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Our redesigned site includes a number of new features to allow you to browse more easily, and to configure the pages as you prefer.

Wishlist Manager

Using the new Wishlist Manager dropdown, it's easy to remove multiple items from your wishlist, or to move multiple items to your cart. On your account page you can also set a preference so that items are automatically removed from your wishlist when you buy them.
Wishlist Manager



These new pages show classic releases in stock, from 7" hits of the 1960s to last year's biggest tunes. The original year of release is shown for each release, and you can sort by date, creating a map of the most influential music from the last 50 years.
Example of the Classics listing


Digital downloads

We now sell downloads! The digital releases are shown alongside the vinyl and CDs on our listings pages, and you can also click on the "Digital" tab at the top of each page to show only the downloads.
Example of the digital service

New release e-mails

You can now subscribe to new release e-mails for each genre, either in HTML format (with soundfile links and images) or as plain text. You can choose to receive the e-mails daily or once a week.
Example of the subscriptions page



See what everyone else is playing! Each genre now has its own charts page, showing what's sold most at Juno - either this week, in the last 8 weeks, in the last 6 months, or "all time".
Example of the top 3 Drum n Bass releases as bought within the last week


Merchandise and accessory pages

Juno stock a range of merchandise and accessories, such as t-shirts, DJ accessories (stylii, cartridges and headphones), slipmats, DVDs and magazines. We now have separate pages to allow easy viewing of each of these products.
Example of page listing only clothing


Represses/back in stock pages

These pages show you titles which have been out of stock for a while, that are now repressed and available to order again. Recent releases appear here if they have been out of stock for a week; older releases only appear if they have been unavailable for a month or more.
Example of items that have come back in stock in the past 7 days


Artist and label pages

One-click viewing of other titles by each artist or label:
Example of page listing ordered by label.

Order listings

Arrange each page in order of artist, title, label or price:
Example of artist and label links.

Listing options

Configure each page to show the cover artwork for each title (or not), your preferred number of titles per page, and your preferred number of tracks for each title. Your setting will be saved in between sessions so you only have to adjust it once.
Example of listing configuration.