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Front Butt EP

Format: 12"
Cat: CR 1258
Released: 02 May 12
Genre: Deep House

Side 1
1. "Mongo Raw"
2. "Habituation Micturation" (feat Kevin Reynolds)
Side 2
1. "Front Butt"
2. "White Monkey Holding Peach"
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Having come to the fore with a quite superb outing on Speculator's WT imprint last year, Alex Israel adds another respected label to his discography with the Front Butt EP on Creme Organization. Described by the label as Chicago's own overlord of deranged deep house, Israel comes good on this with four tracks that align perfectly with the Creme Org aesthetic. Misty analogue textures sway rhythmically around the relative calm of opening track "Mongo Raw" which don't really prepare you for the outright jam that follows. "Habituation Micturation" is one of those effortlessly effervescent Motor City productions, raw and dusty and driven by the kind of uplifting melodic touches that tease your feet into action. It also features Detroit secret weapon Kevin Reynolds on speakerboxx duties revealing the frustrations of living in his neighbourhood, specifically some crack head relieving himself on Reynolds' garden fence. On the flip, the title track adds a certain pensive mood to proceedings, as downtrodden melodic elements duke it out with the relentless jackhammer sounds of percussion before a delightful left turn into freeform ivory tinkling. Those craving some swampy organ sounds will be sated by the closing smudged jacker "White Monkey Holding Peach".

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