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Le Vibes & Pepper EP

Format: 180 gram vinyl 12"
Cat: VP 007
Released: 02 Dec 13
Genre: Deep House

Side 1
1. James Duncan - "Track #2"
2. Tomska - "Stolen Moments"
Side 2
1. Jeremiah - "Keep On"
2. New Jack City - "Slow It Down"

Boutique French house label Vibes And Pepper come through with a Various Artist outing that pairs the new school talents of Tomska and New Jack City with the old school and enduring qualities of James Duncan and Jeremiah. James Duncan goes first with 'Track #2', a soulful affair with lazily jazzy chords and muffled vocals bottled up into a teasing house groove. The drums feel alive and the repeated melodic phrasing brings some nice tension to proceedings. Tomska's 'Stolen Moments' is a typically thick cut track with solid kick drums underpinning spoken word musings and colourful little melodies. It's physical and will make you dance without losing the important human connection. Jeremiah's 'Keep On' is much the same: this one has a classic feel to it, with warm pads softening the effect of busy, live sounding percussion. Some firing vocals help set the groove alight and re-call the classic days of 90s house with relying on the same tried tropes. Finally, 'Slow It Down' does not slow it down, but instead invites you to move your body with huge rubbery kick drums and shuffling claps. Dulcet vocal tones and garage-inflected percussion make this a hugely vibey affair to finish off another timeless house EP.

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What do you think of this release?

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