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Hold Your Breath
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 in stock $10.03
Cat: TTAREP 001. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. Hold Your Breath (7:05)
  2. Landing (7:57)
  3. Hold Your Breath (Luca Agnelli remix) (7:43)
  4. Hold Your Breath (Maximes Dangles Repeat remix) (7:41)
Review: Florence-based producers Piero Fragolo and Thomas Pizzinga debuted their Angle project late last year, contributing a track to the first compilation from modular synthesizer firm Tiptop Audio's offshoot record label. Here they return to that imprint with their debut EP. There's plenty to admire on both "Hold Your Breath" and "Landing", with the Italian pair getting a great balance between throbbing, dancefloor-friendly grooves, hazy electronic atmospheres, and chiming melodiousness. On the flip you'll find two alternate remixes of "Hold Your Breath". There's a surging, Orbital-meets-Surgeon style interpretation from Luca Angelli, and the muscular, late night techno assault that is the Maxime Dangles Repeat Remix.
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Tiptop Audio Chorus ZDSP Cartridge
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 2 in stock $64.49
Cat: 618524 Rel: 08 Aug 16
Chorus effect cartridge for Z=DSP module
Notes: Chorus effects for the ZDSP thicken incoming sound and create animation within the sound's harmonic structure. In addition, they provide an excellent tool for mono to stereo processing of any incoming sound, or even a whole mix, producing a stereo widening effect.

The card contains eight digital algorithms inspired by a set of the most classic analog Chorus effects ever to be made like the Dimension D, Solina ensemble and some very rare devices as well. True to the modular spirit, the control parameters offer a wide range from subtle and smooth, to fast LFO modulation sea sick wobbles, with a lot of sweet spots in between.

Using the Z-DSP's own stereo analog feedback path to apply feedback to the effects results in beautifully lush and organic animated drones. Using those feedback inputs as an additional 2 input channels of direct injection into the DSP chip, the ZDSP can take up to 4 external sources for generating impressive stereo drones with a classic Chorus touch. The end result is a great tool for the design of atmospheric sounds completely in the modular environment.
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Tiptop Audio CR909 Crash & Ride Cymbals Generator Module
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 2 in stock $179.91
Cat: 595782 Rel: 25 Jan 16
Percussion module based on sounds from a classic 909 - 8HP wide
Notes: Tiptop Audio Cymbal 909

The module was designed, tuned and tested to sound like the crash and ride sounds from a 909 fresh off the factory line. The sound circuits use a combination of low-fi 6 bit sound samples that pass through a series of analog elements that provide envelope and filtering to the source sound.
TipTop Audio enhanced the circuits by adding manual and voltage controllable tuning to each voice which result in a wide sound range: from hard industrial sound at the low end to the original crash/ride sounds to brilliant HihHts at high settings.

Like other TipTop drum voices also the Cymbl909 has high output level, allowing you to further enhance the sound by distortion and clipping. Play dynamically with the volume of the drum sounds with the Accent parameter, whose CV input is normalized to the gate input. Which means you just need to turn up the accent knob to play the sound with full punch.

Crash: tune CV input; gate input, normalized to accent CV input; Crash audio output
Ride: tune CV input; gate input, normalized to accent CV input; Ride audio output

60 mA +12V
40 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
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Tiptop Audio Fold Processor Voltage Controlled Wave Multiplier & Sub Octave Generator Module
e-mail me when released
coming soon $140.89
Cat: 646204 Rel: 11 Apr 17
Wave multiplier & sub-octave generator - 12HP
Notes: The Fold Processor is a voltage controlled wave multiplier and sub-octave generator. The circuit is based on a classic diode design that adds odd harmonics by folding the incoming signal, followed by subdivided square waves.

The wave folder creates new waveforms from the standard sine, triangle, sawtooth and square waves, has a dedicated output jack and CV input with an attenuator making it very easy to create beautifully animated folding sounds. Adjustable voltage controlled Inject alters the bias point creating an even wider palette of sounds.

The subdivide generator squares the fold output generating 4 more sounds spaced one octave apart, each with its own gain knob and mixed to the Subdivide output jack. Mixing the four can create anything from discordant square wave swarms to sweet harmonic oscillator stacks, from a stable square version of the folded wave to freaky PLL like glitched slides.

Overall results can sound evil at times and sweet at others, a true multi-faced devil.
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Tiptop Audio RS909 Rimshot Drum Generator Module
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 3 in stock $81.29
Cat: 618527 Rel: 08 Aug 16
Rimshot drum module based on voice from legendary TR-909 - 4HP wide
Notes: Another voice from the legendary TR-909 in Tiptop audio's product portfolio is this Rimshot. Its two oscillators can be tuned, unlike on the original.

As every drum module from Tiptop Audio also the RS909 has a gate input which is normalized to the accent input, making possible to play the drum with full power without the need to patch a lot.. Of course the accent input's intensity can be controlled as well as the output level of the module.

The rimshot sound is generated by two oscillators which in the original TR-909 were tuned to fixed frequencies. This limitation was omitted by Tiptop Audio as they equipped the module with two frequency potentiometers for detuning the oscillators. The original settings of the 909 are marked with black dots.
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Tiptop Audio Station 252HP Folding Eurorack Module Case (black widow, requires 4600mA Zeus power adapter - not supplied)
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 1 in stock $1,678.85
Cat: 618533 Rel: 08 Aug 16
Portable Eurorack system for synth modules, ideal for use in the studio or on the road
Notes: Station 252 is a portable Eurorack system that transforms your collection of modules into a distinctive-looking musical instrument that is great for the studio, easy to travel with, and powerful on stage. In the studio, Station 252's ergonomic design provides a natural interface that allows you to work comfortably with your knobs, cables, and tactile elements.

Traveling is a breeze; it folds down and is ready to go in less than a minute and it's easy to carry in one hand, even when completely filled with modules. It was made to fit in an airplane overhead bin and provides the convenience of a universal power supply wherever you go. Under the spotlight, Station 252's clean, professional design enhances your system's appearance and seamlessly integrates with your electronic music performance.


Station 252 is the product of careful electromechanical engineering. The result is a rack system made of three rows of 84HP for a total module space of 252HP that converts into four different positions. Constructed from carefully selected lightweight materials, this entire Eurorack weighs only 13lbs/5.9kg when empty and is built to last.

Station 252 comes equipped with a complete hardwired ZEUS Studio Bus power supply system, the world's only high-power system that can guarantee low noise with minimal bleed-through between modules for a clear sounding synth. This monster power system has proven record of reliability, safety, and performance all around the world. Included are three Zeus Studio Bus boards supplying up to 7200mA of audio grade power to your modules, that is twice more than previous version of Zeus. ZEUS keeps your modules in a coot space, optimizing their performance and extending their lifecycles. The Station 252 can take power anywhere in the world from 100-240VAC.
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Tiptop Audio Time Fabric Pitch Shift ZDSP Cartridge
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 1 in stock $64.76
Cat: 605234 Rel: 23 May 16
Pitch shift ZDSP cartridge
Notes: "It f*cks with the fabric of time" Tony Visconti describing Pitch Shifting to Brian Eno and David Bowie in 1976. That not so subtle description does quite neatly sum up what the Pitch Shift programs on the 'Time Fabric' card do!

Pitch shifting in the Z-DSP uses a technique called 'rotating tape head' delay lines named after pioneering tape based experiments in Germany in the 1960s. The tape heads move at speeds independent of the tape playback path and two heads are crossfaded to make a continuous output capable of beautiful pitched delay effects, harmonization and smooth reverbs.

These pitch shifting algorithms are much like the earliest digital pitch shifters released. Sounds similar to the Eventide H910, AMS 15-80 (with Pitch board) and Publison DHM 89 can be achieved. These programs are intended more for pure effects rather than the complex multiple harmony lines later devices and plugins became known for producing. Chords from single VCOs can easily be made using the 'Interval' programs on the card though.

Using a Z3000 to clock the Z-DSP, complete chaos from the delay lines and pitch shifting emerges, creating great and unexpected new sounds. Modulating the stereo pair of analog VC-Feedbacks animates the time and distance of the pitch shift opening up these algorithms for additional control from CV and audio signal alike.
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Tiptop Audio TOMS909 Voltage Controlled Analog Toms Drum Generator Module
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 1 in stock $356.58
Cat: 590436 Rel: 16 Nov 15
Percussion synth module with all three of the TR-909's original tom-tom circuits - 16HP wide
Notes: Introducing the TOMS909, the warmth of the classic all-analog punchy tomtoms from the TR-909 drum machine further expanding your Tiptop modular music production system.

The TOMS909 contains all three of the TR-909's original Low, Mid and High tom-tom circuits adapted for use in the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. The module was tested to sound like a fresh machine coming off the assembly line back in the 80's. To add flavour to the beast, TipTop Audio have extended each tom's arming range so it's easier to dial soft bass drums on the lower ends and high-pitched toms on the other. In addition, all three toms are voltage controlled, letting you play the tom's pitch with CV sequencers like the Z8000, reshape .e tuning with envelopes and LF0's, and create new metallic sounding percussive sounds using audio rate frequency modulation of the internal analog oscillators.

The toms circuitry is made up of 9 triangle oscillators and a stack of filters, VCA's, and envelopes which, in total, took about half of the space on the original 909's circuit board. Utilising the latest in electronic design technology tipTop Audio have managed to squeeze this enormous circuit consisting of more than 450(!) components, into an area only 16HP wide. It is a beautiful board with hundreds of tiny, shiny components, its a little analog jewel.

Each tom includes a trigger and accent input with accent level control, manual tune, voltage-control tune input with attenuator, and independent audio out. In addition, a MIX out is available that sums all three toms together. On each gate input TipTop Audio have designed a dual pulse-shaper circuit so you can trigger your TOMS909 with Trigger/Gate signals from sequencers or any other pulse/clock sources.
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Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot Sequencer Module
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 1 in stock $496.40
Cat: 590408 Rel: 25 Jan 16
Trigger sequencer
Notes: From a conceptual view, the Trigger Riot generates 16 clock streams consisting of multiple time manipulation functions (division, offsets, etc) that interact to create the trigger output, and direct access to each parameter via individual knobs allows for quick manipulation. The 8 outputs are the sum of those manipulated streams per row. The outputs of the module are arranged as either a 4x4 matrix, where each of the 16 knobs affects both row and column, or as a set of independent outputs for each row or column. This allows forming 8 complex musical interactions in a 'Matrix' mode or 8 independent streams in 'Independent' mode and is switchable from one to the other on press of a button for some unexpected results.

Since each of the 16 knobs represents a real time tweakable trigger generator/modifier the Trigger Riot is extremely playable and can result very complex patterns with only few knob turns; patterns that would otherwise take much longer and in some instances be almost impossible to produce using grid based step sequencing. Patterns can have unique time signatures that can repeat or be randomized through probability, time shifted and phased, divided, multiplied and counted, it's unbelievable how complex this module can get with minimal input.
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Tiptop Audio Z Ears Tabletop 3U Rack Ears (pair, black)
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 4 in stock $23.30
Cat: 595808 Rel: 25 Jan 16
3U rack ears for use as either tabletop or rack mount frame
Notes: The Z-Ears Tabletop are standard 3U rack ears that can be used as either a tabletop frame or standard rack mount frame. These parts are made of anodized aluminium and are custom made to work with Eurorack mounting rails like Z-Rails.
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Tiptop Audio Z Ears Tabletop 3U Rack Ears (pair, silver)
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 1 in stock $22.49
Cat: 595807 Rel: 25 Jan 16
3U rack ears for use as either tabletop or rack mount frame
Notes: The Z-Ears Tabletop are standard 3U rack ears that can be used as either a tabletop frame or standard rack mount frame. These parts are made of anodized aluminium and are custom made to work with Eurorack mounting rails like Z-Rails.
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Tiptop Audio Z Rails 104HP Eurorack Mounting Rails (pair, black)
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 3 in stock $53.10
Cat: 595801 Rel: 25 Jan 16
Mounting rails for Eurorack modular synthesizer format - 104HP
Notes: Z-Rails are mounting rails for the Eurorack modular synthesizer format and are designed to be used for professional and DIY case mounting assemblies.

Z-Rails are sold in sets of two (2) aluminium, clear or black anodized rails, each containing a nickel-plated brass threaded strip with 3mm threads using 5.08mm spacing. The racks are easy to install into any frame using two (2) M4 screws, one for each side of the individual Z-Rails.
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Tiptop Audio Z3000 MkII Smart VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module
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 1 in stock $236.26
Cat: 590405 Rel: 16 Nov 15
Analog voltage controlled oscillator synth module - 14HP wide
Notes: The Z3000 is an all-analog, voltage-controlled oscillator that gives you the ability to implement synthesis techniques in a controlled and planned manner, turning your modular system into an even more powerful musical instrument.

The Z3000 is bilingual - equally fluent in the language of sound (frequency) and music (notes and octaves). Its intelligence comes from its built-in arithmetic processor, which allows for relevant data to be displayed constantly, taking the guesswork out of tuning your modular.

The 73000's analog core generates four waveforms with substantial character, giving you the sound signature that can only be created by a true analog VCO. The Z3000 unique circuitry allows for high levels of synthesis complexity such as frequency modulation, all while maintaining excellent wide-range tracking and without falling into chaos. The Z3000 brings a world of new possibilities that will give rise to a whole new sound spectra within your modular synthesizer.
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Tiptop Audio Zeus Studio Bus Eurorack Power System (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $113.26
Cat: 644541 Rel: 25 Jan 16
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The Zeus Studio Bus is Tiptop Audio's next generation of the Zeus Eurorack power system and is the world's only high-power system that can guarantee low noise with minimal bleed-through between modules for a clear sounding synth. The power supply is the backbone of your modular system and will define how well it all works; this is not some simple circuit that flashes LEDs on but is a complex analog circuit, not something you want to chance with the various boutique power supplies.

The Zeus SB takes the next step to simplify wiring up power into cases that scale from a simple 3U row to complete walls of modular synthesizers, all done without dealing with hot AC power lines. The Zeus system comprises of an external brick Cincon-TTA power supply, Zeus Access and a Zeus Studio Bus, providing everything needed for a DIY or a professional Eurorack case. The Zeus Studio Bus board is equipped with fourteen Eurorack standard power connectors and two AS power connectors. Connecting wires to and from the board is done using a spring action connector, no special tools are needed, all it takes is to push the lever down and insert the wire. The spring action connector provides multiple points of connection allowing for different types of power configurations, starting with simple daisy chains and up to professional multi-thread star wiring. At the heart of the Zeus SB is our new design of discrete linear power regulators, aimed at providing robust, Low noise studio-grade power to deal with today's growing challenge of a great selection of modules from many different manufacturers that must share the same power bus. And with an eye towards the future, the Zeus SB prepares you for the new wave of high-current digital modules and the upcoming Tiptop Audio Analog Polyphonic system.
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Tiptop Audio/Glitchmachines PERC Card For One Sample Player Module
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 1 in stock $26.82
Cat: 641111 Rel: 06 Mar 17
Micro SD Card with 256 fresh sounds for the One sample player
Notes: PERC features 256 percussion sounds with tight attacks and a bright harmonic spectrum. This collection is specifically focused on shorter percussive samples and includes material such as multi-layer drum & percussion hits, chopped & processed loops, synthesized FM strikes, mallet and bell tones, sampled drum machines, various toms and hand drums, obscure noise boxes, sampled old-school game chips and much more. PERC makes full use of ONE's snappy character.

All samples on the card are available for playback at 48k, 64k and 96k for maximum versatility in pitch control while maintaining latencies of as low as 0.25 ms.

Design by: Glitchmachines
Type: One Shot
Character: Percussive

Only compatible with the Tiptop Audio One Digital Audio Flux Eurorack Module.
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Tiptop Audio/Glitchmachines VCTRS Card For One Sample Player Module
e-mail me when released
coming soon $27.37
Cat: 641105 Rel: 01 Mar 17
Card expansion with 60 one-shot & textural samples created by Glitchmachines
Notes: VCTRS by Tiptop Audio is a card expansion with 60 one-shot and textural samples created by Glitchmachines, designed for playback in the One Digital Audio Flux Eurorack module. These sounds were created to highlight the diversity of timbre the One can create and showcase the variety of sounds available in the KERNL, PERC, BENT, HYBRD and SBSTRT cards - available separately.

All samples on the card are available for playback at 48k, 64k and 96k for maximum versatility in pitch control while maintaining latencies of as low as 0.25 ms.

Design by: Glitchmachines
Type: One Shot
Character: Mixed material

Unlike the other Micro SD Cards for One, the Vctrs is not copy-protected. Therefore, the sound library can be expanded by the user.
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Tiptop Audio Records: VA 001
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 in stock $18.70
Cat: TTAR 001. Rel: 04 May 15
  1. Angle - "FM" (6:36)
  2. Phase VI - "Theta Phase" (5:10)
  3. Blawan - "Meg" (6:27)
  4. Surgeon - "Techno Blush" (6:10)
  5. Kink - "Tail Of Prisma" (7:28)
  6. Christian Burkhardt - "Gin Tronic" (7:18)
  7. Joao Ceser - "5th Dimension" (5:27)
  8. Joseph Fraioli - "Circadian Rhythms" (4:11)
  9. Richard Devine - "Cr Hex Mutant" (4:06)
Review: Tiptop Audio started life as a manufacturer of modular instruments. Here, they launch an offshoot record label with an all-star collection of all-modular recordings. Largely focused on techno, as you'd expect, there are stellar contributions from Christian Burkhardt (the floor-friendly low-end bounce of "Gin Tronic"), Surgeon (the surprisingly melodious, intelligent techno inspired "Techno Blush"), Blawan ("Meg", a typically dense and sludgy affair), Kink and Richard Devine, whose "CR Hex Mutant" sounds like Aphex Twin having an epileptic fit. Best of all, though, is Joao Ceser's "Fifth Dimension", which drags classic Detroit futurism kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
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Played by: Ben Sims
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