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House Masters: Derrick Carter

Format: unmixed 2xCD
Released: 08 Nov 12
Genre: Funky/Club House

Side 1
1. Sound Patrol - "Tripping Among The Stars (Trippin' At The Kat)"
2. Rednail - "Never (Never In A Rubber Room)" (feat Noni)
3. DJ Bang - "DJ Bang Make You Jiu-Jitsu" (technical)
4. DJ Bang - "Hallelujah" (DC Private edit)
5. The Innocent - "Theme From The Blue Cucaracha"
6. Derrick L Carter - "A Hope (Over You)" (Meeting House dub edit)
7. Derrick L Carter - "Squaredancin'" (Jazzz extension)
8. Derrick L Carter - "Where U At" (The First mix)
9. DJ Bang - "The BEAT" (DC Private edit)
10. Oneiro - "The Warrior" (6BC version)
Side 2
1. SoCalled - "(These Are The) Good Old Days" (DC's BHQ remake)
2. Freaks - "Telefunky" (BHQ Low Mainetnance Reversion)
3. Truman Industries - "Love Plus" (Derrick Carter's 'Love Groove' mix)
4. Freaks - "Boiling Point" (BHQ Private Stock)
5. Angry Mexican DJ's - "I Like It Funky" (Derrick Carter's BHQ re-rub)
6. Pty Ltd - "Who's Been Watching You?" (DC Native dub)
7. Rosie Brown - "Bliss" (D's Boom Bap Bleep edition)
8. SoCalled - "Richi" (DC's Full Phat edition)
9. This Ain't Chicago - "Ride The Rhythm" (Derrick Carter mix)
10. Jorge Watts - "Up To The Sky" (DC Chi Hi mix)
Played by



It's a mark of Derrick Carter's status that Defected have afforded him the luxury of a lucrative House Masters retrospective. Carter, of course, was one of the driving forces behind Chicago's "boompty" sound, a formidably energetic, swinging take on house that seems to have fallen from favour in recent years. House Masters: Derrick Carter offers a neat reminder of the qualities of the boompty sound, and more specifically Carter's own production highlights. While all the obvious cuts are present - "Where U At", "Square Dancin", Sound Patrol's superb "Trippin Among The Stars" - there are plenty of lesser-known gems, many featuring Carter's distinctive scat vocals.

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What do you think of this release?

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