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Herve Presents Deep Thrills Volume 1

Format: 2xCD (CD 1 unmixed, CD 2 mixed by CRST)
Cat: CHEAP 005CD
Released: 01 Sep 11
Genre: UK Garage

Side 1
1. CRST - "Hearbeat"
2. Baxta - "Keep You"
3. Lil Bo Tweak & Young Lovers - "Keep On" (feat Charlie Sputnik)
4. Drop Dead - "When You"
5. Heavy Hearts - "Deeper"
6. Drop Dead - "Always Love You"
7. Trevor Loveys - "Strange Paradise"
8. Heavy Hearts - "House Was The One"
9. CRST - "Jacare"
10. Trevor Loveys - "Earthbound"
11. Baxta - "Love Hound"
12. Klifton Manner - "Broken Love"
13. Lil Bo Tweak - "No Stoppin"
14. Klifton Manner - "Let Me Love"
Side 2
1. Trevor Loveys - "Earthbound"
2. Baxta - "Keep You"
3. Klifton Manner - "Let Me Love You"
4. Lil Bo Tweak & Young Lovers - "Keep On" (feat Charlie)
5. CRST - "Hearbeat"
6. Heavy Hearts - "House Was The One"
7. Heavy Hearts - "Deeper"
8. Klifton Manner - "Broken Love"
9. CRST - "Jacare"
10. Drop Dead - "When You"
11. Lil Bo Tweak - "No Stoppin"
12. Drop Dead - "Always Love You" (Vip mix)
13. Baxta - "Love Hound"
14. Trevor Loveys - "Strange Paradise"
Played by

Monkey Beats, Detboi


Is Herve bored of releasing noisy, eye-popping, bass-wobbling rave anthems? This compilation certainly gives that impression. While Deep Thrills touches on many of Herve's usual staples - garage, fidgety house, UK funky etc - the melodies are smoother, the beats softer and the grooves deeper. The unmixed first CD is perhaps the stand-out, featuring as it does some excellent, previously unreleased fare from Baxta, Trevor Loveys, Drop Dead (the Hotflush-ish "When You"), Heavy Hearts and Lil' Bo Tweak (the deep boogie-house of "No Stoppin"). Almost as good, though, is the second CD, which offers a delicious mix from up-and-coming UK garage types CRST. A pleasant surprise, if we're honest.

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What do you think of this release?

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