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MMT Tape Series: Home Recordings 1996-1999

Format: 2xLP
Cat: RH 124LP
Released: 12 Dec 12
Genre: Deep House

Side 1
1. "Luminous View"
2. "Assembly Line"
3. "Untitled 2.1"
4. "Number Two"
Side 2
1. "Some Of Your Friends"
2. "Seqqex"
3. "Untitled 2.3"
4. "As It Is Today"
Side 3
1. "Floo"
2. "Dewy Garden"
3. "Big Gray Bldg"
4. "Under The Sea"
Side 4
1. "Untitled 4"
2. "Untitled 1.4"
3. "Hi Jinks"
4. "He Makes Us Smile"
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More commonly known as Professor Genius, New Jersey resident Jorge Velez has already served up one end of year treat in the shape of the long overdue Hassan LP on LIES, and now he through his personal archives of late 90s recordings for the killer J Velez MMT Tape Series collection on Rush Hour. This double vinyl release follows a series of four limited MMT Tapes 12"s that surfaced earlier this year from a mysterious source, with Rush Hour sufficiently impressed by them to license all the tracks and get four further unreleased Velez productions to boot. If you're not familiar then these 12 tracks are essentially straight to tape recordings that touch on everything from warbling, lo-fi house to dusty techno manipulations via experimental minimal wave and ambient arrangements. Fans of everything from LIES to FXHE via WT Records and Minimal Wave should really be checking this release!

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