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Chicago Service

Format: double 12" repress
Cat: LIH 010
Released: 02 Feb 15
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco

Side 1
1. Gene Hunt - "Tazz"
2. Jamie 3 26 - "Give Me Your Love"
Side 2
1. Rahaan - "Make Me Hot"
2. Boogie Nite - "Cardiac Arrest"
Side 3
1. Hugo H - "Let Yourself Go"
2. Rahaan - "Disco Fantasy"
Side 4
1. Jamie 3:26 & Cratebug - "Hit It N Quit It"
Played by

Jonna (City Fly), Cez (Pop Your Funk), Scratchandsniff, Ben Sims, Casbah 73, Misiu, OOFT!, JimmyTheTwin, Mark Forshaw, John Heckle, Athens Of The North (Fryer), P To The C, Andy Ash, Jaffa Surfa, Lukas Micka, TrueSelf, Mr. Fiel, Buzz Compass, TiTo (Troubled Kids Records), Erik Skantze, Kay Suzuki (round In Motion), Mark Johnson Bournemouth, Marcoradi, Curt J, Dirty Channels, STEREO 12“, Mag Spencer, DJ Ionik (Traveller / K G S), Nadia Ksaiba, Jacques Renault, Sleazy McQueen, Watson, Johannes Albert, Gavin Herlihy, Paul Thornton (itch / Dig Deep), Superbreak, OK Jones / Oli DAB, Chris Coco, Mike O'Mara, PRECIOUS K, Marcel Vogel Aka Em Vee, Satore (Hizou Deep Rooted Music), Spilt Milk, Jesus Gonsev, Lady Blacktronika, Juno Recommends Disco, Medlar, Phil Horneman (Wicked Jazz Sounds), Frank Booker, Eddie C, Demetrio Giannice (Enterbt Rec.), Rick Wade, Nicholas, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Chicago Damn, I Love Disco!, Richard Zepezauer (RZ-1), Dan Beaumont (Classic/Dance Tunnel), Ynnad Zeugnimod, Cottam, Osmose, Deymare, Roman Rauch, James Duncan, The Ivory Boy, Luke Solomon, Waxist (Red Stripe Disco), Nicola Conte, Seahorse & Castle, Doo, Glass Coffee, Giorgio Luceri, Mr. Mendel, Donato Capozzi (Enterbt Rec.), Lunar Disko DJs, DISCO B (LATE NIGHT SESSIONS), Ney Faustini, Love On The Run, DJ PayAndrewBurgerDotCom, Justin Gg Green, Andrew Emil / Change Request, Glenview Records Inc, The Unity Agency, Don Crisp, Tomoki Tamura (HolicTrax/Doublet), Matpat, Goldsmith (Rebel Disco/Push Push), Red Greg, Detroit Swindle, Pablo - Fatty Fatty Phonographics, Juno Best Sellers 2014, Jean Claude Gavri, Boogie Nite, Preslav, Igor Vicente, Marquis Hawkes, Zernell, Discopatrick, QUEEN & DISCO


** REPRESS ALERT ** Here's the pitch: ask six of Chicago's finest exponents of bumping house and pitched down disco cuts to contribute some of their finest works, blend them all together and present in the appropriate space either side of two 12" slabs. What's the end product? The rather hot looking Chicago Service from the Amsterdam label Lumberjacks in Hell which features a merry cast of the city's finest in Gene Hunt, Rahaan, Jamie 3:26, Cratebug, Hugo H and Boogie Nite across two hot plates.

What do you think of this release? Write a review in the Facebook comments box below:

What do you think of this release?

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