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Tracing Echoes
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 in stock $11.76
Cat: SGR 021. Rel: 25 Mar 13
  1. A Threat
  2. Disquiet
  3. Nothing Is Written In The Stars
  4. Fall
  5. Cut Out Your Tongue
  6. The Water
  7. Indefinite
  8. A King's Woe
  9. Lines
  10. Mysteries Undone
Review: It's a cliche to suggest that Scandinavian electronic music is always "icy" or "glacial", but there's certainly usually something particularly distant and cool about it. That's certainly something that can be said about this album from Icelandic/Faroese four-piece Bloodgroup. While there's some warmth to be found - particularly on the Portishead-esque "Nothing Is Written In The Stars" and woozy indie-pop of "Fall" - the album's most attractive quality is its atmospheric nature. Built around intoxicating vocals, fluid electronics and crunchy analogue noise, Tracing Echoes is an enjoyable trip through leftfield pop's darker recesses.
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European Splendour
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 in stock $10.92
Cat: SGR 024. Rel: 19 Aug 13
  1. Evangeline
  2. Strictly
  3. Something Is Coming Down The Avenues
  4. Can't See You Anymore
  5. Evangeline (David Lynch remix)
Sugars Volume 1
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 in stock $10.07
Sugars Volume 1 (unmixed CD)
Cat: SGR 028CD. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Bloodgroup - "Mysteries Undone" (Com Truise remix)
  2. Gazelle Twin - "I Turn My Arm" (Kuedo remix)
  3. Bloodgroup - "A King's Woe"
  4. Sin Cos Tan - "Fair Rewards"
  5. Processory - "Nightfall"
  6. John Foxx & Jori Hulkkonen - "Strictly"
  7. Sin Cos Tan - "Book Of Love"
  8. Bloodgroup - "The Water"
  9. John Foxx & Jori Hulkkonen - "Evangeline" (David Lynch remix)
  10. Gazelle Twin - "This Is My Hand" (Clint Mansell remix)
  11. Bloodgroup - "Lines"
  12. Processory - "Trickle Down"
  13. Processory - "Young Italians" (CFCF remix)
  14. Sin Cos Tan - "All I Ever Dream Of"
  15. Sin Cos Tan - "Ritual"
  16. Bloodgroup - "Indefinite"
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