowpass filtering. The dual lowpass mode consists of 2 Moog lowpass-resonant filters in parallel, 1 per output channel. The highpass-lowpass mode consists of Moog lowpass filter in series with a highpass filter. The cutoff control sweeps the frequencies of both filters throughout the audio range. The spacing control sets the spacing between the frequencies of the 2 filters, over a +/-3 octave range. The resonance control adjusts the resonance of both filters, from none (pure lowpass response) to filter oscillation. The KB cont amount control sets how much the filters open and close as the player presses different keys on the keyboard. The dual lowpass/highpass-lowpass switch selects between dual lowpass operation or highpass-lowpass operation.

The envelopes module generates 2 wide-range ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release) envelopes. The filter envelope sweeps the filter and is available for modulation shaping. The volume envelope shapes the overall volume. The attack controls determine the attack times of the envelopes. The decay controls determine the decay time constants of the envelopes. The sustain controls determine the sustain levels of the envelopes. The release controls determine the release time constants of the envelopes. The amount-to-filter control determines how much the filter envelope will open and close the filter, from full negative (inverted envelope) to full positive (non-inverted envelope). The envelope gate switch selects whether the envelopes will be triggered by the keyboard, on , or by an externally-applied gate.

The low frequency oscillator generates triangular, square, Sample & Hold and smoothed sample & hold waveforms for use as modulating signals. The rate control sets the LFO rate over the range 0.2Hz (one cycle every five seconds) to 50Hz (fifty times a second). The wave LFO selector selects triangle, square or sample & hold (stepped or smooth) waveforms for use with the mod busses. The rate LED provides visual indication of the LFO rate.

The Minimoog Voyager Old School synthesizer allows you to selects the sources, destinations and shaping signals for the 2 modulation busses. The source selectors select the modulation source from the LFO, oscillator 1, oscillator 2, oscillator 3, noise or the external modulation input (MOD2). The destination selectors select the modulation destination from pitch, oscillator 2, oscillator 3, the filter cutoff frequencies, the oscillator waveforms, or LFO Rate. The controller selectors select the mod wheel, MOD1, velocity, pressure, filter envelope or volume envelope to shape the modulation signal on that bus. The amount control sets the overall modulation amount for each bus.

  • Analogue monophonic synth, no presets, no digital control
  • 3 wide-range, high stability voltage controlled oscillators with continuously-variable waveforms
  • Dual mode filter module includes dual lowpass and highpass-lowpass filtering
  • Low frequency oscillator generates triangular, square, sample & hold and smoothed sample & hold waveforms for use as modulating signals
  • Enhanced modulation busses module
  • Classic look and feel
Oscillators Per Voice 3 wide-range, high stability voltage controlled oscillators
Filters Dual mode filter
Keyboard Type 44-key keyboard with velocity and afterpressure

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