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Turin Dancefloor Express

Format: unmixed 2xCD
Released: 01 Feb 17
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco

Side 1
1. La Strana Societa - "Pop Corn"
2. Stratosferic Band - "Splashdown" (7" version)
3. Massimo Bizzo - "Christine"
4. Oxid - "Oxid Trail"
5. La Nuova Formula - "Dirrettissimo Torino Milano"
6. Kitra - "Hoter De La Plage"
7. Little Lucky & The All Stars - "What Are You Doing?"
8. Music One - "Musicone" (part 1)
9. Cometa Music Hall - "Cometa Music Hall"
10. Don Bernini - "Whirlwind"
11. Captain Torkive - "Krypton"
12. Ben Norman - "Got To Be" (7" version)
13. Carlotto - "Come With Me"
14. Gianfracasso Ensemble - "Music On My Mind"
15. M'Bamina - "N'Zoumba" (album version)
16. Giulio Camarca & Trinidad - "Birimbao"
17. Drums Music Show - "Samedi Soir"
18. The Boston Garden - "Lady Pick-Up"
19. Joe "Spitfire" Nicosia & C Industria Musicale - "Cobra Sound"
20. GB Golden System - "Shaba Dab" (instrumental)
Side 2
1. Johnson Righeira - "Vamos A La Playa" (1981 original demo version)
2. Phaeax - "Talk About" (7" version)
3. Jan Demis - "Preludio"
4. Mc4 - "Gow Dance"
5. Carmody - "Messengers Of Love"
6. Bagarre - "Lemonsweet" (1985 album version)
7. Spooky - "Coffee Train" (1980 unreleased Vocoder version)
8. Music One - "Solon" (part 6)
9. Ego Necro - "You & I" (vocal)
10. Italo Monitor - "Bella Marinetti (Der Mussolini)" (1981 unreleased demo)
11. Sintesi - "Tenax" (1984 unreleased demo)
12. Monuments - "SALT" (1981 original version)
13. Tommy De Chirico - "Texudo Dance" (1983 original version)
14. Trans Middle Point - "Action" (instrumental)
15. Art Fine - "Dark Silence" (Art Fine version)
16. Streisands - "Fine & Fine" (version)
17. Zauber - "SOS"
18. Clamour - "Inside My Mind" (1983 unreleased demo)

On this superb two-disc compilation, Opilec Records boss I-Robots shines a light on the Piedmomt area music scene in the 1970s and early '80s, showing how Italy's own Motor City, Turin, helped give birth to the Italo-disco scene. It's a killer collection, showcasing a range of obscure, little-known records that joined the dots between U.S funk, soul and disco, German krautrock, the proto-techno of Kraftwerk, and the synthesizer sounds coming out of the U.K. Remarkably, the 38-track collection contains numerous demos and unreleased alternate versions, drawn form the archives of the original producers and labels involved. If you're at all interested in the Italo-disco sound, Turin Dancefloor Express is an essential purchase.

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What do you think of this release?

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