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Stretchin' Out In
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 in stock $21.45
Stretchin' Out In (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: R 176445 . Rel: 23 May 16
  1. Stretchin' Out (In A Rubber Band) (6:52)
  2. Psychoticbumpschool (5:22)
  3. Another Point Of View (7:03)
  4. I'd Rather Be With You (5:00)
  5. Love Vibes (4:53)
  6. Physical Love (4:50)
  7. Vanish In Our Sleep (5:51)
Cheers To The Fall
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 in stock $20.12
Cheers To The Fall (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 093624 927570. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Forever Mine (3:14)
  2. Only Love (3:24)
  3. Gold (3:45)
  4. Not Today (3:54)
  5. Mistakes (3:33)
  6. Goodbye Goodnight (4:25)
  7. Rearview (4:02)
  8. Red Flags (3:46)
  9. Honey Or Fire (3:18)
  10. Gin & Juice (Let Go My Hand) (3:32)
  11. Rise Up (4:10)
  12. City Burns (4:50)
  13. Chreers To The Fall (3:46)
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 in stock $20.12
Gore (gatefold heavyweight white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 936249 26498. Rel: 11 Apr 16
  1. Prayers/Triangles (3:37)
  2. Acid Hologram (4:02)
  3. Doomed User (4:29)
  4. Geometric Headdress (3:35)
  5. Hearts/Wires (5:14)
  6. Pittura Infamante (4:02)
  7. Xenon (3:18)
  8. (L) Mirl (5:02)
  9. Gore (4:58)
  10. Phantom Bride (9:50)
  11. Rubicon (6:39)
Review: The era in which Deftones could be judged as part of the nu-metal herd, dealing out hip-hop influenced riff-ballast with angst to spare, seem like another aeon in light of triumphs like this eight full-lengther, which builds on the brooding and incandescent strains of their most recent work to create a visionary display of art-damaged majesty which veers seamlessly from whisper to scream as only this band can, 'Gore' displays the kind of poise and elan that we've come to expect from this unique band, one who now stand proud alongside the likes of Radiohead and Sigur Ros as an entity whose reach and uncompromising artistry extends beyond genres and generations alike.
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Moon Shadow
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 in stock $15.29
Cat: 2618. Rel: 19 Jul 10
  1. Won't Get Fooled Again
  2. Sunday's News
  3. If I Can't Have You
  4. Ain't It Sad It's All Over
  5. Peace With Yourself
  6. Moon Shadow
  7. Touch Me All Over
  8. I Believe That I've Finally Made It Home
  9. People Say They're Changing
The Buzz
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 in stock $7.50
The Buzz (12")
Cat: 082564 6141456. Rel: 20 Apr 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. The Buzz (5:45)
  2. Calling On You (5:45)
  3. The Buzz (radio edit) (3:52)
  4. The Buzz (instrumental) (5:42)
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 in stock $13.68
Prince (LP)
Cat: 009362 4922087. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. I Wanna Be Your Lover (5:37)
  2. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? (3:50)
  3. Sexy Dancer (4:19)
  4. When We're Dancing Close & Slow (5:00)
  5. With You (4:00)
  6. Bambi (4:19)
  7. Still Waiting (4:21)
  8. I Feel For You (3:20)
  9. It's Gonna Be Lonely (5:29)
Review: Few words required: Prince's legacy is like no other and will live on as long as there is music. His self-titled sophomore release, of his 39 studio album repertoire this one is especially significant. You can hear him revelling in experimentalism, playing with ideas that would become the lead on future works (such as the big glam guitars on "Bambi" and lewd, brazen slap bass on "Sexy Dancer"), it also contains his original version of "I Feel For You" (famously covered by Chaka Khan) and his first hit single "I Wanna Be You Lover". Laced with some really heart-rending ballads (made all the more poignant since he passed away), it's one of many testaments that we'll never forget him. Rest in peace.
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For You
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 in stock $16.63
For You (LP)
Cat: 936249 2209. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. For You (1:08)
  2. In Love (3:37)
  3. Soft & Wet (3:02)
  4. Crazy You (2:17)
  5. Just As Long As We're Together (6:25)
  6. Baby (3:09)
  7. My Love Is Forever (4:09)
  8. So Blue (4:28)
  9. I'm Yours (5:04)
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