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Format: CD
Cat: KDJ 44CD
Released: 29 Jan 14
Genre: Deep House

Side 1
1. "Jimmy D Nickle"
2. "Hold It Down"
3. "Never Quite The Same"
4. "Desire"
5. "You're 2 Moody"
6. "Lyk U Use 2"
7. "No"
8. "I Got Werk"
9. "Max Julien Jacket"
10. "IGuessyouneverbeenlonely"
11. "U Don't Even Lyk This Song"
12. "Come 2 Me"
13. "Ulooklykicecreaminthesummertyme"
14. "How Do U Get 2 Detroit"
15. "Radio"
16. "Yet Unknown"
17. "Born 2 Die"
18. "The Most Fearful"
19. "I Still Don't Know Yo Name"
20. "Watchin U"
21. "PonyDownCrew"
22. "Got Dem Freaks Wit Me"
23. "Freeki Muthaf*cka"
24. "Sunday Hotel"
25. "Girl"
26. "Sloppy Cosmic"
27. "Heaven"

As with pretty much all Kenny Dixon Jnr releases, Moodymann - his eleventh full-length - has caused something of a stir, with vinyl copies selling out in the blink of an eye. Now on CD, the album remains one of his best - a kaleidoscopic, fast-paced sprint through soul-soaked deep house, baked drum machine jams, jazz-flecked interludes and low-slung grooves. Dixon's distinctive drawl is more prominent than on some previous excursions - no bad thing - while fans will notice a slew of alternative versions of KDJ classics - "Freeki M*thaf*cka" being perhaps the best known. Best of all, though, are the more downbeat moments - see "Heaven" and "Stupid Cosmic" - which allow Dixon to indulge his atmospheric tendencies. In a word: essential.

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What do you think of this release?

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