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The House That Jackmaster Hater Built
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 in stock $4.08
Cat: STILLMDCD 012. Rel: 17 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. James Jack Rabbit Martin - "Only Wanted To Be" (unreleased acid version)
  2. Crystalite - "Cut By A Laser" (feat Kristen)
  3. Traxmen - "No Way Back"
  4. Jackmaster Hater - "Tracky 2"
  5. Jackmaster Hater - "Passion" (extended unreleased)
  6. Jordan Zawideh - "Newton's Sleep"
  7. Jackmaster Hater - "Jacks The Boxx"
  8. Unknown - "Track 1" (Ron Hardy edit)
  9. Jackmaster Hater - "Hiccup Track" (original Its house)
  10. Kevin Starke - "Jaws"
  11. Terrence Woodard - "Jack The Box" (JD edit)
  12. Kevin Starke - "151" (Kstarkes version)
  13. Unknown - "Happiness" (Ron Hardy edit)
  14. Jordan Zawideh - "First Daze"
  15. James Jack Rabbit Martin - "Rabbit Trax I (The Next Generation)"
  16. Jackmaster Hater - "Drum Track"
  17. Jackmaster Hater - "Pump The Boxx"
  18. Unknown - "Acid Dreams" (mix 1 - Ron Hardy edit)
  19. Jackmaster Hater - "Jack Traxx" (house Music mixx)
Review: Jerome Derradji is gaining something of a reputation as one of Chicago's premier house archivists, having previously released compilations celebrating some of the Windy City's most influential - but previously overlooked - labels. Here he's teamed up with KStarke Records boss Kevin Starke to deliver a two-track set largely made up of material found on tapes that were once traded between Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy and other legendary Chicago DJs. Confusingly much of the material credited to Jackmaster Hater is of unknown origin, while there plenty of other unearthed gems with little or no information. Thankfully, the material - largely mid-to-late '80s jack and early acid, with a sprinkling of deep house and Italo-influenced fare - is uniformly excellent, making it a "must buy" for anyone with a passion for early house music.
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Believer (Jazzanova remix)
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 in stock $3.58
Cat: STILLM 019. Rel: 02 Apr 07
Deep House
  1. Believer
  2. Believer (Jazzanova instrumental remix)
  3. Believer (Jazzanova vocal remix)
Review:  This is Detroit artist Paul Randolph, with a stunning preview of his forthcoming second album "Believer", released on Still Music. It is the best modern soul has to offer. Jazzanova's remix (vocal & instrumental versions included) is an electro stunner for the clubs. Paul Randolph is the most upcoming Detroit artist. His career as a professional bass player and vocalist got him to record with Detroit's finest.
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Played by: RICHEART
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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