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Alien Na Favela

Format: CD
Cat: AR 023CD
Released: 25 Sep 12
Genre: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz

Side 1
1. "Alien Na Favela"
2. "Tudo Vira Danca" (feat Flora Matos)
3. "Preciso Mudar" (feat Eloisa Atti & Mc Magu)
4. "Mojito Com Cachaca"
5. "O Que Faz Viver"
6. "Frango Assado"
7. "Engole O Sapo" (feat Mc Papo Reto)
8. "Pirasamba" (feat Cristina Renzetti)
9. "Avisado" (feat Ivete Souza)
10. "Baiano Vem Baiano"
11. "Sertao"
12. "Carimbo Do Farrapo"
13. "No Alto Da Colina" (feat Mc Papo Reto)
14. "Mojiti Com Cachaca" (instrumental version)
15. "Alien Na Favela" (feat Ikonoklasta)
Side 2
1. "Alien Na Favela" (Al Lindrum remix)
2. "Preciso Mudar" (feat Eloisa Atti & Mc Magu - DJ Adish remix)
3. "Pirasamba" (feat Cristina Renzetti - Lucio K remix)
4. "Tudo Vira Danca" (feat Flora Matos - Chong X remix)
5. "Alien Na Favela" (Suonho Broken Cuica remix)
6. "Mojiti Com Cachaca" (Shantisan extended remix)
7. "Avisado" (feat Ivete Souza - Sono Rhizmo remix)
8. "Carimbo Do Farrapo" (Solo Moderna remix)
9. "Tudo Vira Danca" (feat Flora Matos - Alain De Laniere remix)
10. "Carimbo Do Farrapo" (Basement Freaks remix)
11. "Alien Na Favela" (Acido Domingo remix)
12. "Preciso Mudar" (feat Eloisa Atti & Mc Magu - Frohlocker remix)
13. "Alien Na Favela" (Drumagick Live Band remix)
14. "Tudo Vira Danca" (feat Flora Matos - DJ Panko remix)
15. "Preciso Mudar" (feat Cristina Renzetti & Mc Magu - DJ Click remix)
16. "Pirasamba" (feat Flora Matos - Makala remix)

Although he's only released a handful of singles over the years, Italy's DJ Farrapo - aka producer Giorgio Cencetti - has long been regarded as one of the unheralded talents on the global nu-jazz/broken beat scene. Here, he goes some way towards increasing his reputation with a bright and breezy set dripping with Brazilian flavours. With a range of Brazilian vocalists in tow, Alien Na Favela touches on samba, jazz, hip-hop, carioca, broken beat and jazz-funk. The enjoyable originals are also joined by a vast set of remixes from Brazilian producers, giving Alien Na Favela the appearance of a successful cross-cultural collaboration.

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What do you think of this release?

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