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Late Night Tales

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Format: limited 180 gram vinyl LP + CD + 12 page booklet
Cat: ALNLP 29
Released: 30 Aug 12
Genre: Balearic/Downtempo

Side 1
1. Outcast - "Prototype"
2. Tweet - "Drunk"
3. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - "Cosmic Ball"
4. Chick Corea - "El Bozo" (part 1)
Side 2
1. Dr Octagon - "Blue Flowers"
2. Metronomy - "Hypnose" (exclusive cover version)
3. Alessi Brothers - "Seabird"
4. Autechre - "Fold 4, Wrap 5"
5. Mick Karn - "Weather The Windmill"
Side 3
1. The Alan Parsons Project - "Eye In The Sky"
2. Two Lone Swordsmen - "You Are"
3. Tonto's Expanding Head Band - "Cybernaut"
4. Pete Drake - "Forever"
5. Appaloose - "The Day (We Fell In Love)"
6. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - "Complainte Pour Ste Catherine"
Side 4
1. Herman Dune - "Winners Lose"
2. Cat Power - "Werewolf"
3. Paul Morley - "Lost For Words" (part 4 - exclusive Spoken Word Piece)
Side 5
1. Outkast - "Prototype"
2. Tweet - "Drunk"
3. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - "Cosmic Bell"
4. Chich Corea - "El Bozo" (part 1)
5. Dr Octagon - "Blue Flowers"
6. Lonzo & The World Class Wreckin Cru - "Cache Vocal"
7. Metronomy - "Hypnose"
8. Alessi Brothers - "Seabird"
9. Autechre - "Fold 4, Fold 5"
10. Mick Karn - "Weather The Windmill"
11. The Alan Parsons Projects - "Eye In The Sky"
12. Geneva Jacuzzi - "Love Caboose"
13. Two Lone Swordsmen - "You Are"
14. Tonto's Expanding Head Band - "Cybernaut"
15. Pete Drake - "Forever"
16. Appaloosa - "The Day" (We Fell In Love)
17. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - "Complainte Pour Ste Catherine"
18. Herman Dunw - "Winners Lose"
19. Cat Power - "Werewolf"
20. Paul Morley - "Lost For Words" (part 4)

Joe Mount of lovable scuzz pop outfit Metronomy mans the latest volume in the long running Late Night Tales, a series who always seem to get the best results out of an unexpected cast of participants (Belle & Sebastien, MGMT, Trentemoeller and Midlake being recent inductees). It's hard not to get sucked in from the sugar sweet opening of Outkast's "Prototype", which is the first of several tracks that demonstrates Mount has a penchant for slow bumping R&B and outsider hip-hop with Tweet, Sa Ra and a Dr Octagon classic also appearing. A typically far reaching approach to genres applies here with the cosmic jazz of Chic Corea happily mingling with Autechre and Two Lone Swordsmen, and American synth oddities Geneva Jacuzzi and Appaloosa mingling for attention with The Alan Parsons Project and Herman Dune. The de-rigueur cover version arrives with a Metronomy rendition of Jean-Michel Jarre's "Hypnose" while Paul Morley ends the selection with a spoken word piece. This vinyl edition has 18 of the tracks spread separately across two plates as well as the mixed CD and a booklet!

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