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Denon SC2900 DJ Controller & Media Player
Introducing the Denon DJ SC2900 Mutlimedia player and MIDI controller. The new SC2900 is essentially a Denon DJ SC3900 with a jog wheel style platter in place of the actively spinning platter.

The SC2900 will combine the functions of the SC2000 and the SC3900 giving DJ's a club-standard type of jog-wheel feel while giving the DJ the ability to playback audio from CDs and USB drives. The jog wheel has a multi-color LED ring around it to give the DJ key indicators during playback. Just as with the SC3900, the SC2900 has 4 on-board hot cue buttons, loop buttons, separate start/stop speed adjustment knobs, and easy to use browsing controls. There will also be the inclusion of the famous Slip-Mode which allows DJs to manipulate the song using the jog wheel while the track continues to play normally underneath until the slip mode is turned off. There will also be tension adjustment controls so that the DJ can get the tension/resistance of the jog wheel just right (loose or tight).

The Denon DJ SC2900 can also be linked together with the new Denon ENGINE software in order to share libraries between devices, ipods, computers, and hard drives. On top of all this, the Denon SC2900 is a full-out MIDI controller that can work with almost any DJ software of the user's choice. Every control is fully MIDI mappable but Denon will include the popular software setting mapping files on their website when they are released to the public.
  • Compatible with included Engine music management software (PC/Mac)
  • Engine iPad app available for easy file searching and player status display
  • Player Link function for sharing USB drives across multiple SC2900/SC3900 (up to 4) and for connection to ENGINE software (PC/Mac/iPad)
  • 7" touch sensitive Eclipse platter with LED cue & position marker
  • Seamless switching between media source devices
  • Natively supported by Traktor 2 software, Traktor LE 2 included
  • Built-In USB/MIDI control function
  • Built-in USB audio interface (ASIO/core compliant)
  • Burr brown 24bit DAC processing for superior audio fidelity
  • Redesigned play and cue buttons for greater tactile feel and response
  • Fast search and quick jump functions
  • Top mounted USB port for USB stick and hard disk drives
  • 4 x dedicated hot cues (8 in MIDI mode via MIDI layer option)
  • Auto/manual loop functions
  • New SLIP function with dedicated button
  • Deep pitch resolution and key adjust
  • 4-way BPM counter (auto BPM, manual TAP, manual BPM, reads BPM metadata)
  • BPM sync feature
  • 3-way pitch bend functionality
  • Digital output
  • Fast loading slot-in drive
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