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Love Dubs EP

Format: 12"
Cat: 81DSR/YBS 3
Released: 19 May 10
Genre: Techno

Side 1
1. "Higher Love"
Side 2
1. "Love" (dub)
2. "Soul Surrender"

For those of you that remember "Energize," Yoav’s underground anthem from five years back, then news of his revival will be a source of great pleasure to your soul. Many have been perplexed by his disappearance during the past few years, left only with his seminal track’s appearance on compilations from Ame, Carl Craig and Delsin II. But now, the Israeli producer makes a welcomed return with his fifth full length single, the Love Dubs EP.<br>

Opening with "Higher State," Yoav gets off to a hazy start. Dramatic synth lines topple over lazy house beats as the track winds itself along, gaining momentum as it goes. 80s influenced synths flash across the track to add yet more drama in this rolling workout. "Lovedub" takes the listener on more of a freestyle jam, as a simple filtered bassline moves along as disjointed beats shuffle forward. The real fun and intrigue however, lies in the spacey keys that cascade over the track beneath. "Soul Surrender" finishes things off in a grittier, more driving tone. With the beat cranked up and the driving, deep bass set to work this is more of a heads down number that gets moving. A simple melody breaks the drama of the track, leaving the listener locked in the groove instead. Top stuff, and yes, it was worth the wait.

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What do you think of this release?

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