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Thursday 17 August 2017
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Results (CD)
Cat: MOCCD 13437. Rel: 21 Aug 17
  1. I Want You Now
  2. Losing My Mind
  3. If There Was Love
  4. So Sorry, I Said
  5. Don't Drop Bombs
  6. Twist In My Sobriety
  7. Rent
  8. Love Pains
  9. Tonight Is Forever
  10. I Can't Say Goodnight
Tuesday 15 August 2017
Twelve Inch Nineties: 90s Insomnia
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Twelve Inch Nineties: 90s Insomnia (unmixed low-price 3xCD)
Cat: TWIN 90001. Rel: 21 Aug 17
  1. Faithless - "Insomia" (Monster mix)
  2. Jamiroquai - "Too Young To Die" (extended version)
  3. Leftfield - "Release The Pressure" (feat Earl Sixteen - The vocal mix)
  4. Primal Screan - "Come Together" (Terry Farley extended mix)
  5. The Stone Roses - "One Love" (Full Length version)
  6. Manic Street Preachers - "Australia" (Lionrock remix)
  7. Republica - "Ready To Go" (Ben Gross Us remix)
  8. Deacon Blue - "Your Town" (Perfecto mix)
  9. Space - "Female Of The Species" (D'still'D remix)
  10. Smoke City - "Underwater Love" (Morales Underwater club mix)
  11. TLC - "No Scrubs" (main mix with RAP)
  12. Toni Braxton - "Un-break My Heart" (Soul Hex anthem vocal)
  13. Gloria Estefan - "I'm Not Giving You Up" (Tony Moran club mix)
  14. Diana King - "Ain't Nobody" (David's extended club Mega Mis)
  15. Brownstone - "5 Miles To Empty" (Dark Child remix)
  16. R Kelly - "Bump N' Grind" (How I Feel It mix - extended)
  17. Donna Summer - "When Love Cries" (vocal club dub aka Summertine remix)
  18. Das'ree - "Feel So High" (Elevation mix)
  19. Bomb The Bass - "Winter In July" (Cosmic Jammer club mix)
  20. Sunscreem - "Broken English" (Slam vocal mix)
  21. Hepburn - "I Quit" (Dave Sears 'on Time mix')
  22. M People - "One Night In Heaven" (Master mix)
  23. Gloria Estefan - "Everlasting Love" (Classic Paradise mix)
  24. Belinda Carlisle - "I Plead Insanity" (extended 12")
  25. C&C Music Factory - "Here We Go" (The Clivilless/Cole Rockin' In 91 mix)
  26. Klubbheads - "Klubbhopping" (extended mix)
  27. Pianoman - "Blurred" (original club mix)
  28. Freestylers - "B-boy Stance" (feat Tenor Fly - Freestylers Revange mix)
  29. Rage - "Run To You" (12" version)
  30. Shut Up & Dance - "Save It 'till The Moning After" (club mix)
  31. Urban Hype - "A Trip To Trumpton" (12" club version)
  32. Altern 8 - "Active 8 (Come With Me)" (Hardcore Holocaust mix)
  33. Groove Armada - "At The River" (English Riviera mix)
Twelve Inch Nineties: 90s Loaded
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 in stock $6.71
Twelve Inch Nineties: 90s Loaded (unmixed low-price 3xCD)
Cat: TWIN 90002. Rel: 21 Aug 17
  1. Primal Scream - "Loaded" (Terry Farley remix)
  2. The Stone Roses - "Fools Gold 95" (Full Lenght version)
  3. Candy Flip - "Strawberry Fields Forever" (Raspberry Ripple remix)
  4. Manic Street Preachers - "The Everlasting" (Deadly Avenger Psalm 315)
  5. Leftfield/Bambaataa - "Afrika Shox" (VW remix)
  6. Faithless - "God Is A DJ" (Monster mix)
  7. Felix - "Don't You Want Me" (Hooj mix)
  8. Chad Jackson - "Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked)" (extended version)
  9. Jamiroquai - "Space Cowboy" (David Morales Classiv Vlub remix)
  10. Olive - "You're Not Alone" (Oakenfold & Osborne remix)
  11. Sunscreem - "Pressure Us" (Fire Island mix)
  12. C&C Music Factory - "Things That Make You Go Hmmm..." (feat Freedom Williams)
  13. Aretha Franklin - "A Deeper Love" (C&C music Factory mix)
  14. SOUL SYSTEM - "It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day" (Movin' The Crowd club mix)
  15. Celine Dion - "Misled" (Richie Jones club mix)
  16. M People - "How Can I Love You More?" (Sasha Master mix)
  17. Lisa Stansfield - "What Did I Do To You?" (Morales mix)
  18. Ricky Martin - "La Copa De La Vida" (Spanglish long version - remix)
  19. Belinda Carlisle - "Do You Feel Like I Feel?" (dance mix)
  20. Steps - "Better Best Forgotten" (WIP '99 Cream Of Manchester mix)
  21. New Kids On The Block - "Cover Girl" (12" remix)
  22. Strike - "U Sure Do" (Strike Raise The Roof mix)
  23. Urban Cookie Collective - "The Key The Secret" (Glamorously Developed mix)
  24. Usura - "Open Your Mind" (Classic mix)
  25. Rozalla - "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)"
  26. The Tamperer - "If You Buy This Record (Your Life Will Be Better)" (feat Maya - Sharp Blasted Master remix)
  27. E'voke - "Arms Of Loren" (Steinway mix)
  28. David Morales Presents The Face - "Needin' U" (original Mistake)
  29. Lovestation - "Teardrops" (Flava 12" mix)
  30. Kym Mazelle & Jocelyn Brown - "No More Tears" (Evolution Classic Disco mix)
  31. Belinda Carlisle - "Little Black Book" (Little Black mix)
  32. Des'ree - "Life" (Cosmack extended mix)
Twelve Inch Nineties: 90s Feel Good
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 in stock $6.71
Twelve Inch Nineties: 90s Feel Good (unmixed low-price 3xCD)
Cat: TWIN 90003. Rel: 21 Aug 17
  1. Jennifer Lopez - "Waiting For Tonight" (Metro mix)
  2. Gloria Estefan - "You'll Be Mine (Party Time)" (Rosabel Fiesta mix)
  3. No Mercy - "Please Don't Go" (Ocean Drive mix)
  4. TLC - "Unpretty" (MJ Cole mix Vox Up)
  5. Tina Arena - "Chains" (S&M mix)
  6. Sophie B Hawkins - "Right Beside You" (Classic club mix)
  7. Lisa Stansfield - "Someday (I'm Coming Back)" (Absolute remix)
  8. Belinda Carlisle - "Summer Rain" (Justin Strauss remix)
  9. Martika - "Love ... Thy Will Be Done" (Prince mix)
  10. Michael Bolton - "Can I Touch You ... There?" (The Classic club version)
  11. Faithless - "Reverence" (Monster mix)
  12. The Stone Roses - "Fools Gold" (The Tall Paul remix)
  13. Primal Scream - "Jailbird" (The Dust Brothers remix)
  14. Manic Street Preachers - "Tsunami" (Stereolab Electron Ray Tube mix)
  15. Space - "Neighborhood" (live It! club mix)
  16. Deacon Blue - "Twist & Shout" (extended mix)
  17. M People - "Itchycoo Park" (Morales Classic club mix)
  18. Phats & Smal - "Feel Good" (Mutant Disco edit)
  19. Haddaway - "I Miss You" (12" mix)
  20. Worlds Apart - "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love" (club mix)
  21. Steps - "One For Sorrow" (Tony Moran extended club mix)
  22. *NSYNC - "Tearin' Up My Heart" (extended version)
  23. Five - "Slam Dunk Da Funk" (Candy Girls vocal club mix)
  24. New Kids On The Block - "Games" (The Kids Get Hard mix)
  25. A1 - "Summertime Of Our Lives" (Metro club mix)
  26. Halo James - "Could Have Told You So" (extended version)
  27. OTT - "Let Me In" (TK Let Me Out mix)
  28. North & South - "I'm A Man Not A Boy" (Southport Rally Tony De Vit - SNT mix)
  29. B*witched - "Rollercoaster" (Amen UK Full vocal mix)
  30. Sonia - "Only Fools (Never Fall In Love)" (extended club mix)
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