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Sputnik CV Processor Module
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 1 in stock $150.48
Cat: 627847 Rel: 17 Oct 16
Multi-functional module for manipulating Eurorack control signals
Notes: The Sputnik CV Processor is a multi-functional module for manipulating Eurorack control signals. It can sum, invert, attenuate, amplify control voltages, also it can add offset to CV or crossfade between two CVs. Audio signals may be processed same way as the CVs with this module.


Input 1:
- Processes incoming CV via a front a panel attenuator for bi-directional voltage control.

Input 2+3/Crossfader:
- Inputs 2 and 3 can be crossfaded by CV (0 to +5V) or manually using the crossfader knob.


- DC offset can be added to the final sum of the input stage.

- Sum output of In 1 and the crossfaded mix of In 2 and In 3.

- Two independent amplifiers with manual control of gain ranging from unity to 2x gain. Designed to amplify Sputnik-standard 0-5V control voltages to up to 0-10V ranges for use with other Eurorack modules.

The CV professor attenuates, crossfades and sums signals. And on two independent channels he can amplify signals up to the factor 2.

In the upper part we find three signal inputs: the first has an attenuator, between the second and the third can be cross-faded, which you can handle with the potentimeter and with a CV. Centrally placed in the output section there is an offset control, generating a voltage from 0V to +5V. The three input signals are summed with the offset voltage and are output at the SUM socket.

At the bottom two individual amplifiers are located and their controls allow you to set the amplification factor between 1 and 2.
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Sputnik EF Preamp Envelope Follower & Instrument & Mic Preamplifier Module
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Cat: 627843 Rel: 17 Oct 16
Envelope follower with a built-in instrument/mic pre-amplifier
Notes: The SPUTNIK ENVELOPE FOLLOWER/PREAMP is a dual function module that allows audio signals to be brought up to proper levels to be sonically manipulated by other Eurorack modules or to be converted into control voltage. The preamp section includes a balanced 14" TRS cable input jack that can accept sound sources such as microphones, guitar pickups, keyboards, drum machines, etc. Three selectable gain modes are available via a switch with an additional gain knob to dial in the signal to the exact level you need. The envelope follower section of the module features an input jack for modular level signals and outputs for CV and pulses. Front panel knobs give you control over input sensitivity and CV envelope decay time.


- Eurorack modular level audio input (10V p2p). If no input is present, the output of the preamp section is normalized to the envelop follower input.

- Outputs a 5V pulse when the CV level (after the Sensitivity attenuator) exceeds approximately 2.5V. Pulses may trigger envelopes, sequencers, or pluck a low pass gate.

- Outputs a CV value (between 0 to +10V) based on the amplitude of the audio input. Allows audio to control any number of CV parameters on Eurorack format modules.

- Acts as an attenuator for the incoming audio signal, allowing hotter signals to be brought down below the pulse output threshold. Simultaneously acts as a range control for the envelope follower's CV output.

- Controls the decay of the CV output. A lower setting allows for a quick CV response that matches the audio input while a higher setting allows for more of a slew between amplitude peaks.

- This switch selects between two pulse response modes. Transient mode produces short pulses based on the CV output rises above approximately 2.5V. Sustained mode produces sustained pulses that are held at 5V when the CV output is higher than a ~2.5V threshold.


- Controls the amplification of the input signal. At fully closed the incoming signal will be completely silent and at fully open the maximum amount of gain will be applied.

- 1/4" TRS balanced instrument input jack.

- Three gain modes (low, medium, high) are selectable based on how much amplification your audio input requires. Gain is applied after the Gain Attenuator.

- Two position switch for Mic mode for balanced signals (such as microphones) or Instrument mode for unbalanced signals (guitar, bass, or line-level audio such as keyboards or drum machines).

- Amplified audio output
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Sputnik Multi Touch Keyboard Controller Module
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 1 in stock $535.87
Cat: 627836 Rel: 17 Oct 16
Touch plate keyboard controller with octave switch, pressure sensor & separate ribbon controller
Notes: The Sputnik Modular Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller includes 29 keys, up to 4 voices and the following features:

- 1v/oct
- "Pressure" CV (measured surface amount)
- Gate CV

- Internal and External sync switch
- Up, Down, and Random modes
- CV Trigger input
- Manual Time control control knob
- Hold

- Polyphony Mono/Arp or Poly (2,3,4 voices)
- Octave switch for +1, +2
- In Mono/Arp mode, CV2 sends CV1+2 semitones, CV3 sends CV1+4 semitones, CV4 sends + 7 semitones
- In Mono/Arp mode Gate 1 sends every gate, Gate 2 every 2nd gate, Gate 3 every 3rd gate and Gate 4 every 4th gate and can work like a clock divider

- Touch sensitive location strip with both CV and Gate outputs

- CV 1 out
- Gate 1 out
- Pressure CV out

- 2,3,4 voice switch
- CV 2-4 outs
- Gate 2-4 outs
- All Pulses out

Also includes a 5v or 10v switch on the PCB for Pressure and Location.

The Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller is a touch keyboard which exceeds the capabilities of other units available so far. It has 29 semitone quantized touchpads in a classic keyboard layout with an octave switch and pressure sensor plus a separate ribbon controller. It can be used in a monophonic or in a maximum four-voice polyphonic mode and even features an arpeggiator. Latter has an internal tempo generator but of course can be synchronized to an external clock.

The touch plate keyboard has 29 keys and interprets the finger pressure by measuring how much skin has contact with the plates.
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Sputnik Quad Function & Trigger Source Module
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 2 in stock $311.77
Cat: 627852 Rel: 17 Oct 16
Source module containing four voltage controlled function generators
Notes: Sputnik quad function & trigger source provides four independent or paired (quadrature mode) function generators for creating complex envelopes.

Attack and decay:
- 4 generators
- The time range of each generator (.005 - 10 seconds) can be controlled via CV pulse input jacks for both attack and decay + control knobs
- 3-mode switch per generator: CYCLE (LFO), TRANSIENT, SUSTAINED

- Each generator includes CV output + pulse output that generates a transient pulse at the end of the decay segment: if the generator is in CYCLE mode for instance, that cycle will repeat
- QUADRATURE MODE SWITCH with green LED: when engaged, 1+2 (or 3+4) work in tandem + a shift of 90 degrees to each other. These pairs can then be linked creating complex ADSR envelopes.
- Dedicated outputs for 1+2 and 3+4 as well as attenuator knobs for mixing channels.

This module contains four voltage controlled function generators that can be used in pairs, in order to mix them and additionally to create more complex envelopes in quadrature mode. Each channel can be used as an AD envelope or as LFO and also generates pulses.

Each channel of the QFTS is an individual function generator that, when having received a pulse at it's input, will generate an attack-decay cycle. The attack and decay times go from 0.005-10 seconds and each can be voltage controlled. When the AD-cycle is finished, a pulse will be generated at the pulse output. In cycle mode this output can be used as square wave LFO with a pulse width depending on the relationship of attack and decay times.
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Sputnik West Coast Random Source Module
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 1 in stock $311.77
Cat: 627850 Rel: 17 Oct 16
Synth module with two sections for creating fluctuating & quantized random voltages
Notes: Sputnik west coast random source does exactly what its name suggests and is a random source of unpredictability, packed with functionality. West Coast Random Source features:

Fluctuating Random Voltages:
- Two sections for creating a fluctuating voltage
- CV input and control over a bandwidth of .05hz to 50khz

Quantized Random Voltages:
- Pulse input for generating 1v/oct quantized random voltage
- CV input and knob for controlling distribution of random voltages
- Two different algorithmic outputs:
- "N+1 states" and "2N states". N is an integer number in the range 1...6 that can be adjusted with the manual control (Man N) and an external control voltage CVN with attenuator. Whenever the rising edge of the input clock signal (Clk In) appears a new random voltage is generated at the N+1 resp. 2N output. The N+1 output is capable to generate N+1 different voltage levels (or states), the 2N output up to 2Ndifferent states. If for example N is set to 4 the N+1 output generates up to 5, the 2N output 16 different states. The voltage steps of the 2N output are adjusted to 1/12 V in the factory.

Stored Random Voltages:
- Pulse input generates random voltage
- 1st output covers 0-5V range
- 2nd output is voltage controlled and knob alters the distribution of voltages

Noise Source:
- Three dedicated outputs for pink, white and blue noise

Sample & Hold:
- CV input, pulse input and CV output
- Odd/even pulse output (for deciding incoming pulses)
- Odd/even CV output (for sampled voltages)

- Portamento/slew/glide with voltage control over slew time

The West Coast Random Source is a clone of the reverend mother of random, the Buchla 266 Source Of Uncertainty. It generates noise in three timbres, sample & hold, then fluctuating, quantized and stored random voltages and finally a slew limiter. It might be a large module but you won't get more random of all shades from one single module.
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