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Borderland I/III
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 in stock $7.90
Cat: TRESOR 262A. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. Electric Garden (original mix) (13:04)
  2. Electric Garden (Deep Jazz In The Garden mix) (10:38)
Borderland II/III
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 in stock $7.13
Cat: TRESOR 262B. Rel: 01 Jun 15
  1. Footprints (7:31)
  2. Mars Garden (4:15)
Review: The second of three Borderland album samplers features the tracks "Footprints" and "Mars Garden", songs that middle the forthcoming album. "Footprints" delivers exactly what you would expect from a dubby German audiophile and Detroit techno mastermind; rugged, yet finely tuned drums and bleeps that delicately sway in a downtempo ambience of engineered synthesis. On a minimal and trippy tip, "Mars Garden" aligns to a rigid four-four groove, with a funky - and subtly overdriven - bass line, that gives the track a vibrant sign of life, in a pleasantly isolated and jazz-kissed arrangement.
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Transport (2xLP)
Cat: TRESOR 285. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Transport (7:17)
  2. Odyssey (7:30)
  3. Lightyears (6:06)
  4. 2600 (6:39)
  5. Merkur (4:03)
  6. Riod (9:16)
  7. Zeolites (11:35)
Review: To coincide with the twenty-fifth anniversary of Berlin club Tresor, Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald have released a second Borderland album together. It begins in ominous mode, with the title track's brooding bass tones casting a long, dark shadow, but the pair soon find a way to break away from the gloom with the mesmerising chords and heavy rhythm of "Lightyears" and the wonderfully spacey Detroit techno of "Riod". Both "Odyssey" and "Merkur" push the tempo back down but keep an emphasis on hypnotic, woozy textures, snappy drums and jazzy tones, while "2600" shows that Van Oswald hasn't lost his ability to craft dub-heavy, dreamy techno.
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 in stock $7.13
Riod (12")
Cat: TRESOR 284. Rel: 28 Mar 16
  1. Riod (9:14)
  2. Riod (version) (8:50)
Review: Some of the less charitable critics out there referred to Juan Atkins and Mortiz Van Oswald's side-project as 'boredomland'. While the pair's debut album under this name was a largely sedate affair, on the evidence of this single, they will be opting for a more engaging approach for the follow-up. It's not hard to hear both producers' influence on "Riod"; Van Oswald's love of layered textures and hollowed out drums comes up against Atkins's vivid melodies and synths from outer space. On the alternate version they venture even farther down the dreamy route, with hypnotic chords guiding the way.
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From The Far Future (repress)
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coming soon $17.32
Cat: TRESOR 141. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Running Time
  2. The Bionic Man (remix)
  3. Early Space Pioneers
  4. Track 4
  5. One Bedroom Apartment
  6. Detroit Express
  7. Reasons (vocal mix)
  8. Bonus Beat (remix)
  9. Hard Times
  10. What Up (bonus 7")
  11. Shuffle All Circuits (bonus 7")
Review: Detroit legend Terrence Dixon's year 2000 opus entitled From The Far Future receives a repress on the home of true techno: Berlin's Tresor. Hailed as one of the key proponents of The Motor City's minimal sound alongside Robert Hood and Daniel Bell, Dixon's stripped, cyclical and soulful productions offered up on this album are viewed by many of his fans as some of his finest moments. There are some skillfully executed tracks on this album. There is of course the bleepy funk functionality of "The Bionic Man", the dusty sci-fi stomp of "One Bedroom Apartment" and the emotively uplifting shuffle of "Hard Times" among many other gems. Definitely one for the heads!
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Hydraulic Pressure
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 in stock $7.13
Cat: TRESOR 275. Rel: 23 Mar 15
  1. Hydraulic Jack (6:29)
  2. Hydraulic Pump (5:41)
  3. Artesian Well (6:24)
Review: For their first missive of 2015, legendary German techno label Tresor has turned to two French producers; veteran DJ Deep and fast-rising youngster Roman Poncet. It's the duo's first collaboration, and Hydraulic Pressure shows real potential. They begin by unveiling "Hydraulic Jack", an undulating chunk of hustling loop techno built around fluid synthesizer riffs, starry electronics and thumping bottom end. "Hydraulic Pump" offers an alternative take on the same track, with bumpier percussion and relentless handclaps offering the perfect accompaniment to the headline synth refrain. Finally, "Artesian Well" eschews the fearless pump of techno altogether, instead delivering a yearning, eyes-closed slice of shimmering ambience built around trippy vocal samples and that now familiar synthesizer sequence.
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Hydro Doorways EP
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 in stock $7.90
Cat: TRESOR 137. Rel: 01 Feb 00
  1. Quantum Hydrodynamics
  2. Polymono Plexusgel
  3. Lost Vessel
  4. Species On The Pod
  5. Drifting Into a Time Of No Future
  6. Devil Ray Cove
Review: In the face of all those Clone reissue compilations, Tresor are doing the right thing and digging into their own archive of seminal aquatic machine funk from Detroit electro legends Drexciya, and stepping up with the Hydro Doorways EP is the kind of power move that most labels can only dream of being able to make. From the cinematic drama of "Quantum Hydrodynamics" to the textbook boogie down synth abandon of "Polymono Plexusgel", not forgetting the heavy-on-the-one throwdown of "Lost Vessel" or the alien gurgles and peppy pace of "Species On The Pod", or the... oh you know the drill. This is timeless, essential business for anyone that takes electronic music seriously.
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Digital Tsunami
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 in stock $7.90
Cat: TRESOR 182. Rel: 01 Dec 14
  1. Digital Tsunami
  2. Aquatic Cataclysm
  3. The Plankton Organisation
  4. Birth Of New Life
Review: Although Clone's series of remastered Drexciya retrospectives are excellent, it's nice that Tresor have decided to reissue the majority of material the Detroit pair released through the Berlin label in its original format. This way you get the music in the manner Donald and Stinson originally intended. The four tracks on Digital Tsunami were drawn from the same recording sessions that resulted in the sublime Drexciyan document Harnessing The Storm and thankfully got pressed on an addendum 12" after not making the cut for the double LP. With Tresor having just reissued Harnessing The Storm it seems only fair Digital Tsunami should be granted the same treatment. Some 13 years after it's original release and all the music here still sounds like it was drawn from the future, with Donald and Stinson excelling at rapid fire bursts of abstract subaquatic electro, such as towering highlight "The Plankton Organisation".
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Neptune's Lair
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 in stock $11.20
Cat: TRESOR 10129. Rel: 24 May 10
  1. Temple Of Dos De Aqua (intro)
  2. Species Of The Pod
  3. Andrean Sand Dunes
  4. Running Out Of Space
  5. Habitat 'O' Negative
  6. Universal Element
  7. Drifting Into A Time Of No Future
  8. Polymono Plexusgel
  9. Surface Terrestrial Colonization
  10. Funk Release Valve
  11. Organic Hydropoly Spores
  12. Draining Of The Tanks
  13. Devil Ray Cove
  14. Fusion Flats
  15. Triangular Hydrogen Strain
  16. Oxyplasmic Gyration Beam
  17. Quantum Hydrodynamics
  18. Lost Vessel
  19. Bottom Feeders
  20. Jazzy Fluids
  21. C To The Power Of X + C To The Power Of X = MM = Unknown
Review: Generally regarded as one of the best electro albums ever, Drexciya’s Neptunes Lair is a landmark piece of music - 21 tracks of exploratory electronica from 1999, excavated from the Tresor vault. Drexciya - aka James Stinson and Gerald Donald - formed close ties with Underground Resistance and Submerge crews, with their Detroit roots coming through in the jazz and techno feel to many of the tracks. This album still fetches a tidy dollar on Discogs, and its emergence into the digital realm is the cause of pant-wetting excitement at Juno Download. Big tip.
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 in stock $20.38
Vibrations (3xLP)
Cat: TRESOR 287. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Initial Sense (7:30)
  2. Foreplay (5:08)
  3. Steel Drums (take 2)
  4. Transient
  5. Multiply
  6. Funky Datas
  7. Vibrations
  8. Meta Jam
  9. Same Where, Different When
  10. Jungle Electronique
  11. Fear Is Gone
Review: France's reputation for underground techno is on the rise and this new album from Marcelus won't do it any harm. The Parisian producer has already a string of acclaimed releases on Tresor and Deeply Rooted House, and Vibrations showcases his ability to craft killer, purist grooves. "Forplay" and "Steel Drums (Take 2)" are heads down, tribal rollers that will cause chaos on the dance floor, while "Transient" is a dense, drum track that takes its cues from the Lost / Cosmic strain of 90s techno. On "Multiply", Marcelus flirts with the legacy of Sativa and Dave Tarrida to create an unpredictable, sprawling groove. In between these pillars of functionality and wild abstraction Marcelus also delivers the introspective "Initial Sense" and the loose house groove of "Funky Datas". It's one of the bravest techno works of 2016.
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Four Sides Of Truth EP
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 in stock $7.90
Cat: TRESOR 286. Rel: 23 May 16
  1. Four Sides Of Truth (7:24)
  2. Point To The Sun (3:03)
  3. Self Doubt Is Worthless (5:35)
  4. Morse (Kamikaze Space Programme remix) (6:42)
Kern Vol 3: The Exclusives
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 in stock $7.90
  1. Clatterbox - "Aspect Ratio" (5:41)
  2. Shanti Celeste - "Lights" (4:52)
  3. Polzer - "Static Rectifier" (4:56)
  4. Via App - "From Across The Room" (3:44)
Review: To complement Objekt's masterful 36-track session for their irregular Kern mix series, Tresor have put out two self-explanatory 12" samplers. Kern Vol. 3: The Exclusives sees contributions from accomplished electro technicians Clatterbox and Polzer as well as Bristol's rising Shanti Celeste and Via App of 1080p fame. "Aspect Ratio" from Clatterbox and Celeste's understandably incandescent "Lights" both feature in a movement on the mix that is a real highlight of Kern Vol. 3, but DJs will be happy both have been pressed her for full club play. On the B-side, the swift and snappy metallic tunnelling of Polzer's "Static Rectifier" could be mistaken for an angry DJ Stingray, whilst Via App's "From Across The Room (Edit)" is a more playful, if pensive affair.
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Kern Vol 3: The Rarities
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 in stock $7.90
Cat: KERN 003EP2. Rel: 11 Jul 16
  1. Pollon - "Lost Souls" (5:44)
  2. Fret - "Stuck" (6:16)
  3. Future/Past - "Nebula Variation" (5:49)
  4. Mono Junk - "I'm Okey" (5:12)
Review: If seeking out exclusives for his Kern mix on Tresor from artists as varied as Clatterbox, Via App and Shanti Celeste demonstrated Objekt's standing within the techno community, this 'Rarities' sampler reflects the Berlin DJ and producer's deep knowledge. The four tracks here see Objekt dip into the yawning chasm that is the techno archive, selecting '90s-era tracks from Fret, Mono Junk and Kirk Digiorgio's Future/Past alias, complemented by a turn of the century curio by Pollon. Of these four, it's "Stuck" from Fret aka Mick Harris that stands out in particular, a dark and sleek rhythmic kick that feels like a hybrid of Autechre and Hessle Audio.
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Played by: 3.14, DJ Glow
Shadow Boat EP
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coming soon $TBA
Cat: TRESOR 288. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Shadow Boat
  2. Bay Rouge
  3. Harbour Chart
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 in stock $7.13
Works (12")
Cat: TRESOR 282. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Definition (5:40)
  2. Stigma (5:00)
  3. Balance (5:24)
  4. Lowdown (reprise) (6:30)
Review: Non Series head honcho and Spanish techno hero Psyk is back, but this time on Dimitri Hegemann's always reliable Tresor. It's peak time business as usual from the this fellow and it's done brilliantly as always. Starting out with the hypnotically melodic energy of "Definition", he then launches into "Stigma" which sounds like a restrained version of Regis circa Gymnastics or Montreal, with its grinding monosynth melody and rusty shaker assisted by the groove of powerful tom drums. On the flip "Balance" gets back in to the hypnotic side of things and is a real highlight on here. Its spacey and entrancing melody reminiscent of Mike Parker dances atop of sinister sci-fi atmospherics and some more powerful tom drums pumping the groove. Finally, there's one for the heads: a reprise of "Lowdown" from the very first Non Series white label.
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Doppler Shift Part 1
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 in stock $7.13
Cat: TRESOR 280. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. Sensi (9:08)
  2. Reflection (part 2) (6:09)
Basictonal Remake (reissue)
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 in stock $7.13
Cat: TRESOR 85. Rel: 06 Apr 15
  1. Intro (version II) (4:50)
  2. Krautrock (version III) (5:26)
  3. Waiting (Mick Harris remake) (5:50)
  4. Depart (version II) (5:07)
Review: It says a lot about the raw, relentless power of Surgeon's classic material that it still sounds ridiculously good almost 20 years later. Basictonal-remake was first released way back in 1997, but it still seems ageless. "Intro (Version II)" is nothing less than a pulsating techno classic - all industrial-strength beats, mind-alterning electronic loops and copious amounts of distortion - while "Krautrock (Version III)" is as dark, macabre and percussive as anything he's done since. Things get a little more relaxed on the flip, with two loopy, atmospheric and intoxicating trips into "illbient" territory - a short-lived style which sat somewhere between spooky ambience, experimental IDM and trip-hop.
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Force & Form Remakes (remastered)
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 in stock $7.13
Cat: TRESOR 116. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Force (Surgeon remake 1) (5:28)
  2. Force (Surgeon remake 2) (4:29)
  3. Force (Mick Harris remake) (11:20)
Force & Form (remastered)
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 in stock $14.53
Force & Form (remastered) (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: TRESOR 117. Rel: 01 Feb 16
  1. Remnants Of What Once Was: The Hollow Men/Ice (9:50)
  2. Black Jackal Throwbacks (11:48)
  3. Returning To The Purity Of Current (8:23)
  4. At The Heart Of It All (10:44)
Played by: Kaelan
Balance Remakes (reissue)
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 in stock $7.13
Cat: TRESOR 95. Rel: 28 Sep 15
  1. Box (version II) (4:45)
  2. Set One (version II) (4:55)
  3. Dialogue (Mick Harris remake) (7:39)
Review: One reissue for the heads right here! Some sturdy remakes of tracks from Anthony Child's 1998 album Balance, and they're all as fierce as you'd imagine. "Box (Version II)" is a relentless thrasher with walls of muted snares. "Set One (Version II)" is typical Surgeon; a grating body basher with an offbeat that eventually locks into the 4/4 as all hell breaks loose! Scorn's Mick Harris gives "Dialogue" a typically sinister overhaul; it's a stunning experimental soundscape with a dense and persisting sub bass supporting some seriously futuristic glitches.
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Played by: Vidinovski
Archiv # 08
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 in stock $12.22
Archiv # 08 (double 12")
Cat: TRESOR 263. Rel: 07 Oct 13
  1. Mar's Bar
  2. On The Hook
  3. Bullwalk
  4. Alright
  5. Alright (Blake Baxter Tresor mix)
  6. Alright (Surgeon Keith 4 Nat mix)
Review: Resurrected from its period of dormancy in requisite fashion with some prime Audiotech material from Juan Atkins, Tresor's Archiv series now turns to Greek producer Savvas Ysatis for Archiv #08. It's been some fourteen years and 145 releases since Ysatis first appeared on Tresor and his turn out for the Archiv series sees the spotlight fall on four re-mastered originals and two remixes that were previously released around the turn of the century. Known for his recent collaborative work with Taylor Dupree, three of Ysatis' six tracks - "Mar's Bar", "On The Hook" and "Bullwark" - that appear on Archiv #08 have been cherry picked from the two albums he released on Tresor in 1999 and 2001, while side-C and side-D of the double vinyl package house the Alright EP which featured remixes from Blake Baxter and Surgeon's dubby and melodic Keith 4 Nat Mix.
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Played by: Montel, Henry Chow, Doo
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