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Eastern Promise

Format: 12"
Cat: BOE 019
Released: 14 Nov 12
Genre: Deep House

Side 1
1. "Age Of Peace"
2. "Wide Open Spaces"
Side 2
1. "Hand In Hand"
2. "In Motion" (vinyl only exclusive track)
3. "Hand In Hand" (reprise - vinyl only exclusive track)

How Boe Recordings remain outside of wider acclaim when everyone and their second uncle is falling over themselves to talk about how much they love deep house is a mystery to us - we guess the label will just have to remain a secret affection of those in the know as opposed to wanton bandwagon jumpers. Veteran house producer Steve Pickton continues his new found creative surge as Soul 223 with a rather fine Boe debut after emerging in style on the Delsin House series earlier this year. From the opening moments of "Age Of Peace" it's clear Pickton's project and Boe are a well matched pairing, the loose percussion, warm bass and glowering organs lent something extra by the ever present quirky FX that keep your ears and feet guessing but never over complicate matters. "Wide Open Spaces" is a deeper affair, driven by a luxuriant hugging bassline with spacious drums cloaked in cavernous reverb. A neat left turn into hip-hop territory at the close demonstrates a level of ingenuity few producer even think of these days. This is a record that keeps giving with "Hand In Hand" operating on the kind of rolling groove, vocal hook and sun drenched strings that afford it instant classic status. Two vinyl exclusives - one a reprise of the aforementioned track - make this a 12" that will stay in many a record box for some time.

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What do you think of this release?

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